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about macmillan education macmillan education with learners for life global … you’re never far away from one of our expert elt consultants teacher trainers or distributors you’ll find macmillan education in over 130 countries contact us at to discover where to find a macmillan representative near you try our free apps getting started children learn by making and doing through games rhymes and songs we are there as they play and learn their first words of english … with a local touch accelerated learning for you 2 for your students for institutions level test we work with teachers students parents and ministries of education to make sure our courses are as relevant as they can be we offer solutions encourage and inspire young learners to build their vocabulary and language skills at home with our exciting new apps for our adult learners our materials are all developed based on an understanding of what

stickers cdx track xx 2 story tb pp36–41 tb pp36–41 stamp stomp … has he got a chair stamp stomp pb p9 29 © macmillan 9780230446731_text3.indd publishers with dex 22 1 03.11.2014 12 9 1 03/11/2014 12:21 flashcards wallhanging discover limited 2015 sign off proofs story lesson son puppet teacher’s book tb pxxx 1 cd1 starter units 1-2 discover class cds with dex 1 sandie mourão isbn 978-0-230-44668-7 © macmillan this recordingpublishers limited unauthorized is copyright and 2015 copying is illegal © macmillan publishers limited 2015 discover with dex 1 9780230446731_text3.indd 29 03/11/2014 12:21 22 sign off proofs 03.11.2014 class cds with songs sandie mourão class cds 9 780230 424876 isbn 978-0-230-42487-6 storycards • teacher’s presentation kit with audio video and stories • downloadable materials • dex magic phonics sandie mourão new 26/02/2015 16:41 discover with dex 2

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courses for children – chart dex courses for children dex the dino level 2 adjectives big/small cold/hot etc can can colours and numbers i am adjective do you like -ing greetings imperative has got i love… it is/they are prepositions of place parts of the body like noun routines this is my… prepositions of place there is/are bebop grammar features are in alphabetical order 18 level 1 level 1 level 2 level 3 how many… are there i don’t like… do you like… i have… i have… he’s/she’s -ing… i like… i’m wearing… i can… it’s riding/playing… let’s… i want… put on… shake… clap what are these my favourite… what is it what colour… what are those where’s/are… where’s… what are you doing who’s he/she there are… hop into english new level a level b level 1 level 2 level 3 level 4 can do you like noun

on the pulse best a1 ê a2 catherine mcbeth • michele crawford • silvia carolina tiberio seller courses for teenagers key features • coverage of all curriculum requirements • workbook integrated with the student’s book • students’ digital competences fostered through web quests in each unit two collaborative projects per level and access to more digital material on the online skills centre • pulse magazine pages provide texts for extra reading • a ‘creative corner’ section fosters students’ development of literary and creative writing competences ideal for secondary teachers that want a sound grammar and vocabulary teaching approach and at the same time want their students to develop key life skills on the pulse is a new dynamic four-level series for teenage learners in the 21st century the up-to-date topics in texts and videos multiple opportunities for reflection on language and cultural comparison a clear

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open mind a1 ê c1 mickey rogers • joanne taylore-knowles • steve taylore-knowles • ingrid wisniewska • dorothy e zemach key features courses for adults/young adults • integrated and flexible online material • life skills syllabus that recycles language while giving students an opportunity to learn skills which are vital in today’s world • grammar sections offer a step-by-step analysis of form and function • support for speaking tasks with functional language • speaking and writing workshops sections ideal for adult and young adult learners who want a course to develop the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century open mind is a groundbreaking course that provides learners with the professional academic and personal skills they need from its solid grammar and language skills syllabus to its unique ‘life skills’ section open mind answers your need for fully rounded language instruction a wealth of

the testbuilder series a2 ê c2 courses for exams jake allsop • judith ash • tricia aspinall • rosemary aravanis • anthea bazin • elaine boyd • sarah dymond • amanda french • liz gallivan • mark harrison • nick kenny • peter leggott • lucrecia luque-mortimer • vicki lywood last • sam mccarter • colin payton • bryan stephens this popular series is designed to help improve students’ exam performance and increase language competence exam-style exercises familiarize students with the tasks they will face in the exam further practice and guidance pages build confidence in answering them and an expanded answer key gives clear explanations as to why the given answer is correct • fully revised first testbuilder and advanced testbuilder for the 2015 exams • new edition of ielts testbuilder 1 free updated for the 2015 exam audio cd young learners english practice tests a1 ê a2

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