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rc 251 advanced respiratory care i a study of the pulmonary and cardiac circulation hemodynamic monitoring and fluid and electrolyte balance as it relates to cardiopulmonary medicine prerequisite bio 153 fa 3 credits rc 261 advanced respiratory care ii a study of the respiratory care modalities utilized in the care of neonatal and pulmonary rehab patients each population will be discussed in separate units prerequisite rc 251 sp 3 credits rc 282 clinical application i a study of cardiopulmonary abnormalities and their treatment acute and chronic diseases of congenital accidental malfunctional and microorganismal origin are studied to be taken concurrently with rc 251 fa 3 credits rc 283 clinical application ii the study of cardiopulmonary abnormalities and diseases of the neonatal pediatric and adult patient with major emphasis on diagnosis and treatment prerequisite rc 282 sp 2 credits social science sosc 110 introduction to wellness a survey of contemporary health concepts and concerns which affect life-style students will learn to apply these concepts by assessing their own level of fitness topics include disease in the united states health models fitness nutrition stress drugs alcohol tobacco alternative medicine and the concept of self-care class 3 hours per week [l,s fa,sp 3 credits sosc 150 transition development this course is designed for adult students who are resuming their education topics include goal setting academic and career choices math anxiety family and work stresses problem solving and skill building open only to students in the adults in transition program fa,sp 2 credits sosc 155 women s issues and the law an examination of legal responses to gender-based treatment in society legal materials will be studied to provide both a historical and current perspective on issues affecting women and men readings will be utilized as the basis for public policy discussions and greater understanding of the law of sex discrimination [l,s fa 3 credits sosc 201 introduction to african/american studies an interdisciplinary survey course of the historical social economical political philosophical and cultural experience of the african/american this course serves as the introductory course to give students an africentric perspective to evaluating information in society other philosophical perspectives may be introduced recommended for potential u.s history and american studies majors [l,s o 3 credits sosc 220 computers and their impact on society this is a course in elementary computer concepts and the historical development of computer technology it emphasizes an introduction to hardware software and programming applications to areas of education science business and personal use are among the subjects discussed handson instruction in basic and a review of major applications are included this course is not intended for computer information systems majors and will be directed toward persons with no prior knowledge of computers class 3 hours per week [l,s o 3 credits sosc 232 crime and punishment social crime and justice in america this course will investigate the kinds of behavior which american society has defined as criminal and the legal treatment responding to such behavior class 3 hours per week [l,s o 3 credits sosc 242 american families a look at nuclear american family life from early colonial period to the present to see how various commentators have regarded and evaluated american families course will rely on the writings of historians sociologist novelists and social critics class 3 hours per week [l,s o 3 credits sosc 262 puerto rican history and culture an introduction to the history and culture of puerto rico designed to give both hispanic and other students an understanding of the historical factors and the cultural concepts that help develop today’s puerto rico and its people both on the island and on the mainland class 3 hours per week [l,s o 3 credits sosc 270 cooperative education/work experience this course provides students the opportunity to apply classroom theory in an actual work setting students may be placed in a variety of work settings as related to their program of study including social service agencies day care facilities and corporations prerequisites 12 completed credit hours in the social service disabilities specialist criminal justice sport and exercise therapeutic recreation and early childhood educational associate programs fa,sp 3 credits please refer to page 16 for more information and general prerequisites for cooperative education/work experience sociology soc 101 introduction to sociology introduction to the perspective working concepts and investigatory methods of the sociologist as they apply to the understanding of social institutions social processes and social problems class 3 hours per week [l,s fa,sp,su 3 credits soc 161 aging in america issues and dilemmas this course will introduce a multidisciplinary approach to the study of aging students will learn how to separate the facts from the stereotypes about aging and to examine basic sociological psychological and physiological factors that affect the aging process class 3 hours per week [l,s fa 3 credits soc 202 contemporary social problems a detailed analysis of major social problems in american society problems including population ecology poverty race and ethnic relations urbanization the role of the media criminal activity aging health and housing will be evaluated emphasis is on american society but some international issues and situations will be examined community awareness and involvement will be stressed as students evaluate local issues as well prerequisite soc 101 class 3 hours per week [l,s fa,sp 3 credits soc 203 sociology of deviance analysis of social deviance review and discussion of causes and possible approaches for controlling deviant behavior areas to be studied include mental illness alcohol and drug abuse sexual deviance criminal activity physical abuse violent behavior and collective deviance class 3 hours per week prerequisite soc 101 or permission of instructor [l,s fa 3 credits soc 205 impact of aging on the family this course will consider key social issues and current service delivery systems that affect the aged population prerequisite soc 101 class 3 hours per week [l,s sp 3 credits soc 211 juvenile delinquency examines the social aspects of juvenile delinquency and the pressures that cause this behavior to emerge the organization functions and jurisdiction of the juvenile court system as well as processing detention case disposition and juvenile delinquency statutes are examined class 3 hours per week prerequisite soc 101 [l,s o 3 credits elective classifications [b business [h humanities [l liberal arts [n natural science [s social science next semester offered designations fa fall o occasional sp spring su summer 111