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s t martin s pa perbacks spotlight ben coes independence day by new york times bestseller ben coes a deadly plot on u.s soil unfolds and dewey andreas has only three days to save millions cloud the code name a high-level russian hacker has acquired a nuclear weapon it’s an older bomb from the ussr’s cold war arsenal with the power to devastate a major city fueled by a dark and personal vendetta cloud has put it onto an anonymous trawler piloted by jihadists headed straight to america on-sale date 5/31/2016 isbn-13 9781250043191 ebook isbn 9781466841260 price $9.99 $11.99 can pages 544 spine 4in w 7in h in tall rack ctn count 48 rights uk pan macmillan uk translation chalberg sussman setting international origin smp hc 9781250043160 5/15 $26.99 dewey andreas a former delta working as an agent for the cia is still grieving the murder of his fiancée he’s lost his focus his edge—and the confidence of his superiors but when an overseas mission to capture

s t martin s pa perbacksm ay 2 0 1 6 darynda jones the dirt on ninth grave grim reaper charley davidson is back in the ninth installment of darynda jones new york times bestselling paranormal series in a small village in new york charley davidson is living as jane doe a girl with no memory of who she is or where she came from so when she is working at a diner and begins to realize she can see dead people she s more than a little taken aback stranger still are the people entering her life they seem to know things about her that they hide with lies and half-truths soon she senses something far darker a force that wants to cause her harm then she is confronted by a man who claims to have been sent to kill her sent by the darkest force in the universe that won t stop until she is dead finding her identity and recovering what she s lost will take all her courage and a touch of the power she feels flowing through her veins she almost feels sorry for him on-sale date 5/31/2016 isbn-13

s t martin s pa perbacksm ay 2 0 1 6 lora leigh secret pleasure the sizzling new story in the bound hearts series from #1 new york times bestselling author lora leigh now in mass market sebastian and shane de loren were born to love alyssa hampstead no other woman on earth can burn for them ignite with passion between them the way alyssa does but after three sensual months of pleasure come to a crashing halt sebastian and shane are fighting with everything they ve got risking it all to have alyssa one more time on-sale date 5/31/2016 isbn-13 9781250080790 ebook isbn 9781250032676 price $7.99 $9.99 can pages 400 spine 4in w 7in h 1lb wt in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 00/novel rights uk smp translation smp setting spain washington d.c origin griffin tp 9780312576257 8/15 $14.99 author home pennsylvania ma rketing online promotion online advertising campaign email marketing campaign author facebook 63k visit alyssa has closed off her heart a senator s daughter in the

s t martin s pa perbacksm ay 2 0 1 6 gayle lynds the assassins a white-knuckle thriller one of the last great cold war killers decides it s time to play a final game on an international scale former spy judd ryder is walking home when he spots a man who looks just like ryder coming out of his house then the imposter is killed in a deliberate hit-and-run ryder learns that the key to the murder is an infamous cold war assassin the carnivore two of the last people to see the carnivore were ryder and cia trainee eva blake from washington d.c to marrakech and baghdad the assassins wage a final battle this time against one another fighting for their reputations and saddam hussein s long-missing billion-dollar fortune in the end only one can be left standing caught in the crossfire judd and eva go on the run while desperately unraveling the tangled past and battling not only for their lives but for their destinies key selling points on-sale date 5/31/2016 isbn-13 9780312946098 ebook isbn

s t martin s pa perbacksm ay 2 0 1 6 olivia drake his wicked wish for fans of lisa kleypas and stephanie laurens comes the fifth book in the cinderella sisterhood series nathan atwood grew up chafing under the thumb of his stern father and a lifetime of family secrets but when his older brother s death brings him home from his life abroad nathan now a viscount and heir to an earldom-concocts a plan to get revenge he will find the most unsuitable commoner he can and marry her doing his duty before leaving never to return madelyn swann is a notorious actress in dire circumstances with few options and a dangerous threat looming over her she decides to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder she agrees to be part of viscount rowley s scheme never expecting to find pleasure with the man who married her for vengeance will love prevail or will nathan s desire for vengeance be too strong to overcome on-sale date 5/31/2016 isbn-13 9781250060303 ebook isbn 9781466865594 price $7.99

s t martin s pa perbacksm ay 2 0 1 6 lily blackwood the beast of clan kincaid this highlander will stop at nothing to reclaim what s his in this debut series filled with drama passion and revenge as a twelve-year-old niall braewick watched his home burn in a desperate attempt to save niall and his two brothers his father the laird of clan kincaid ordered his sons be disguised and whisked from the castle to safety amidst the night s chaos the brothers are separated and forced to leave their old identities behind on-sale date 5/31/2016 isbn-13 9781250084736 fifteen years later niall returns to his boyhood home as a skilled mercenary and an outsider but he s thirsty to avenge his parents deaths and elspeth of alwyn the daughter of the very man who destroyed his clan is his best tool for revenge but elspeth s beauty and spirit prove a more formidable match for the clansman s heart than any warrior will what started as a quest for revenge turn into something more ebook isbn

