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t o r fa n ta syjanua ry 2 0 1 7 fantasy super lead brandon sanderson the bands of mourning #1 new york times bestselling author continues the saga of mistborn with the alloy of law and shadows of self brandon sanderson surprised readers with a new york times bestselling spinoff of his mistborn books set after the action of the trilogy in a period corresponding to late 19th-century america on-sale date 1/3/2017 isbn-13 9780765378583 ebook isbn 9781466862678 price $8.99 $12.99 can pages 536 spine 1.281 in ctn count 24 cpda/cat 32/fantasy origin tor hc 1/16 978-0-7653-7857-6 author home utah ma rketing digital outreach through twitter facebook and the tor/forge blog national print advertising in genre publications now with the bands of mourning sanderson continues the story the bands of mourning are the mythical metalminds owned by the lord ruler said to grant anyone who wears them the powers that the lord ruler had at his command hardly anyone thinks they really exist a kandra

for g e b ooks janua ry 2 0 1 7 lead fiction david hagberg the fourth horseman kirk mcgarvey races to avert nuclear war in this heart-pounding next installment in david hagberg s nyt bestselling series kirk mcgarvey has accepted the most critical contract of his career kill the most dangerous heavily protected terrorist alive—a man who is about to hand two hundred pakistani nukes over to the world’s most frightening terrorists on-sale date 1/3/2017 isbn-13 9780765370006 ebook isbn 9781466814349 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 352 pakistan is torn apart by street riots and islamist terror groups are on the verge of toppling its shaky secular government the cia sends pakistan expert david haaris to meet with leaders of the military-intelligence apparatus that all but controls the country and try to prevent the government’s impending disintegration but haaris has other ideas an islamist double-agent working for pakistani terrorists david haaris beheads the president

for g e b ooks janua ry 2 0 1 7 mike blakely the snowy range gang and vendetta gold two memorable novels from spur award-winning author mike blakely at one low price snowy range gang claude duval thought he was through with rustlers and killers when he left texas for wyoming but the retired livestock detective soon finds ranch hands turning up dead and cattle missing it looks like the work of lone wolf wolverton who murdered duval s partner years ago but lone wolf who s done his time and gone straight rides to duval s ranch looking for a chance to prove he s being framed out of leads the lawman reluctantly accepts help from the man he s sworn to kill and the unlikely pair teams up to track down the real rustlers and killers the snowy range gang on-sale date 1/3/2017 isbn-13 9780765391667 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 448 spine 1.094 in tall rack ctn count 48 cpda/cat 40/western origin forge mm 5/96 978-0-8125-6357-3forge mm 9/98 978-0-8125-8915-3 author home marble falls texas

tor b ooks janua ry 2 0 1 7 lead fiction neal griffin a voice from the field griffin is a solid storyteller and i look forward to more of his work t jefferson parker new york times bestselling author tia suarez is a good cop the former marine sometimes butts heads with bureaucrats attorneys even her own commanding officer in the name of justice being shot in the line of duty barely slowed her down though she struggles with the lingering effects of ptsd arms-dealer gunther kane is the leader of a group of white supremacists based in tiny newberg wisconsin preparing to make a major purchase of automatic weapons which he’ll sell at a tidy profit to criminals and militiamen alike kane buys a teenage mexican girl from a coyote and uses her to “entertain” paying customers on-sale date 1/3/2017 isbn-13 9780765389497 ebook isbn 9781466839038 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 352 when kane’s path crosses tia’s—when she hears the girl pleading for her

t o r fa n ta syjanua ry 2 0 1 7 lead fantasy charles de lint the onion girl charles de lint s stunning new novel of magic and danger in the modern world in novel after novel charles de lint has brought an imaginary north american city to vivid life newford where magic lights dark streets where myths walk in modern shapes where humans and older beings must work to keep the whole world turning on-sale date 1/3/2017 isbn-13 9780765392138 ebook isbn 9781429911276 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 632 spine 1.281 in ctn count 24 at the center of the entwined lives of all the newford tales stands a young artist named jilly coppercorn whose paintings capture the hidden beings that dwell in newford s shadows with her tangled hair her paint-splattered jeans a smile perpetually on her lips she s darted in and out of the newford tales now at last we have jilly s own story for behind the painter s fey charm there s a dark secret and a past she s labored to forget and that past is coming to claim her

