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cjs 230 security management formerly cj 133 security administration the principles of organization management budgeting personnel records and public relations of a security agency will be covered class 3 hours per week o 3 credits cjs 240 correctional administration formerly cj 203 corrections administration this course introduces students to the specifics of corrections organization systems administration personnel public relations between inmates and correctional officers programs planning and budgeting and governmental and executive control class 3 hours per week prerequisite cjs 101 o 3 credits cjs 243 institutional treatment of the offender formerly cj 201 introduction to the principles and practices of placing and treating adult and juvenile offenders in different institutions class 3 hours per week prerequisite cjs 101 o 3 credits cjs 244 community-based corrections formerly cj 202 community correction this course introduces students to historical theoretical and judicial processes in the development of community correctional programs with emphasis on juvenile delinquency programs at the police and judicial level probation parole drug alcohol and self-help programs class 3 hours per week prerequisites cjs 101 and 201 o 3 credits cjs 250 police organization administration formerly cj 122 police administration this course is an introduction to police organization administration personnel public relations crime prevention and theory class 3 hours per week sp 3 credits cjs 255 ethical issues in criminal justice this course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the necessity of high standards of ethical and moral behavior in our justice process areas of focus include ethical and moral issues in personal social and criminal justice contexts comprehensive coverage is achieved through focus on law enforcement legal practice sentencing corrections research crime control policy and philosophical issues o 3 credits cjs 293 cj co-op work experience formerly cj 102 criminal justice field experience this course is one hundred twenty hours of supervised field experience in a cooperating social service agency class 1 hour weekly pro-seminar prerequisites cjs 101 and the consent of the program coordinator o 3 credits cjs 294 contemporary issues in criminal justice formerly cj 297 policing for the 21st century policing for the 21st century is a dynamic course meant to help students think about alternative policing methods there will be an emphasis on non-traditional practices organizational methods and policies students will examine how to make police systems more effective and how to improve service to communities in a rapidly changing society class 3 hours per week o 3 credits dfs 111 introduction to the deaf community formerly ds 111 deaf studies i introduction to the deaf community this introductory course examines various aspects of the deaf community it addresses culture controversies activities and events in the deaf community in addition the course explores the hearing mechanism hearing disorders and the role of audiological assessment in the deaf community class 3 hours per week fa,sp 3 credits digital arts dga 111 introduction to computer graphics formerly fa 210 computer graphics i an introduction to creating images using the computer students will learn basic imaging skills through the use of several software programs previous drawing or design experience is helpful and no prior computer skills are required fa,sp 3 credits dga 212 dga 214 dga 216 advanced computer graphics formerly fa 211 fa 212 fa 213 this course is a continuation of computer imaging skills developed in dga 111 but with an emphasis on creating and executing design projects on the computer the course includes instruction in advanced software such as adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop as well as such topics as image scanning memory management and color outputting studio 6 hours per week advanced computer graphics may be taken up to three times for credit prerequisite dga 111 or com 213 or permission of instructor fa,sp 3 credits dga240/cst 254 web page design formerly mm 245/cst 245 students will learn the fundamentals of designing planning and producing web sites and pages for posting on the internet image management and creation information design and animation creation and use are major topics emphasis will be on site design and management students will work with html code and a web page editor class 6 hours per week prerequisites dga 111 com 213 or permission of the instructor fa,sp 3 credits dga 261/com 186 dga 262/com 286 computer animation computer animation ii formerly fa251/comm 251 fa 252/comm 252 computer animation advanced computer animation fa,sp 3 credits see communications dga 271 3-d computer modeling i formerly mm 201 introduction to three-dimensional modelling students will learn to design and create in digital 3d space changing flat art and images into shapes with solid volume the course will cover basic 3d topics such as wireframe assembly extruding and lathing various approaches and techniques of lighting and shading image and texture mapping and development of animation in the 3d space use and integration of 3d forms and animations with other multimedia soft-ware will also be covered class 6 hours per week prerequisites dga 111 or dga 212 or com 213 or permission of the instructor fa 3 credits dga 273 3d computer modeling ii formerly mm 202 three-dimensional modelling ii this course will help the student elaborate on the 3d skills that were developed in dga 271 students will work on longer more involved projects either in 3d scene development or 3d animation this course counts as a computer studio elective in the multimedia studies program class 6 hours per week prerequisites dga 271 or permission of the instructor fa,sp 3 credits semester offered designations fa fall o occasional sp spring su summer 123 courses cjs 272/psy 217 social psychology of criminal behavior formerly cj 232/psy 217 this course will provide an overview on the psychological understanding of crime and the criminal it will provide an analysis of individual differences in various criminal activities with a focus on a conceptual and practical understanding of the predictors of individual behavior class 3 hours per week o 3 credits deaf studies