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tor b ooks decemb er 2 0 1 6 buzz aldrin john barnes the return an extraordinary thriller from the second man to walk on the moon about the real space age and the real challenges to come on july 20 1969 buzz aldrin along with crewmate neil armstrong made history as they placed humankind s first steps on the moon today aldrin is arguably the most recognized astronaut in the world a constant presence in the media and an indefatigable speaker on behalf of his and others latest concepts and ideas for exploring the universe he has chaired the national space society and the sharespace foundation he has appeared repeatedly on every network and major talk show and everywhere he goes people recall what they were doing at that supreme moment in 1969 when he and his colleague walked upon the moon on-sale date 12/6/2016 isbn-13 9780765390714 ebook isbn 9781466834040 now in the return written with award-winning novelist john barnes aldrin offers a compelling novel about the opportunities and dangers that confront us today and shows why we must and will seize the opportunities before us price $8.99 $12.99 can pages 352 spine 0.844 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 00/general fiction the return is a story of outsized characters global crises and big daring ideas and as told by buzz aldrin it carries the ring of truth he s been there he s done that and he s already helped change the world it is a realistic tale of high adventure the kind of adventure we stand on the threshold of here at the new century s beginning origin tor hc 6/00 978-0-3128-7424-7 author home john barnes denver co key selling points name recognition while clearly buzz aldrin is an international legend john barnes is a well-known sf favorite in his own right and the powerhouse duo is sure to branch past the core sf/f audience the martian meets apollo 13 this book is perfectly positioned to catch audiences new to sf/f who are hungry for tales of astronaut derring-do and the fascinating potential still in the stars 6