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st martin s paperbacks june 2014 lead sheila roberts bikini season first time in mass market bestseller sheila roberts story about four women bonding in their quest to get ready for bikini season erin merritt has returned to her scenic hometown of heart lake to plan her wedding but when she repeatedly runs into her childhood crush she wonders if she s engaged to the wrong man to make matters worse all the stress is making her eat and now she can t fit into her wedding dress erin enlists the help of her cooking clubangela megan and kizzyand the teeny bikini diet club is born the women make a pact to get slim enough to wear their bikinis to the lake by summertime a pact that changes their lives forever with a little help from her friends angela faces her fear that her marriage is crumbling megan confronts the selfesteem issues that have always held her back kizzy deals with her husband s efforts to sabotage her diet and keep her overweight and erin learns some important truths about

st martin s paperbacks june 2014 movietie in ralph sarchie lisa collier cool beware the night the terrifying true story of demonic possession and exorcism in a city under diabolical siege now a major jerry bruckheimer summer the film adaptation positioned for the july 4th weekend starring olivia munn and eric bana is sure to be a blowout summer box office smash hit demonic possession exorcism haunted houses satanic rituals for most people it s the stuff of nightmares horror movies and superstition for new york city police sergeant ralph sarchie it s as real as midnight patrol a sixteenyear nypd veteran sarchie works out of the 46th precinct in new york s south bronx but it s his other job that he calls the work investigations into true crimes and inhuman evil that were never explained or understood except by sarchie and his partner his revelations form a powerful documented link between the truecrime realities of life and the bloodchilling icegrip of a supernatural terror onsale

minotaur books june 2014 douglas corleone good as gone a former u.s marshal haunted by his daughter s disappearance tracks international kidnappers in douglas corleone s thriller former u.s marshal simon fisk is now a private contractor recovering children kidnapped by their own estranged parents he won t touch stranger abduction cases he s still haunted by the disappearance of his own daughter years ago and stranger kidnappings hit too close to home until 6yearold lindsay sorkin disappears in paris and the french police deliver simon an ultimatum he can go to jail for his actions on a past case or he can work with them to find lindsay simon sets out in pursuit of the missing child but her captors did not leave an easy trail and following it will take simon through the ritziest nightclubs and the seediest back alleys into a terrifying world of international intrigue and dark corners of his past he d rather never face again key selling points onsale date 6/3/2014 isbn13 9781250040800

st martin s paperbacks june 2014 diane kelly paw enforcement the first in a new laughoutloud mystery series from awardwinning author diane kelly officer megan luz is lucky she still has a job after tasering a male colleague where it counts the most sure he had it coming to him which is why the police chief is giving megan a second chance the catch her new partner can t carry a gun can t drive a cruiser and can t recite the miranda rights because her new partner is a big black furry police dog so that s what the chief meant when he called megan s partner a real btch with brigit out on the beat megan is writing up enough tickets to wallpaper the whole station but when a bomb goes off at the mall s food court it s up to megan and brigit to start digging and sniffing for clues with the help of dead sexy bombsquad expert seth rutledge and his own canine partner named blast megan finds herself in a desperate race to collar a killer will justice be served or will she end up in the doghouse

st martin s paperbacks june 2014 donna grant fire rising the second fulllength novel in the new york times bestselling dark kings series from donna grant tristan the newest dragon king is having a tough time fitting in despite his ability to transform into a proud strong dragon at will no one knows where he came from or how he became a dragon king including himself but his identity isn t the only thing causing tristan headaches hooked on a woman in need of protection tristan is tortured to be this close to someone as sexy and alluring as sammie miller but thankfully for tristan torture has never been this sweet sammie has been scorned by her business partner and former lover on the run and in great danger she reluctantly accepts the sexy powerful tristan s offer to protect her already burned by love and lust she s determined not to get too close to him but as tristan slowly reveals himselfbody and soulit s going to take all sammie has to resist him or else let the flames of passion

st martin s paperbacks june 2014 matt braun a distant land one of matt braun s most beloved novels now newly repackaged three brannock brothers once came west now one of them survives and clint brannock feels the weight of responsibility as he does his job as a u.s deputy marshal hunting down an outlaw in the indian territories clint meets up with two of his nephews one destined to live or die by the gun the other to live or die in his shadow and in southern new mexico a beautiful sisterinlaw elizabeth presides over 100,000 rich acres and dabbles in a dangerous game a vigilante named miguel ortega is using terror to drive out anglo settlers a woman of her own proud heritage elizabeth has a grown son and daughter each of whom stands to inherit an empire but she has forged a forbidden bond with ortega with violence spiraling out of control the government sends clint to lay down the law soon all the brannocks must take a stand and risk their lives for justice each other and the land

