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comparison of devices pulse and element barryvox® safety training pulse barryvox® element barryvox® number of antennas 3 3 lcd display fully graphic segment operating concept two buttons one button user navigation 8 languages symbols range 60 m digital 95 m analog 60 m search strip width 50 m 50 m however the most important factor is prevention and the foundation for this is comprehensive knowledge proper preparation before a tour and appropriate conduct in the terrain emergency equipment is essential on tours an avalanche transceiver a shovel a probe and ideally an avalanche airbag in addition use of this equipment in an emergency situation should be practiced regularly to sign up for a training course go to www.mammut.ch/safety photo marc van swoll device options self test group test multiple buried subjects frequency check marking function reverse direction function automatic switching from search to send acoustic guidance user profile pulse and element barryvox® digital mode intelligent search analog mode profile selection element barryvox® the device has an intuitive user profile that is very easy to use thanks to clear instructions and one-button operation scrolling in the list of buried subjects vital data configurable pulse barryvox® tailored profiles basic/advanced can be selected to suit users needs and abilities this allows the device to be adapted to different users and applications for example users can start with the simple basic profile and then after a little practice move onto the advanced profile which offers more options and functions headphone socket backlight rescue-send w-link options software updates configuration changes basic profile the user navigation of the basic profile for the pulse barryvox® is the same as for the element barryvox® however users also have all the benefits of the pulse barryvox® and its additional sensors user navigation and searches are therefore optimized the device can detect classic user errors and guide the rescuer accordingly fleet management individual start image additional test options functional test recommended for • occasional users • intensive users • ambitious beginners • beginners • group members • tour leaders • professional users • organizations advanced profile this user profile allows access to a wide range of device settings and functions analog mode vital data tone support 3 meters etc which allows it to be configured to users’ individual needs and preferences.