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tor return to the perilous r a salvatore dame salvatore s cast of exciting new characters sure to become as iconic as his forgotten realms® crew continue the story in war-torn corona the t he vast road network of honce completed a decade before had brought great optimism to the people of the land commerce could travel more freely and so could armies and those armies it was hoped would rid the land at long last of the vicious bloody cap dwarfs and goblins for the first time the many individual kingdoms the holdings of honce would be brought closer together perhaps even united but for the last few years those promises had become a nightmare to the folk as two powerful lairds fought for supremacy over a hoped-for united kingdom bransen garibond the highwayman held little real interest in that fight to him the warring lairds were two sides of the same coin whichever side won the outcome for the people of honce would be the same bransen believed a journey north however taught bransen that

tor the empress of mars kage baker thrilling adventure on the martian frontier plus good beer w hen the british arean company founded its martian colony it welcomed any settlers it could get outcasts misfits and dreamers emigrated in droves to undertake the grueling task of terraforming the cold red planet only to be abandoned when the bac discovered it couldn t turn a profit on mars this is the story of mary griffith a determined woman with three daughters who opened the only place to buy a beer on the tharsis bulge it s also the story of manco inca whose attempt to terraform mars brought a new goddess vividly to life of stanford crosley con man extraordinaire of ottorino vespucci space cowboy and romantic hero of the clan morrigan of the denizens of the martian motel and of the machinations of another company entirely all of whom contribute to the downfall of the bac and the founding of a new world mary and her struggles and triumphs are at the center of it all in her bar empress of

tor hylozoic rudy rucker after the singularity everyone and everything is sentient and telepathic aliens notice and invade earth i n rucker s last novel postsingular the singularity happened and life on earth was transformed by the awakening of all matter into consciousness and into telepathic communication the most intimate moments of your life can be experienced by anyone who cares to pay attention or by hundreds of thousands of anyones if you are one of the founders who helped create the singularity the small bunch of founders including young newlyweds thuy a hypertext novelist and jayjay a gamer and brain-enhancement addict are living a popular live-action media life but now alien races that have already gone through this transformation notice earth for the first time and begin to arrive to exploit both the new environment and any available humans some of them are real estate developers some are slavers and some just want to help but how to tell the difference someone has to save

tor the human disguise james o neal an action-packed police thriller in a post-apocalyptic florida t he world has been shattered disease and war have ravaged the earth a resurgent germany once again threatens europe and the united states is engaged in the middle east while new york sits an empty radioactive ruin the city of miami has become a virtual prison home to the worst life has to offer tom wilner lives on the outskirts of this forsaken realm he s what this future passes off as a police officer with his family shattered wilner is just a pale version of the police hero he once was when a chance encounter in a rundown roadhouse erupts in violence wilner is forced to step in his exploration into the violence of that evening leads him onto the path of two ancient warring races they have been manipulating power on earth for centuries and are about to enter into a battle for ultimate supremacy unless tom wilner puts an end to their fury one helluva story from one helluva writer only

tor first david weber brought you the new york times and usa today bestsellers off armageddon reef and by schism rent asunder now the battle for the soul of the planet safehold has begun the kingdom of charis and the kingdom of chisholm have joined together pledged to stand against the tyranny of a corrupt church.the youthful queen sharleyan of chisholm has wed king cayleb of charis forging a single dynasty a single empire dedicated to the defense of human freedom.crowned empress of that empire sharleyan has found in cayleb s arms the love she never dared hope for in a marriage of state in cayleb s cause his defiance of the ruthless group of four who govern mother church she has found the task to which she can commit her mind and her courage it is a cause for which she was born yet there are things sharleyan still does not know secrets cayleb has not been permitted to share even with her secrets like the true story of humanity on safehold like the intricate web of lies deception and

tor necroscope® harry and the pirates and other tales from the lost years brian lumley harry keogh the original necroscope returns h arry keogh the first necroscope is arguably brian lumley s greatest creation in the necroscope series readers saw harry learn to use his powers to talk with the dead and travel instantaneously to any point in space and time they saw him take arms against the evil twisted metamorphic alien vampires who sought to feed off humans and enslave mankind they saw him suffer a great personal loss and then recover his family and later his humanity through a new love and they saw harry wage the grimmest battle of his life against the vampire he himself was becoming even after harry s story was done brian lumley continued to write books about harry s legacy the other necroscopes who inherited his weird talents but harry himself would not go quietly into that darkness that lies beyond an author s imagination and now brian lumley has written three new novellas about

