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for g e b ooks m ay 2 0 1 6 lead fiction larry bond lash-up an explosive thriller from new york times bestselling author larry bond gps satellites are vital to the us military they allow units to navigate confidently over trackless wastes and can direct aircraft and weapons to within feet of their targets when china provokes a military crisis with the united states and then starts shooting down gps satellites ray mcconnell an engineer at the navy s space and naval warfare systems command knows he must act quickly without the satellites america s military capabilities will be crippled and china will gain an enormous advantage in any future conflict the only way the satellites can be protected is from orbit so mcconnell s team of soldier-scientists must construct an armed spacecraft capable of knocking weapons out of the sky the fate of the nation depends on their success on-sale date 5/3/2016 isbn-13 9780765370174 ebook isbn 9781466818941 price $9.99 $11.99 can pages 480 spine 1.156

for g e b ooks david black fast shuffle an old-school pi is plunged into danger and conspiracy in this gripping mystery from tv screenwriter and producer david black harry dickinson is a used car salesman who believes he is a 1940s private detective the people around him think he s unstable and are becoming fed up with his behavior his investigative instincts prove sharper than they realize however when his attempt to track down a missing woman leads to a case that is far more complex and more dangerous than he imagines harry witnesses a murder but no one believes him turning to the authorities only makes things worse with harry and his girlfriend friday on the run hunted by the police the killer and even harry s friends and relatives their chances for survival look grim but the man everyone believes is crazy may be the only one who can crack the case key selling points on-sale date 5/3/2016 isbn-13 9780765366122 ebook isbn 9781466881181 price $9.99 $11.99 can black has published ten

for g e b ooks m ay 2 0 1 6 loren d estleman journey of the dead and the undertaker s wife two westerns from spur award-winning author loren d estleman journey of the dead when pat garrett killed billy the kid he had no idea what a terrible emotional price he would pay haunted by memories of billy garrett wanders the new mexico desert in a fruitless pursuit of peace deep in the same desert an ancient spanish alchemist searches for the fabled philosopher s stone the undertaker s wife the wild west claimed many lives it was richard connable s job to bury the dead as the undertaker s wife lucy tells of the bittersweet adventures that took them from the barbary coast to will bill hickok s kansas to the blizzards of montana she reflects on the tragedies that shaped their marriage and reveals the heart of a woman whose love can transcend death on-sale date 5/3/2016 isbn-13 9780765383624 price $9.99 $11.99 can pages 544 spine 1.313 in ctn count 24 cpda/cat 00/general fiction origin forge mm

tor b ooks m ay 2 0 1 6 steve alten vostok new york times bestselling author steve alten presents a crossover novel combining characters from his two most popular series east antarctica the coldest most desolate location on earth two-anda-half miles below the ice cap is vostok a six thousand square mile liquid lake over a thousand feet deep left untouched for more than fifteen million years now marine biologist zachary wallace and two other scientists aboard a submersible tethered to a laser will journey 13,000 feet beneath the ice into this unexplored realm to discover mesozoic life forms long believed extinct and an object of immense power responsible for the evolution of modern man in this sequel to the loch and prequel to the upcoming meg nightstalkers new york times bestselling author steve alten offers readers a crossover novel that combines characters from two of his most popular series key selling points on-sale date 5/3/2016 isbn-13 9780765388025 price $9.99 $11.99 can pages

for g e b ooks m ay 2 0 1 6 media tie-in w bruce cameron a dog s purpose the new york times and usa today bestseller soon to be a major motion picture the beloved fifty-two week new york times bestseller a dog s purpose is soon to be a feature film from dreamworks studios in association with walden media this remarkable story of one endearing dog s search for his purpose is directed by academy award-nominated director lasse hallström and stars dennis quaid britt robertson k.j apa juliet rylance and peggy lipton on-sale date 5/3/2016 isbn-13 9780765388100 ebook isbn 9781429960274 price $7.99 $9.99 can pages 336 spine 0.813 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 00/general fiction origin forge hc 7/10 978-0-7653-2626-3forge tpb 5/11 978-0-7653-3034-5 author home marina del ray ca heartwarming insightful and often laugh-out-loud funny a dog s purpose is not only the emotional and hilarious story of a dog s many lives but also a dog s-eye commentary on human relationships and the unbreakable bonds