tor b ooks septemb er 2 0 1 4 george r r martin gardner dozois dangerous women 1 a stellar collection of new work from some of the bestselling authors of our day dangerous women vol 1 includes stories by carrie vaughn megan lindholm lawrence block joe r lansdale megan abbott cecelia holland and features george r r martin s the princess and the queen a 35,000-word original novella set in the world of his bestselling song of ice and fire series basis for the hit hbo series game of thrones key selling points on-sale date 9/30/2014 isbn-13 9780765368751 price $7.99 $9.99 can pages 416 spine 1.140 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 32/fantasy origin tor hc 12/13 978-0-7653-3206-6 author home george r r martin santa fe nm gardner dozois philadelphia pa ma rketing • national print advertising in sf fantasy and romance publications including locus sci fi magazine asimov s the magazine of fantasy science fiction and rt book reviews • digital outreach through twitter facebook and the

tor sc ien ce fi ction janua ry 2 0 1 7 lead science fiction ben bova the precipice six-time hugo award winner ben bova chronicles the saga of humankind s expansion beyond the solar system once dan randolph was one of the richest men on earth now the planet is spiralling into environmental disaster with floods and earthquakes destroying the lives of millions martin humphries fabulously wealthy heir of the humphries trust also knows that space-based industry is the way of the future but unlike randolph he does not care if earth perishes in the process on-sale date 1/3/2017 isbn-13 9780765391124 ebook isbn 9780312703073 price $8.99 $12.99 can pages 432 spine 1.031 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 30/science fiction origin tor hc 10/01 978-0-3128-4876-7 as randolph accompanied by two brilliant women astronauts flies out to the asteroid belt aboard a fusion-propelled spacecraft humphries makes his move the future of mankind lies in randolph s hands key selling points bova uses cutting-edge

tor sc ien ce fi ction janua ry 2 0 1 7 kim stanley robinson icehenge an early novel from sf legend kim stanley robinson now available for the first time in decades on the north pole of pluto there stands an enigma a huge circle of standing blocks of ice built on the pattern of earth’s stonehenge—but ten times the size standing alone at the edge of the solar system what is it who could have built it the secret lies in the chaotic decades of the martian revolution in the lost memories of those who have lived for centuries key selling points on-sale date 1/3/2017 isbn-13 9780765389589 ebook isbn 9781466862203 price $8.99 $12.99 can pages 336 spine 0.813 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 30/science fiction origin tor tpb 5/98 978-0-3128-6609-9 author home davis ca robinson is the author of red mars which is being made into a mini-series for fx scheduled for release in fall 2016 j michael straczynski creator of babylon 5 and sense8 is adapting red mars icehenge is his second novel

index bands of mourning the a mistborn novel brandon sanderson 2 blakely mike the snowy range gang and vendetta gold .4 bova ben the precipice a novel 8 dangerous women 1 george r r martin 7 de lint charles the onion girl 6 fourth horseman the a kirk mcgarvey novel david hagberg 3 griffin neal a voice from the field a novel 5 hagberg david the fourth horseman a kirk mcgarvey novel 3 icehenge kim stanley robinson 9 martin george r r dangerous women 1 7 onion girl the charles de lint 6 precipice the a novel ben bova 8 robinson kim stanley icehenge 9 sanderson brandon the bands of mourning a mistborn novel

now in paperback the newest installment in the new york times bestselling mistborn universe continuous major marketing campaign • r  obust author promotion national print advertising and ongoing featured promotions on social media throughout the year • c  ontinious promotion at consumer events promotion at major consumer events including san diego comic-con 100k attendees and new york comic con 100k attendees key points • l atest installment of the mistborn series the bands of mourning is the sequel to shadows of self and part of the mistborn series but can be read as a stand-alone • s  anderson is an sf/f rock star sanderson is one of fantasy’s biggest stars and a constant fixture on the new york times bestseller list with a rapidly growing audience and dedicated fan base brandon sanderson grew up in lincoln nebraska he lives in utah with his wife and children and teaches creative writing at brigham young university he is the author of such