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t o r fa n ta s y novemb er 2 0 1 6 fantasy super lead terry goodkind warheart the finale to the story begun in the omen machine the third kingdom and severed souls all is lost evil will soon consume the d haran empire richard rahl lies on his funeral bier it is the end of everything except what isn t lost is kahlan amnell following an inner prompting beyond all reason the last confessor will wager everything on a final desperate gambit and in so doing she will change the world forever warheart is the direct sequel to and the conclusion of the story begun in the omen machine the third kingdom and severed souls on-sale date 11/1/2016 isbn-13 9780765383099 ebook isbn 9781466890404 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 480 spine 1.156 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 32/fantasy origin tor hc 11/15 978-0-7653-8308-2 author home henderson nevada ma rketing digital outreach through twitter facebook and the tor/forge blog national print advertising in genre publications key selling points new york times

for g e b ooks novemb er 2 0 1 6 lead fiction william s cohen collision former secretary of defense william s cohen provides a washington insider point of view in this political thriller two gunmen open fire at an elite washington law firm one flees the scene with the laptop computer he and his partner have come to steal the other plummets ten stories to his death pushed by former national security advisor to the president of the united states sean falcone on-sale date 11/1/2016 isbn-13 9780765366092 ebook isbn 9781429949439 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 432 spine 1.031 in tall rack ctn count 48 cpda/cat 05/suspense/thriller origin forge hc 6/15 978-0-7653-2765-9 author home washington d.c ma rketing digital outreach through twitter facebook and the tor/forge blog national print advertising in genre publications when the firm s managing partner learns of the laptop s disappearance he orders falcone to quietly investigate the events if word gets out that a computer containing

for g e b ooks novemb er 2 0 1 6 howie carr killers a new crime thriller from new england talk radio superstar and new york times bestselling author howie carr whitey bulger is gone from boston but bench mccarthy is here to take his place bench mccarthy is a thug s thug a hitman an underworld jack-of-all-trades running his own mob out of winter hill in somerville while simultaneously handling wet work for sally curto a half-demented totally obscene mob boss after years of gangland peace bench and sally suddenly find themselves clay pigeons for unknown hit crews coming at them from every direction the motives are as murky as the hitmen themselves but all roads seem to lead back to the state house where corrupt pols are battling over a bill to legalize billions of dollars worth of new casinos on-sale date 11/1/2016 isbn-13 9780765369680 ebook isbn 9781466805194 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 400 spine 0.969 in tall rack ctn count 48 cpda/cat 60/true crime origin forge hc 9/15

for g e b ooks novemb er 2 0 1 6 elmer kelton the good old boys and the smiling country two novels from the most honored of all western writers the good old boys hewey calloway has a problem in his west texas home of 1906 the land and the way of life that he loves are changing too quickly for his taste hewey dreams of freedom he wants only to be a footloose horseback cowboy endlessly wandering the open range but the open range of his childhood is slowly disappearing land is being parceled out and barbed-wire fences are springing up all over as if that weren t enough cars and other machines are invading as hewey struggles against the relentless stream of progress he comes to realize that the simple life of his childhood is gone and that every choice he makes requires a sacrifice on-sale date 11/1/2016 isbn-13 9780765391971 ebook isbn 9780765394026 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 536 the smiling country hewey returns in the smiling country it is 1910 and his freewheeling life is coming

tor b ooks novemb er 2 0 1 6 lead fiction william r forstchen pillar to the sky a towering epic to rank with douglas preston s blasphemy and michael crichton s prey pandemic drought skyrocketing oil prices dwindling energy supplies and wars of water scarcity threaten the planet gary morgan is a brilliant renegade scientist who is pilloried by the scientific community for his belief in a space elevator—a pillar to the sky—which he believes will make space flight fast simple and affordable this journey to the stars will not be easy—a tumultuous struggle filled with violence and heroism love and death spellbinding beauty and heartbreaking betrayal the stakes could not be higher humanity s salvation will hang in the balance on-sale date 11/1/2016 isbn-13 9780765369871 ebook isbn 9781466810778 price $9.99 $13.99 can pages 608 spine 1.169 in tall rack ctn count 24 cpda/cat 30/science fiction origin tor hc 2/14 978-0-7653-3438-1tor tpb 1/15 978-0-7653-3439-8 key selling

t o r fa n ta s y novemb er 2 0 1 6 lead fantasy paul cornell the severed streets the chilling sequel to london falling desperate to find a case to justify the team s existence with budget cuts and a police strike on the horizon quill thinks he s struck gold when a cabinet minister is murdered by an assailant who wasn t seen getting in or out of his limo a second murder that of the commissioner of the metropolitan police presents a crime scene with a message identical to that left by the original jack the ripper on-sale date 11/1/2016 isbn-13 9780765368119 ebook isbn 9781429943857 price $8.99 $12.99 can pages 448 spine 1.094 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 32/fantasy setting london origin tor uktor hc 5/14 978-0-7653-3028-4 the new ripper seems to have changed the mo of the old completely he s only killing rich white men the inquiry into just what this supernatural menace is takes quill and his team into the corridors of power at whitehall to meetings with mi5 or the funny people as the

tor sc ien ce fi ction novemb er 2 0 1 6 kim stanley robinson the memory of whiteness an early novel from sf legend kim stanley robinson now available for the first time in decades in 3229 ad human civilization is scattered among the planets moons and asteroids of the solar system billions of lives depend on the technology derived from the breakthroughs of the greatest physicist of the age arthur holywelkin but in the last years of his life holywelkin devoted himself to building a strange beautiful and complex musical instrument that he called the orchestra on-sale date 11/1/2016 isbn-13 9780765391988 johannes wright has earned the honor of becoming the ninth master of holywelkin’s orchestra follow him on his grand tour of the solar system as he journeys down the gravity well toward the sun impelled by a destiny he can scarcely understand and pursued by mysterious foes who will tell him anything except the reason for their enmity ebook isbn 9781466862197 price $7.99 $10.99 can

tor sc ien ce fi ction novemb er 2 0 1 6 ken macleod cosmonaut keep the thrilling story of humanity s first encounter with an awesome and mysterious alien civilization spanning centuries and light years acclaimed author ken macleod s cosmonaut keep interweaves two tales of love intrigue and courage one is the story of matt cairns a young outlaw programmer struggling to survive in a politically turbulent near-future europe the other tells of his descendant gregor cairns who has made a home for himself on a distant and exotic alien world many centuries later cosmonaut keep is contemporary science fiction at its highest level an epic of daring and passionate individuals seeking a place for themselves and their dreams in a vast and enigmatic universe on-sale date 11/1/2016 isbn-13 9780765389534 ebook isbn 9781429977159 price $7.99 pages 352 spine 0.844 in ctn count 48 cpda/cat 30/science fiction key selling points established lion of british sf a contemporary of iain banks charlie stross

index carr howie killers a novel 4 cohen william s collision a novel 3 collision a novel william s cohen 3 cornell paul the severed streets 7 cosmonaut keep ken macleod 9 forstchen william r pillar to the sky 6 good old boys and the smiling country the elmer kelton .5 goodkind terry warheart 2 kelton elmer the good old boys and the smiling country .5 killers a novel howie carr 4 macleod ken cosmonaut keep 9 memory of whiteness the a scientific romance kim stanley robinson 8 pillar to the sky william r forstchen 6 robinson kim stanley the memory of whiteness a scientific romance 8 severed streets the