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for g e b ooks lead fiction jon land strong light of day caitlin strong faces her deadliest foe yet in the story nyt bestselling author steve berry calls a pitch-perfect winner over the years fifth generation texas ranger caitlin strong has taken on all manner of criminals and miscreants but nothing has prepared her for an investigation that pits her against ruthless billionaire oilman calum dane whose genetically engineered pesticide may have poisoned a large swath of the state on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9780765370280 ebook isbn 9781466821071 price $9.99 $13.99 can how that poisoning is connected to the disappearance of thirty high school students from a houston prep school as well as a herd of cattle that has been picked clean to the bone presents caitlin with the greatest and most desperate challenge of her career the common denominator in these apparently disparate events is a new and deadly enemy capable of destroying the us economy and killing millions it is a foe that

for g e b ooks au g ust 2016 richard s wheeler snowbound and eclipse two stories of renowned american explorers in one low-priced edition from master of the western novel richard s wheeler snowbound american explorer john frémont embarks on a quest to find a railway route to the west along the 38th parallel his fourth expedition into the american west in the dead of winter proves more challenging than anticipated trapped snowbound in the colorado mountains frémont must battle the frigid elements in a harrowing journey over the backbone of the continent this novel of desperate danger and fierce courage is a survival saga par excellence—a struggle of man against man man against nature and man against himself on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9780765383648 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 608 spine 1.469 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 20/historical fiction origin forge hc 3/10 978-0-7653-1662-2forge mm 3/11 978-0-7653-5582-9forge hc 6/02 978-0-3128-7846-7forge mm 3/12 eclipse lewis and

tor b ooks au g ust 2016 lead fiction keith korman end time three people face down a mysterious government organization in a search for missing persons in this dark apocalyptic thriller a government bio-lab experiment goes hideously wrong infecting people with scientifically-programmed madness random kidnappings of women and girls proliferate throughout the land some people suddenly succumb to horrifically-virulent viruses while others become able to read minds what is happening to the country and the planet on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9780765370495 ebook isbn 9781466823600 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 608 spine 1.438 in tall rack ctn count 24 cpda/cat 32/fantasy origin tor hc 8/15 978-0-7653-3557-9 author home millbrook ny mysteriously summoned to confront these frightening questions a la cop a lakota sioux and a space scientist are thrown together on a bizarre crosscountry quest the answers they seek lie with a pair of children with extraordinary powers children who will

tor b ooks lead fiction jonathan maberry deadlands ghostwalkers from new york times bestselling author jonathan maberry the first of three media tie-in novels based on the hit rpg deadlands on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9780765375278 ebook isbn 9781466846364 price $8.99 $12.99 can pages 480 welcome to the weird west where steely-eyed gunfighters rub shoulders with mad scientists and dark unnatural forces where the great quake of 1868 has shattered california into a labyrinth of flooded sea-canyons and a mysterious super-fuel called ghost rock spawns as much war and strife as it has exotic steampunk devices in ghostwalkers a homeless civil war veteran literally haunted by his bloody past comes to the struggling town of hope falls where he becomes embroiled in a deadly conflict between the imperiled community and a diabolically brilliant inventor/alchemist who is building awesome new weapons of mass destruction and raising an army of zombies spine 1.156 in ctn count 48 origin tor tpb

for g e b ooks au g ust 2016 media tie-in david mack 24 rogue an all-new 24 adventure by new york times bestselling author david mack the time is 8:00 pm jack bauer is a man without a country a fugitive hunted by the most powerful nations in the world he lives on the run survives by his wits and finds purpose in his exile by waging a one-man war against those who profit from the death and suffering of others on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9780765377937 ebook isbn 9781466858275 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 368 spine 0.906 in on a self-imposed crusade to destroy the criminal empire of international arms dealer karl rask jack has infiltrated the crew of one of rask s freighters but his mission is disrupted when the ship is hijacked by a band of suspiciously well-informed pirates off the coast of somalia as jack fights to free the ship he discovers a deadly secret hidden in its hold a prize the pirates were hired to steal and one that could be used to ignite a world war—unless jack

t o r fa n ta s y au g ust 2016 cindy dees bill flippin the sleeping king an epic fantasy by new york times and usa today bestselling author cindy dees bestselling author cindy dees has won a golden heart award two ritas for category suspense and adventure and has also twice snared rt s series romantic suspense of the year but as much as she love romances cindy s other passion has been fantasy gaming for almost twenty years she s been the story content creator for dragon crest one of the original live action role-playing games she wanted to do an epic fantasy based on it with the blessing and input of dragon crest founder bill flippin on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9780765370303 ebook isbn 9781466821286 price $8.99 $12.99 can pages 704 spine 1.438 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 32/fantasy origin tor hc 9/15 978-0-7653-3514-2 author home cindy dees fort worth texas the sleeping king is the first in an epic fantasy series featuring the best of the genre near immortal imperial overlords a

tor sc ien ce fi ction au g ust 2016 lead science fiction ben bova death wave six-time hugo award winner ben bova chronicles the saga of humankind s expansion beyond the solar system in ben bova s previous novel new earth jordan kell led the first human mission beyond the solar system they discovered the ruins of an ancient alien civilization but one alien ai survived and it revealed to jordan kell that an explosion in the black hole at the heart of the milky way galaxy has created a wave of deadly radiation expanding out from the core toward earth unless the human race acts to save itself all life on earth will be wiped out on-sale date 8/2/2016 isbn-13 9780765379511 ebook isbn 9781466868748 price $8.99 $12.99 can pages 432 spine 1.031 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 30/science fiction origin tor hc 11/15 978-0-7653-7950-4 author home naples florida ma rketing digital outreach through twitter facebook and the tor/forge blog national print advertising in genre publications when kell and

index 24 rogue david mack 6 bova ben death wave 8 deadlands ghostwalkers jonathan maberry 5 death wave ben bova 8 dees cindy the sleeping king a novel 7 end time a novel keith korman 4 korman keith end time a novel 4 land jon strong light of day a caitlin strong novel 2 maberry jonathan deadlands ghostwalkers 5 mack david 24 rogue 6 sleeping king the a novel cindy dees 7 snowbound and eclipse richard s wheeler 3 strong light of day a caitlin strong novel jon land 2 wheeler richard s snowbound and eclipse