s t martin s pa perbacksm ay 2 0 1 6 sabrina york lana and the laird the sexy alpha highlanders return in lana and the laird from new york times bestselling author sabrina york lachlan is a man ready to come alive a duke by day and raised in britain he s a true highlander at heart waiting to to burst free yet a terrible curse has been put upon his family and generations of proof have shown that lachlan does not have long to live no matter how much land and riches he amasses he will never have the treasure he wants most a loving wife and happy family but when lachlan meets a dreamy fiery scottish lass lachlan is prepared to fight for his life and show his stunning lady the true alpha highlander he is on-sale date 5/31/2016 isbn-13 9781250069719 ebook isbn 9781466878563 price $7.99 $9.99 can pages 384 spine 4in w 7in h in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 24/historical romance rights uk smp lana spends her time in a world of dreams and shadows blessed or cursed with the ability to see the

s t martin s pa perbacksm ay 2 0 1 6 laura trentham kiss me that way the start of a sassy and steamy southern contemporary romance series a river divides cottonbloom in two the upscale enclave on the mississippi side and the rundown rough and tumble side in louisiana they’re worlds apart—but nothing can build a bridge like love… cade fournette never had it easy cottonbloom he stuck around long enough to raise his orphaned siblings and then hightailed it out west—and never looked back even though he’s made a success of himself in seattle cade never lost the toughness and the angry edge that helped him survive down south his only weak spot the girl he left behind… on-sale date 5/31/2016 isbn-13 9781250077639 ebook isbn 9781466889798 price $5.99 $6.99 can pages 336 spine 4in w 7in h in ctn count 72 cpda/cat 20/romance rights uk rights st martin s press translation st martin s press setting louisiana and mississippi origin original author home

s t martin s pa perbacksm ay 2 0 1 6 maggie mcconnon wedding bel blues in this charming debut bel mcgrath a bridesmaid learns a secret about her cousin and witnesses a man fall to his death on-sale date 5/31/2016 isbn-13 9781250001894 ebook isbn 9781466889231 price $7.99 $9.99 can pages 336 spine 4in w 7in h in ctn count 72 cpda/cat 00/novel setting new york area origin original author home new york area ma rketing are they tying the knot belfast mcgrath has spent the last fifteen years avoiding her big bustling brash irish family but when her five-star culinary career goes up in flames she retreats to foster’s landing—where she’s immediately tapped as her cousin caleigh’s maid-of-honor it’s a perfect recipe for disaster especially when bel learns that the wedding preparations included caleigh having one last one-night stand or the noose when caleigh’s lover plunges from the second-floor balcony during the reception bel can’t help

s t martin s pa perbacksm ay 2 0 1 6 dusty richards servant of the law a western reissue in the tradition of bestselling author william w johnstone bobby budd rode out of colorado with one killing behind him and dozens yet to go from new mexico to indian territory budd became one of a rootless army of half-crazed half-drunk killers for hire building an ugly legacy as the coyote kid honest men paid the kid to rid themselves of rustlers along the way the innocent died too now former apache campaigner major gerald bowen is bringing law to the land hiring a few good frontier marshals and putting them on the bloody trail of the territory s worst outlaws john wesley michaels is one of those lawmen and the coyote kid is his quarry but when michaels gets to arizona a stubborn woman insists on riding by michaels side she s met the coyote kid face-to-face and she wants to be the one to gun him down on-sale date 5/31/2016 isbn-13 9781250091970 key selling points ebook isbn 9781429939911

index assassins the gayle lynds 8 beast of clan kincaid the lily blackwood 10 blackwood lily the beast of clan kincaid 10 born of betrayal sherrilyn kenyon 3 calhoun anne under the surface 11 coes ben independence day a dewey andreas novel 4 dirt on ninth grave the a novel darynda jones 6 doiron paul the precipice a novel 5 drake olivia his wicked wish 9 his wicked wish olivia drake 9 independence day a dewey andreas novel ben coes 4 johansen iris shadow play an eve duncan novel 2 jones darynda the dirt on ninth grave a novel 6 kenyon sherrilyn born of betrayal 3 kiss me that way laura trentham .13 lana and the laird sabrina york 12 leigh lora secret pleasure 7 lynds gayle the assassins 8 mcconnon