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and creation information design and animation creation and use are major topics emphasis will be on site design and management students will work with html code and a web page editor class 6 hours per week prerequisites dga 111 com 213 or permission of the instructor fa,sp 3 credits dga 261/com 186 dga 262/com 286 computer animation computer animation ii formerly fa 251/comm 251 fa 252/comm 252 computer animation advanced computer animation fa,sp 3 credits see communications dga 271 3-d computer modeling i formerly mm 201 introduction to three-dimensional modelling students will learn to design and create in digital 3d space changing flat art and images into shapes with solid volume the course will cover basic 3d topics such as wireframe assembly extruding and lathing various approaches and techniques of lighting and shading image and texture mapping and development of animation in the 3d space use and integration of 3d forms and animations with other multimedia software will also be covered class 6 hours per week prerequisites dga 111 or dga 212 or com 213 or permission of the instructor fa 3 credits courses dga 273 3d computer modeling ii formerly mm 202 three-dimensional modelling ii this course will help the student elaborate on the 3d skills that were developed in dga 271 students will work on longer more involved projects either in 3d scene development or 3d animation this course counts as a computer studio elective in the multimedia studies program class 6 hours per week prerequisites dga 271 or permission of the instructor fa,sp 3 credits dga 274 game design with flash this course will lead students to both the conceptual design of games and simulations as well as the essential computer programming that makes these things function the course will focus on the use of the animation application flash flash has a very robust programming language called actionscript which has been used to create dynamic content for websites and interactive cd-roms in recent years flash’s programming potential has been used to create games both drive-based and online education simulations and interactive content for new cell phone technologies it’s presence and popularity within the multimedia world make it an ideal tool for this application class 6 hours per week prerequisite dga 261/com 186 or permission of instructor fa 3 credits 126 126 • •  2008-09 2008-09 catalog catalog dga 283 digital video editing this course will introduce students to the discipline of digital video on the mac platform preplanning and capturing digital footage for assembling and editing into short movies will be accomplished using apple final cut pro production bundle including livetype motion and soundtrack pro topics will include scripting analog digitizing compression schemes quicktime movies a/b roll composition output to tape special effects managing and sound design class 6 hours per week prerequisite com 166 or com 241 and dga 111 or dga 212 or com 213 or permission of instructor fa,sp 3 credits dga 287 digital short films this course allows students to continue their training in computer-based video editing students will develop short movies of their own design and learn to take a video project from the planning stages through video shooting to digitization and editing basic story structure theme plot character development and more advanced techniques of writing treatments and scripts will be taught sound and lighting workshops will also be included this course is a required course of the multimedia studies program class 6 hours per week prerequisite dga 283 or permission of the instructor fa,sp 3 credits drug/alcohol recovery counselor dar 101 public health issues abuse and addiction formerly darc 101 introduction to issues in drug/alcohol abuse this course introduces addiction counseling by exploring areas such as the 12 core functions of a substance abuse counselor an historical perspective of addiction and treatment models of addiction other addictions such as gambling family issues with addiction current and past treatment and prevention methods and an overview of drugs of abuse it also covers unique sociological and public health issues in the field of addiction such as hiv and cultural considerations in assessment and treatment class 3 hours per week fa,sp 3 credits dar 102 taking sides drugs and society this course will explore and discuss issues of addiction in areas as medical legal political moral and cultural social and personal issues surrounding addiction will also be explored articles personal reaction and critical papers on a variety of topics surrounding addiction will be utilized class 3 hours per week o 3 credits dar 105 hollywood addiction and mental illness this course will review movies both past and present that involve substance abuse addiction and treatment we will discuss and analyze how hollywood has depicted these themes over the last 50 years and examine how it has impacted society’s view of addiction the course is also designed to introduce you to the artistic cultural and historical dimensions of these types of films you will be required to view films read material that explores the nature and impact of the film medium and write analytically about the style and content some films may carry ‘r’ ratings primarily for strong language violence and nudity class 3 hours per week o 3 credits dar 111 addiction counseling i formerly darc 111 introduction to counseling provides and overview of the major counseling theories such as psychoanalytic adlerian person centered and gestalt theories that are current and more evidence based such as rebt met and cbt will also be covered the foci of this course are issues pertaining to addictions class 3 hours per week fa,sp 3 credits dar 112 group counseling theory and techniques formerly darc 112 group therapy and techniques the theory of group dynamics and group leadership will be presented in a didactic and experiential setting students will learn about the different types of groups and the various stages of a group and how to write a progress note on clients in a group setting they will be expected to have a least one opportunity to lead the group during the semester they will also learn how groups can be used in treating addiction in a multicultural environment class 3 hours per week fa,sp 3 credits dar 114 introduction to family systems presents an overview of family systems with special emphasis on families with addictions areas discussed include the family as a system the family life cycle the addiction process and impact on family systems family roles and rules and family counseling theories goals strategies and techniques o 3 credits dar 117 substance abuse prevention formerly darc 117 introduction to alcohol and drug prevention education students will be introduced to a comprehensive overview of prevention the course will focus on the models of prevention prevention theory practical application of theory and program planning the five core functions of a prevention professional ethics cultural issues and prevention opportunities for professionals will semester offered designations fa fall o occasional sp spring su summer