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forge books m ay 2 0 1 8 lead fiction matt goldman gone to dust the debut from emmy award-winning seinfeld writer matt goldman “a perfect blend of light touch and dark story.”—lee child a brutal crime the ultimate cover-up how do you solve a murder with no useable evidence private detective nils shapiro is focused on forgetting his ex-wife and keeping warm during another minneapolis winter when a former colleague calls with the impossible suburban divorcee maggie somerville was found murdered in her bedroom her body covered with the dust from hundreds of emptied vacuum cleaner bags all potential dna evidence obscured by the calculating killer on-sale date 5/1/2018 isbn-13 9780765391308 ebook isbn 9780765391292 price $9.99 $12.99 can pages 304 spine 19.050 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 10/mystery setting minneapolis origin forge hc 8/17 978-0-7653-9128-5 author home los angeles ca digging into maggie’s cell phone records nils finds that the most frequently called

forge books m ay 2 0 1 8 robert gleason and into the fire brad meltzer’s retribution meets brad thor’s act of war in this all-too-possible nuclear thriller after forging an alliance with a notorious pakistani terrorist group isis is ready to achieve its ultimate dream forcing the united states into a clash of civilizations in the middle east with the use of nuclear warfare the head of the cia’s pakistan desk elena moreno and intrepid journalist jules meredith are hot on their trail armed with the knowledge that a team of terrorists plans to melt down a major us nuclear power plant and nuke washington dc they join forces with an ex-marine turned billionaire hacker to intercept the terrorists before they infiltrate the us but a powerful saudi ambassador in league with isis and the corrupt american president he is blackmailing will stop at nothing to deter them can the trio stay alive long enough to prevent these nuclear assaults on-sale date 5/1/2018 isbn-13

forge books m ay 2 0 1 8 win blevins give your heart to the hawks a poetic tribute to the mountain men of the early american west including hugh glass stunningly portrayed by leonardo dicaprio in the academy award winning film the revenant mountain man hugh glass’s harrowing journey 300 miles to civilization after being mauled by a grizzly bear and left for dead is just one of the incredible adventures spur award winning author win blevins explores in the new york times bestseller give your heart to the hawks in addition to the captivating story of hugh glass win blevins presents a poetic tribute to these dauntless first westerners who explored the great american west from the time of lewis and clark into the 1840s as trappers in a hostile trackless land their exploits opened the gates of the mountains for the wagon trains of pioneers who followed them on-sale date 5/1/2018 isbn-13 9780765352903 ebook isbn 9781466803381 price $9.99 $12.99 can pages 320 spine 19.840 in ctn

forge books larry bond jim defelice larry bond s first team angels of wrath larry bond s and jim defelice s bestselling series continues in this explosive action-packed thriller led by cia agent bob ferguson the team helps the fbi investigate a radical group of zealots who want to create a post-christian era by instigating a catastrophic showdown in jerusalem the cult has strange connections to the iraqi resistance and a syrian arms dealer enlisting the help of thera majed a paramilitary and an expert on middle eastern relations the team breaks up to track each link their quarries lead them into an immensely complicated world of fanatical terrorists each potentially dangerous but who among them is the next to strike on-sale date 5/1/2018 faced with two separate operations intended to trigger a vast religious war can the team extinguish the spark of armageddon isbn-13 9781250163349 ebook isbn 9781429910576 price $8.99 $11.99 can pages 448 spine 1.210 in ctn count 48 setting syria

tor books m ay 2 0 1 8 lead fiction china mieville king rat the gripping debut that launched china miéville s award-winning career award-winning author china miéville s began his astounding career with king rat a mix of a young man s search for identity with a pulse-pounding story of revenge and madness something stirs in london s dark—and has viciously murdered saul garamond s father framed for the crime saul breaks out of prison with the help of king rat and plunges into a subterranean world of rats garbage blood and madness—a world saul was born to rule but king rat has plans for saul his special weapon in a war that goes back to a town called hamelin on-sale date 5/1/2018 isbn-13 9781250174000 ebook isbn 9781466826021 price $9.99 $12.99 can pages 352 spine 0.840 in ctn count 48 key selling points award-winning author after his debut with king rat miéville has gone on to produce an award-winning body of work he has been a finalist and winner of multiple

t o r fa n ta s y m ay 2 0 1 8 lead fantasy steven brust tiassa new york times bestselling thirteenth novel in one of the most enduringly popular series in modern adventure fantasy in the very distant past a god fashioned an artifact—a silver figurine of a tiassa a winged panther-like animal to devera the wanderer it s a pretty toy to play with to the skilled and cunning assassin vlad taltos it s a handy prop for a con he s running to the empire it s a tool to be used against the jenoine and to the crime syndicate jhereg it s a trap to kill vlad as it happens however the silver tiassa has its own agenda on-sale date 5/1/2018 tiassa tells a story that threads its way through more than ten years of the remarkable life of vlad taltos—and to the delight of longtime fans brings him together with khaavren captain of the phoenix guard isbn-13 9780765350589 ebook isbn 9781429991742 price $8.99 $11.99 can pages 352 spine 0.840 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 32/fantasy origin tor hc

tor science fiction m ay 2 0 1 8 lead science fiction timothy zahn pawn the first book in an exciting space opera trilogy from new york times bestselling author timothy zahn nicole lee is a nineteen-year-old woman in philadelphia with a dead-end life no family no money and a relationship with a criminal named bungie that all changes after one of bungie’s “deals” goes bad bungie forces nicole to drive him to the hospital to kidnap an er doctor in order to help him recover from his wounds before the would-be kidnapper can seal the deal all three are whisked away by mysterious moth-like humans to a strange room on-sale date 5/1/2018 they are on board a living ship called the fyrantha where they must now work as part of the ship s crew nicole has a special ability that allows her to communicate with both the ship and the mysterious mothmen called wisps isbn-13 9780765367730 ebook isbn 9781429947077 price $8.99 $11.99 can pages 384 spine 23.810 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat

index and into the fire a novel robert gleason 3 blevins win give your heart to the hawks a tribute to the mountain men 4 bond larry larry bond s first team angels of wrath 5 brust steven tiassa 7 give your heart to the hawks a tribute to the mountain men win blevins .4 gleason robert and into the fire a novel 3 goldman matt gone to dust a detective nils shapiro novel .2 gone to dust a detective nils shapiro novel matt goldman 2 king rat china mieville 6 larry bond s first team angels of wrath larry bond 5 mieville china king rat 6 pawn a chronicle of the sibyl s war timothy zahn 8 tiassa steven brust 7 zahn timothy pawn a chronicle of the sibyl s war