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for g e b ooks june 2017 richard s wheeler going home and downriver mountain man barnaby skye and his wife are back in these beloved installments of the spur award-winning skye s west series going home it is 1832 six years after he deserted the royal navy when barnaby skye has a chance to return to england to clear his name and take up employment with the hudson s bay company with his devoted crow wife victoria an eccentric botanist named alistair nutmeg and a strange pariah dog following along skye makes his way west to begin his journey home but skye is as much a magnet for trouble as he is a legend among mountain men the legendary frontiersman fights mexican bandits murderous pacific coastal indians thirst starvation and despair as he learns where home really is and what honor really means on-sale date 6/27/2017 isbn-13 9780765391650 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 672 spine 1.380 in tall rack ctn count 24 cpda/cat 40/western origin forge hc 12/00 978-0-3128-7310-3forge mm 11/01 978-0-8125-7908-6forge hc 12/01 978-0-3128-7845-0forge mm 1/04 978-0-8125-6586-7 author home livingston mt downriver in the summer of 1838 the beaver-trapping business is dying out when barnaby skye is offered a chance to become a post trader in his crow wife s homeland he makes the journey to st louis to present himself as a candidate for the job to the mighty managers of the upper missouri outfit the 2,000-mile voyage down the missouri river steamboat otter offers dangers at every turn but the real danger lies in another passenger on the paddlewheel steamer the creole fur brigade leader alexandre bonfils this nefarious man is a rival for the job skye is seeking and is determined to be the only candidate by the time the otter reaches the city key selling points richard s wheeler is a six-time spur award-winner and has received the owen wister award for lifetime achievement in the history and literature of the west from the western writers of america inc he is considered among the best western novelists of all time going home and downriver are the eleventh and twelfth novels in the spur award-winning skye s west series this is the best of the skye novels so far an adventure mystery full of suspense action historical color and careful portrayals of men and women facing hard choices amid uncertainty and danger wheeler is a master of character and plot and this novel showcases his talents at their peak publishers weekly starred review on downriver 3