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forge books february 2015 lead fiction patrick taylor a dublin student doctor now in mass market the new york times bestseller taylor turns back the clock to give us a portrait of the young fingal flahertie o reilly and show us the pivotal events that shaped the man he would become in the 1930s fresh from a stint in the royal navy reserve fingal o reilly goes to dublin to study medicine fingal and his fellows face the arduous demands of trinity college and sir patrick dun s hospital the hours long and the cases challenging but he manages to find time to box play rugby and romance a fetching nurse named kitty o hallorhan dublin is a city of tenements where poverty breeds diseases that the medical knowledge of the time is often ill equipped to handle his teachers warn fingal not to become attached to his patients but can he truly harden himself to the suffering he sees all around him onsale date 2/3/2015 isbn13 9780765377395 ebook isbn 9781429995191 price $7.99 $8.99 can pages 576

forge books february 2015 richard s wheeler rendezvous and dark passage two complete novels in one lowpriced edition rendezvous barnaby skye a seaman in the royal navy jumps ship at fort vancouver in 1826 with little more than the clothes on his back fighting for life he heads inland toward an unknown fate skye falls in with legendary mountain men and finds another unexpected turn in his life when he meets the crow maiden many quill woman who will become his wife dark passage in 1831 skye accompanies his wife to her village where she falls in with jim beckwourth and accompanies him on a raid among the blackfeet when she s abducted by the bloods the deadliest band of blackfeet skye trails her into canada where he s still wanted for deserting his ship four years ago then sky himself is taken prisoner and victoria must escape her captors to free the man she loves onsale date 2/3/2015 isbn13 9780765380654 ebook isbn 9781466828520 price $9.99 $11.99 can pages 688 spine 1.063 in tall rack

forge books february 2015 andrew m greeley irish cream a captivating mystery by the bestselling author of irish stew now in mass market countless readers have been delighted by father andrew m greeley s bestselling tales of fey nuala anne mcgrail blessed with the gift of second sight and her husband dermot michael coyne damian day o sullivan is a troubled young man who blames himself for a tragic vehicular homicide and day s entire family seems to be conspiring to pin the crime on him nuala and dermot however suspect that damian may not actually be to blame meanwhile dermot and nuala also become engrossed in the tales told in a diary of a 19thcentury parish priest from the remote village of old donegal a distant past when simmering resentment against the ruling english results in murder onsale date 2/7/2006 isbn13 9780765342362 ebook isbn 9781429912310 price $6.99 $9.99 can pages 320 spine 0.860 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 10/mystery setting chicago origin reissue forge mm 2/06

tor books february 2015 lead fiction tom wilde the blood of alexander a modern indiana jones steals a relic of alexander the great in this thrilling debut novel jonathan blake makes a living stealing antiquities stealing them back that is a field agent for the argo foundation a company that preserves humanity s history by liberating stolen artifacts from thieves and looters blake is used to dangerous assignments but when the us government sends him on a deadly mission involving a missing napoleonic standard he s in over his head pitted against vanya the head of a fanatical cult who seeks a gilded bronze eagle that holds a vital clue to the lost tomb of alexander the great blake must unravel the secret truth of the final fate of napoleon bonaparte the murder of percy bysshe shelly and the hidden remains of alexander and he must do it before vanya s apocalyptic plans for humanity come to their deadly fruition onsale date 2/3/2015 isbn13 9780765369475 ebook isbn 9781466800557 price $9.99

tor fantasy february 2015 melanie rawn thornlost the third book in melanie rawn s superb new high fantasy series that blends the worlds of magic theater art and politics cayden is part elf part fae part human wizard and all rebel his mother would have him follow his father to the royal court to live off the scraps of kings but cade breathes for the theater and he s very good he s a tregetour a wizard who is both playwright and magicwielder his power creates the magic but a tregetour is useless without a glisker an elf who can spin out the magic onto the stage to enchant the audience cade s glisker mieka is something special so is their fettler rafe who controls the magic and keeps everyone safe and their masker jeska who speaks all the lines is every young girl s dream they are headed for the highest reaches of society but not the way cade s mother thinks they should they ll change their world or die trying onsale date 2/3/2015 isbn13 9780765367204 ebook isbn 9781429946537 price $7.99

tor science fiction february 2015 lead science fiction brian herbert kevin j anderson mentats of dune the new novel in the international bestselling dune series gilbertus albans has founded the mentat school a place where humans can learn the techniques of thinking machines but he walks an uneasy line in order to survive the antitechnology butlerian fanatics mother superior raquella attempts to rebuild her sisterhood school with her most talented and ambitious student valya harkonnen who also has another goal to exact revenge for her family s downfall meanwhile josef venport conducts his own war against the butlerians placing an embargo on any planet that accepting the butlerian s antitechnology pledge but fanatics rarely surrender easily as the butlerian fanaticism grows stronger the battle will be to choose the path of humanity s future whether to embrace civilization or to plunge into an endless dark age onsale date 2/3/2015 isbn13 9780765362636 ebook isbn 9781429949767 price

tor books february 2015 brian herbert kevin j anderson dune the machine crusade the exciting sequel to the new york times bestseller dune the butlerian jihad the struggle against thinking robots has ground on for years the forces led by serena butler have made only slight gains and the human worlds grow weary of war the fearsome cymeks hatch new plots to regain their lost power from omnius the warriors of ginaz forge themselves into an elite warrior class aurelius venport and norma cenva are on the verge of the most important discovery in human history a way to fold space and travel instantaneously to any place in the galaxy and on the remote nearly worthless planet of arrakis selim wormrider and his band of outlaws take the first steps toward making themselves the feared fighters who will change the course of history the fremen onsale date 7/29/2004 isbn13 9780765340788 ebook isbn 9781429967891 price $8.99 $10.99 can pages 800 spine 1.320 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 00/general

index blood of alexander the tom wilde 5 dublin student doctor a an irish country novel patrick taylor 2 dune the machine crusade brian herbert 8 greeley andrew m irish cream a nuala anne mcgrail novel 4 herbert brian dune the machine crusade 8 herbert brian mentats of dune 7 irish cream a nuala anne mcgrail novel andrew m greeley 4 mentats of dune brian herbert 7 rawn melanie thornlost 6 rendezvous and dark passage richard s wheeler 3 taylor patrick a dublin student doctor an irish country novel 2 thornlost melanie rawn 6 wheeler richard s rendezvous and dark passage 3 wilde tom the blood of alexander