minotaur books june 2014 john clement blaize clement the cat sitter s cradle the mystery world s most beloved petsitter returns in her most exciting adventure yet no mission is impawsible for pet sitter dixie hemingway no relation to you knowwho on an early morning walk she spots an exotic bird rarely seen north of the equator much less in the sleepy beachside town of siesta key florida at first dixie thinks the bird has been blown off course by a terrible storm but as she digs deeper into where the bird came from dixie becomes increasingly suspicious of its origins when one client is found dead and a new friend and her baby disappear without warning dixie is pulled into a whirlwind of greed deception and danger the eighth in this popular cozy series the cat sitter s cradle will keep both newcomers and loyal dixie fans perched on the edge of their seats onsale date 6/3/2014 isbn13 9781250054340 ebook isbn 9781250030283 price $7.99 $9.99 can pages 320 spine 0.813 in ctn count 72

st martin s paperbacks june 2014 jacket cover value promotion sherrilyn kenyon born of night value edition onsale date 6/3/2014 isbn13 9781250057532 ebook isbn 9781429959902 price $5.99 $6.99 can pages 560 spine 1.125 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 00/novel setting ichidian universe origin reissue author home franklin tn from the #1 new york times bestselling author sherrilyn kenyon comes the first three books in her blockbuster series the league in the ichidian universe the league and their ruthless assassins rule all expertly trained and highly valued the league assassins are the backbone of the government but not even the league is immune to corruption command assassin nykyrian quikiades was born and trained to slaughter refusing to be a pawn he turned his back on the league and has been hunted by them ever since though many have tried none can kill him now his assignment is to protect kiara zamir a woman whose father s political alliance has made her a target kiara wants nothing to

st martin s paperbacks june 2014 jacket cover value promotion sherrilyn kenyon born of fire value edition onsale date 6/3/2014 isbn13 9781250057556 ebook isbn 9781429959964 price $5.99 $6.99 can pages 560 spine 1.125 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 00/novel setting ichidian universe origin reissue author home franklin tn from the #1 new york times bestselling author sherrilyn kenyon comes the second book in her blockbuster series the league syn was raised as a techthief until his livelihood uncovered a truth that could end his life he tried to destroy the evidence and has been on the run ever since now trained as an assassin he allows no one to threaten him ever he is the darkness that swallows his enemies whole shahara dagan is the best bounty hunter in the universe when syn comes back on the radar she s the only one who can bring him to justice there s only one problem syn is a close family friend who s helped out the dagans countless times but if she saves him both of their lives will be

index archer zoë wicked temptation 8 beware the night a new york city cop investigates the supernatural ralph sarchie 6 bikini season sheila roberts 4 born of fire value edition sherrilyn kenyon 16 born of ice value edition sherrilyn kenyon 17 born of night value edition sherrilyn kenyon 15 braun matt a distant land 12 brennan allison dead heat 2 cat sitter s cradle the a dixie hemingway mystery john clement 13 clement john the cat sitter s cradle a dixie hemingway mystery 13 corleone douglas good as gone 7 dead heat allison brennan 2 deeper than need a secrets shadows novel shiloh walker 11 distant land a matt braun 12 fire rising donna

june 2014 sherrilyn kenyon value promotions the league novels from new york times bestselling author $6.99 can special $5.99 sherrilyn kenyon born of night isbn-10 1-250-05753-1 isbn-13 978-1-250-05753-2 560 pages spine 36/32 ctn 48 born of fire isbn-10 1-250-05755-8 isbn-13 978-1-250-05755-6 560 pages · 36/32 ctn 48 born of ice isbn-10 1-250-05754-x isbn-13 978-1-250-05754-9 352 pages · 28/32 ctn 48 · on sale 6/03/14 · each $5.99 6.99 can · all books have $5.99 6.99 can bursts on front cover and new isbns · regularly priced editions will remain available · one-time special offer new sherrilyn kenyon league hardcover tie-in born of fury coming july 2014 isbn-10 1-250-04296-8 isbn-13 978-1-250-04296-5 $25.99 29.99 can qty qty qty total order qty born of night born of fire born of ice isbn 978-1-250-05753-2 isbn 978-1-250-05755-6 isbn 978-1-250-05754-9 $5.99 $6.99 can mm $5.99 $6.99 can mm $5.99 $6.99 can