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mammut avalanche airbag more safety in the mountains an avalanche airbag is part of your avalanche equipment and should always be used in combination with an avalanche transceiver a shovel and a probe mammut offers two airbag systems the removable airbag system r.a.s and the new protection airbag system airbag systems increase the chance of staying on the surface of the avalanche and allow faster location in the event of burial however airbags do not prevent avalanches so never expose yourself to high risk even with an airbag burial by an avalanche is always a life-threatening situation regardless of your equipment effect and operation of an avalanche airbag the effect of an avalanche airbag is based on the physical principle of “inverse segregation” this sorting effect means that in an equally moving mass of particles the smaller particles gravitate to the bottom while the larger ones rise to the surface the avalanche airbag increases the wearer s volume significantly boosting this effect this makes it possible to keep the wearer s body on the surface of the snow and helps to prevent complete burial.