t o r fa n ta s y m ay 2 0 1 6 lead fantasy andre norton quag keep the first role-playing fiction novel by grandmaster andre norton this book returns in mass market in 1976 andre norton was invited to play a new sort of adventure game by its creator it was the game that launched the role-playing game industry dungeons dragons the creator e.gary gygax was the head of tsr industries the company he formed to sell his game on-sale date 5/3/2016 isbn-13 9780765351555 ebook isbn 9781429914277 price $7.99 $9.99 can pages 256 spine 0.625 in ctn count 72 cpda/cat 32/fantasy origin tor tpb 5/06 978-0-7653-1302-7 gygax played the game with andre introducing her to his world of greyhawk where she took part in an imaginative session of world building role-playing and fantasy adventuring after which she returned home and wrote the novel quag keep a tale of six adventurers from our world who journey from our world to the city of greyhawk in order to aid a wizard and unlock the secrets of the

t o r fa n ta s y elizabeth haydon the hollow queen a heartbreaking tale of love and valor in the usa today bestselling symphony of ages series on-sale date 5/3/2016 isbn-13 9780765344762 ebook isbn 9781429942973 price $8.99 $10.99 can pages 496 spine 1.875 in ctn count 48 origin tor hc 6/15 978-0-7653-0567-1 author home upstate new york beset on all sides by the forces of the merchant emperor talquist the cymrian alliance finds itself in desperate straits rhapsody herself has joined the battle wielding the daystar clarion leaving her true name in hiding with her infant son ashe tries to enlist the aid of the sea mages within their citadel of scholarship lies the white ivory tower a spire that could hold the key to unraveling the full extent of talquist s machinations achmed journeys to the reportedly unassailable palace of jierna tal to kill emperor talquist—all the while knowing that even if he succeeds it may not be enough to stop the momentum of the war as they struggle to

tor sc ien ce fi ction m ay 2 0 1 6 lead science fiction ben bova power surge six-time hugo winner ben bova brings us a gripping political thriller on the cutting-edge of science and technology the science advisor to a newly-elected freshman senator jake has crafted a comprehensive energy plan that employs innovative new technologies to make america the world s leader in energy production while simultaneously boosting the economy and protecting the environment the facts and the science are on jake s side but his plan soon runs afoul of entrenched special interests well-funded lobbies cynical bureaucrats pork-barrel politics and one very powerful us senator on-sale date 5/3/2016 isbn-13 9780765370211 ebook isbn 9781466819627 price $8.99 $10.99 can pages 384 spine 0.938 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 30/science fiction origin tor hc 8/15 978-0-7653-3497-8 to keep his plan alive and secure a sustainable future for america jake needs a crash course in the way washington really works everyone

tor sc ien ce fi ction m ay 2 0 1 6 orson scott card the memory of earth and the call of earth the first two volumes of the homecoming saga now available together for the first time the memory of earth high above the planet harmony the oversoul watches its task programmed so many millennia ago is to guard the human settlement on this planet to protect this fragile remnant of earth from all threats to protect them most of all from themselves the call of earth as harmony s oversoul grows weaker a great warrior has arisen to challenge its bans his name is moozh and he has won control of an army using forbidden technology now he is aiming his soldiers at the city of basilica that strong fortress above the plain on-sale date 5/3/2016 isbn-13 9780765387097 price $9.99 $11.99 can pages 672 spine 1.375 in ctn count 24 cpda/cat 30/science fiction origin tor mm 1/93 978-0-8125-3259-3tor mm 1/94 978-0-8125-3261-6 author home greensboro nc key selling points mm double available for the first

index alten steve vostok 5 black david fast shuffle a novel 3 bond larry lash-up 2 bova ben power surge a novel 9 cameron w bruce a dog s purpose .6 card orson scott the memory of earth and the call of earth .10 dog s purpose a w bruce cameron 6 estleman loren d journey of the dead and the undertaker s wife 4 fast shuffle a novel david black 3 haydon elizabeth the hollow queen 8 hollow queen the elizabeth haydon 8 journey of the dead and the undertaker s wife loren d estleman 4 lash-up larry bond 2 memory of earth and the call of earth the orson scott card 10 norton andre quag keep