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f l at ironbooks december 2017 lead steve cavanagh the defense attorney turned author steve cavanagh s the defense shows that there s not much difference between a conman and a lawyer eddie flynn used to be a con artist then he became a lawyer turns out the two aren t that different former con artist turned lawyer eddie flynn gave up the law a year ago after a disastrous case and he vowed never to step foot in a courtroom again but now he doesn t have a choice the head of the russian mob in new york city on trial for murder has kidnapped eddie s ten-year-old daughter eddie will take this case whether he likes it or not using his razor-sharp wit and every con bluff grift and trick in the book eddie has only forty-eight hours to defend an impossible murder trial and if he loses this case he loses everything on-sale date 12/5/2017 isbn-13 9781250134424 ebook isbn 9781250090713 price $9.99 pages 416 spine 191mm h 4in w in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 00/novel rights u.k rights orion uk translation rights a m heath setting new york city origin flatiron hc 9781250082251 5/16 $25.99 author home northern key selling points • similar to john grisham s famed publication story cavanagh was rejected by many agents and told his novel was unpublishable and like grisham cavanagh is a lawyer turned writer with an amazing commercial sensibility that keeps you turning pages • the defense is commercial fiction at its best with a 4.8 star average on amazon uk longlisted for an ian fleming steel dagger award and the reichenbach falls award for most epic ending the defense is a book readers of commercial fiction respond to • readers will love eddie flynn a fast-talking quick-thinking bold-acting mostly reformed con-man who has been compared to connelly s mickey haller and grisham s mitch mcdeere • this mass market precedes the second eddie flynn novel the plea coming february 2018 ireland marketing “cavanagh’s stellar debut provides everything a reader could ask for in a thriller —nail-biting suspense a russian nesting doll of a plot and an original and compelling lead.” —publishers weekly starred review new in paperback mentions visit 5