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function protection airbag system ca r tri ca ble filla rbo el c nc ar t ar t rid rid ge ge effect and operation of an avalanche airbag re lightweight in the development of airbag systems special attention was paid to lightweight construction and spacial requirements this allowed the weight and pack volume to be greatly reduced dge with all mammut and snowpulse avalanche airbags with inflation system 2.0 s te thanks to simple physical principles and intuitive operation the system is safe compatible with protection airbag system compatible with removable airbag system r.a.s the effect of an avalanche airbag is based on the physica of “inverse segregation” this sorting effect means that in moving mass of particles the smaller particles gravitate to tom while the larger ones rise to the surface the avalanch increases the wearer s volume significantly boosting this makes it possible to keep the wearer s body on the surfac snow and helps to prevent complete burial protection from injury around 20 of avalanche deaths depending on country and year are due to trauma i.e mechanical injuries incurred during the avalanche particularly in areas below the tree line these injuries are often in the head neck and chest area these very sensitive areas are protected by the special shape of the protection airbag head-on-top “head-on-top” technology ensures that in most cases the wearer comes to rest in a sitting position with their back facing down the slope and their head on the surface of the snow this is the ideal position since it means that the respiratory tracts are not covered by snow this reduces the risk of suffocation this is possible thanks to the shape and positioning of the airbag its main buoyancy volume is located around and above the wearer s head removable like the removable airbag system r.a.s the protection airbag system is removable and compatible with various backpack models the airbag system only takes a few minutes to install and remove and both processes are simple and safe to carry out the same system can therefore be used for different backpacks and the backpack itself can be used for other activities even without an airbag system compatible with snowpulse avalanche airbags with inflation system 2.0 from winter 11/12 approx filled weight 310 g 500 g 630 g approx unfilled weight 235 g 425 g 555 g material carbon fiber steel aluminum filling nitrogen nitrogen compressed air operating pressure 300 bar 300 bar 207 bar sold in eu eu us ca eu can be refilled by user cartridge rental service taking an avalanche backpack with you on a flight regularly causes problems since the pressure cartridge necessary for deployment is classed as a hazardous item mammut is therefore setting up rental stations for pressure cartridges all over the world you can now set off for your mountain vacation without having to worry about transporting your avalanche airbag with a pressure cartridge simply leave your own cartridge at home take your mammut or snowpulse airbag with you on the plane and rent the necessary cartridge when you get there you can find all the information on the rental service at www.mammut.ch/cartridge-rental