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tor b ooks decemb er 2 0 1 6 lead fiction michael shea the extra an outrageous no-holds-barred satiric novel about the next big hollywood thing the extra is the story of the ultimate so-insane-it-could-only-happenin-hollywood formula for success a brave new way to bring the ultimate in excitement to the silver screen on-sale date 12/6/2016 isbn-13 9780765363947 ebook isbn 9781429955423 price $8.99 $12.99 can pages 256 spine 0.625 in ctn count 72 cpda/cat 05/suspense/thriller origin tor hc 2/10 978-0-7653-2435-1 author home deceased ma rketing digital outreach through twitter facebook and the tor/forge blog national print advertising in genre publications producer val margolian has found the mother lode of box-office gold with his new live-death films whose villains are extremely sophisticated electronically controlled mechanical monsters to give these live-action disaster films greater realism he employs huge casts of extras in addition to the stars but these extras don t necessarily live to see the premiere of his films paid handsomely and bound by a rigid contract to participate in these films the extras can make even more if they destroy any of the animatronic monsters trying to stomp chew fry or otherwise kill them if they earn enough they can move out of the zoo—the vast slum that most of l.a has become they re fighting for a chance at a reasonable life but first they have to survive key selling points an action-packed satire of hollywood reality television takes place in an entirely possible not-too-distant future that skewers hollywood s excesses stand-alone adventure that can appeal to both thriller and sf fans michael shea s the extra offers intensity great characters action satire that may well be prescient fine writing and intelligent nonstop entertainment what do you want dammit this is the one -–john shirley author of living shadows and the crow the extra starts out at a dead run and accelerates from there effortlessly wrapping the reader into its tale of a gone-to-hell l.a and a little band of gutsy starvelings with blood on their hands -–peter straub bestselling author of mr x 5