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overview and comparison protection airbag avalanche airbag testing video www.mammut.ch/airbag_testing removable airbag trauma protection head-on-top increased chance of survival quick location the removable airbag system r.a.s and the new protection airbag system are based on the same inflation process the deployment mechanism is activated by pulling the deployment handle the mechanism opens the pressure cartridge and the released gas flows into the airbag via a venturi valve ambient air is also fed into the airbag the gas in the cartridge and the ambient air inflates the 150-liter airbag in approx three seconds depending on temperature and altitude ne w transferable ne w simple and safe lightweight approx 870 g approx 850 g photo jeremy bernard components removable airbag deployed example shows protection airbag airbag stowed example shows protection airbag deployment mechanism deployment cable pressure cartridge deployment handle stowable simple and safe thanks to simple physical principles and intuitive operation the system is safe lightweight carbon cartridge our new carbon cartridge for avalanche airbags is really light when filled it weighs about 50 less approx 310 g than our other cartridges steel/aluminum the cartridge is fully compatible with all mammut and snowpulse avalanche airbags with inflation system 2.0.