tor bone dance a fantasy for technophiles emma bull back in print a classic techno-fantasy from the author of the bestselling territory s parrow s my name trader deal-maker hustler some call me i work the night fair circuit buying and selling pre-nuke videos from the world before i know how to get a high price especially on big bang collectibles but the hottest ticket of all is information on the horsemen the mind-control weapons that tilted the balance in the war between the americas that s the prize i m after but it seems i m having trouble controlling my own mind the horsemen are coming style and gusto and fireworks great stuff neil gaiman on bone dance takes huge chances and achieves something distinctly wonderful also available territory 1/09 isbn-13 978-0-8125-4836-5 isbn-10 0-8125-4836-1 $7.99 9.99 can war for the oaks 7/01 isbn-13 978-0-7653-0034-8 isbn-10 0-7653-0034-6 $14.95 16.95 can readers will think about the story long after it ends savoring the writing and

this book will talk itself right off the shelves and reluctant readers will devour it school library journal on the curse of the campfire weenies lubar strikes again another winning round-up booklist on invasion of the road weenies this spring s most coveted title the arizona republic on invasion of the road weenies also available the curse of the campfire weenies 9/08 isbn-13 978-0-7653-5771-7 isbn-10 0-7653-5771-2 $5.99 6.99 can true talents 3/08 isbn-13 978-0-7653-4856-2 isbn-10 0-7563-4856-x $5.99 6.99 can middle-grade fiction starscape hardcover isbn-13 978-0-7653-1634-9 $15.95 $17.95 canadian isbn-10 0-7653-1634-x david lubar created a sensation with his debut novel hidden talents an ala best book for young adults he is also the author of true talents flip and four short story collections in the land of the lawn weenies invasion of the road weenies the curse of the campfire weenies and the battle of the red hot pepper weenies he lives in nazareth pennsylvania august

tor n co o v t fi er n a l land of the dead thomas harlan deftly weaving alternate history with traditional space-opera elements harlan presents an sf `puzzle novel highly sensitive to character and culture publishers weekly i land of the dead thomas harlan t s a small change in our history imagine that the japanese made contact with the aztec empire instead of small-pox and christianity they brought an imperial alliance samurai ethics and technology by the time of these books the emperor in mexico city rules not just the entire planet earth but a growing interplanetary empire but the galaxy is not a hospitable place and there are other powers both new and very very old who would stop the spread of the power in anuhuac a weapon of the old ones from the time of the first sun has been found in a region of space it must be investigated then tamed or destroyed to keep it from the hands of opposing powers gretchen anderssen freelance archaeologist and specialist in first sun artifacts

dune hardcover backlist dune the butlerian jihad brian herbert and kevin j anderson isbn-13 978-0-7653-0157-4 hc · $27.95 30.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-0157-1 dune the machine crusade brian herbert and kevin j anderson isbn-13 978-0-7653-0158-1 hc · $27.95 38.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-0158-x dune the battle of corrin brian herbert and kevin j anderson isbn-13 978-0-7653-0159-8 hc · $27.95 30.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-0159-8 dreamer of dune brian herbert isbn-13 978-0-7653-0647-0 tpb · $16.95 18.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-0647-6 isbn-13 978-0-7653-0646-3 hc · $27.95 30.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-0646-8 the road to dune frank herbert brian herbert and kevin j anderson isbn-13 978-0-7653-1295-2 hc · $25.95 28.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-1295-6 hunters of dune brian herbert and kevin j anderson isbn-13 978-0-7653-1292-1 hc · $27.95 30.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-1292-1 mass market boxed set sandworms of dune brian herbert and kevin j anderson isbn-13 978-0-7653-1293-8 hc · $27.95 30.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-1293-x

ya andc ro s s ov ersf fa n ta s y see lubar s new hardcover my rotten life on page t 36 the comet s curse a galahad book dom testa isbn-13 978-0-7653-2107-7 hc · $16.95 18.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-2107-6 the battle of the red hot pepper weenies david lubar isbn-13 978-0-7653-2099-5 hc · $15.95 17.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-2099-1 truancy origins isamu fukui isbn-13 978-0-7653-2262-3 hc · $17.95 19.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-2262-5 recent tor hardcovers bones of the dragon margaret weis and tracy hickman isbn-13 978-0-7653-1973-9 hc · $24.95 27.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-1973-x escape from hell larry niven and jerry pournelle isbn-13 978-0-7653-1632-5 hc · $24.95 27.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-1632-3 see bova s new hardcover the return on page t 41 lamentation ken scholes isbn-13 978-0-7653-2127-5 hc · $24.95 27.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-2127-0 the immortality factor ben bova isbn-13 978-0-7653-0525-1 hc · $25.95 28.95 can isbn-10 0-7653-0525-9 t