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t o r fa n ta s y decemb er 2 0 1 6 fantasy super lead margaret weis tracy hickman doom of the dragon the climatic fourth and final novel in the dragonships of vindras series in three previous novels skylan ivorson overcame obstacles that would have defeated a lesser man rising from obscurity to become the chief of chiefs of the fearsome vindrasi who sail their living dragonships far and wide to raid and plunder for the glory of the gods however a cruel twist of fate struck him down before he and his beloved could complete their quest for the five sacred dragonbones that would summon the great dragon ilyrion and save their people from destruction at the hands of an evil god but even true death is denied him and his destiny is unfulfilled on-sale date 12/6/2016 isbn-13 9780765359278 ebook isbn 9781466881228 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 592 spine 1.438 in ctn count 24 caught between life and death he must lead those who journeyed with him to battle the evil god and the vast army of the god and his human emperor skylan must fight as he never has before to win back his life and his love while seeking the last spiritbone the key to summoning the ultimate victory before it can be snatched away by the forces of evil weis and hickman have crafted a pulse-pounding fantasy adventure that brings this great saga to a rousing satisfying conclusion that will stir the passions of their legions of fans cpda/cat 32/fantasy origin tor hc 1/16 978-0-7653-1976-0 author home margaret weis williams bay wi tracy hickman south jordan ut ma rketing digital outreach through twitter facebook and the tor/forge blog national print advertising in genre publications key selling points author expertise authors hickman and weis are well-known bestselling authors of the dragonlance chronicles interesting world building dragons use a unique kind of magic to propel seagoing ships and the gods are active complex characters and not simple figureheads strong female lead strong multifaceted female characters praise for bones of the dragon weis and hickman have created a believably human story out of their mix of saga and sorcery publishers weekly weis and hickman again demonstrate their talent for world-building and for creating likable yet flawed heroes [the book should have a large following library journal 2