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also be discussed class 3 hours per week o 3 credits dar 158 biology of addiction formerly darc 158 biology of drug/alcohol abuse students will study the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of drugs and alcohol on various systems in the body students will get an understanding of the classification of drugs and will examine the short and long term consequences of alcohol and/or drug use abuse and dependence on the body students will also be introduced to the process neurotransmission and how this process effects addiction class 3 hours per week fa,sp 3 credits dar 213 addiction counseling ii students will learn practice and develop counseling skills such as attending reflecting active listening modeling and mirroring this course builds on the fundamental theories of counseling learned in dar 111 and shows the relationship between theory and skills this course will also examine the dsm and will discuss and examine co-occurring disorders in the addiction field students will reflect on their roles as counselors and define the qualities knowledge and skills essential to become a competent ethical and culturally aware counselor this course combines didactic and experiential learning class 3 hours per week prerequisite dar 111 fa,sp 3 credits dar 220 co-occurring disorders counseling students will be introduced to concepts essential to the understanding of co-occurring substance use disorders and mental health disorders students will be introduced to the unique challenges that face clients who are struggling with multiple diagnoses students will practice conducting competent assessments and developing recovery plans counseling skills and treatment relevant to the recovery process for this population prerequisite dar 111 and psy 245 class 3 hours per week o 3 credits early childhood education ece 101 introduction to early childhood education formerly ed 111 this course is designed to acquaint students with the profession of early childhood education foundations of early childhood education the content of the curriculum and significant aspects of child growth and development will be discussed class 3 hours per week fa,sp 3 credits ece 103 creative experiences/children formerly ed 212 creative activities for the early childhood program this course examines the role of music movement art language and literacy dramatic play blocks table toys sand and water in the curriculum the relationship of creative experiences to the total educational program of the young child is explored students create and present developmentally appropriate activities class 3 hours per week fa,sp 3 credits dar 252 counseling internship ii this course is a continuation of dar 251 and again the student will spend a minimum of 15 hours per week at their site and attend a classroom seminar once a week it is expected that students will have counselor responsibilities at their sites and will be running groups and be assigned one or more clients in the classroom the students will prepare and write a case for presentation class 2 hours per week plus 15 hours per week at their field placement site prerequisite dar 251 with a grade of “c” or better sp 6 credits ece 109 science math for children formerly ed 237 science nature and the environment this course will focus on the teacher’s role in supporting and expanding young children’s interests in math science nature and the environment students will share and explore ideas materials and activities both indoors and outdoors topics will include the importance of sand and water play fostering observation skills and encouraging trial and error experiences identifying quality math and science literature for young children will also be addressed class 3 hours per week prerequisite ece 101 fa,sp 3 credits dar 253 ccb exam/certification preparation formerly darc 253 this course is designed for counselors who have completed their application process to become certified alcohol and drug counselors through the ct certification board and are preparing to take the written and oral exam in the next cycle this course will go over the domains that are covered in the written exam along with the 12 core functions and global criteria of an alcohol and drug counselor for both the written and oral exams class 1 hour per week o 1 credit ece 131/eng 114 children’s literature formerly ed 118/eng 118 this course offers an overview of children’s literature including its history genres and leading authors and illustrators the selection and critical study of books for children including folklore poetry fiction and nonfiction will be addressed issues related to children’s literature and literature extension activities will also be explored class 3 hours per week prerequisite eng 101 fa,sp,su 3 credits semester offered designations fa fall o occasional sp spring su summer courses dar 214 psychotherapy and spirituality designed for counseling students with particular interest in the drug and alcohol recovery field this course will contrast both spirituality and religion as well as pastoral counseling and spiritual counseling students will explore ways in which traditional counseling theories and techniques lend themselves to the discussion of a personal spirituality students will also learn how to integrate spirituality into the process of counseling/psychotherapy class 3 hours per week o 3 credits dar 251 counseling internship i only students formally accepted into the darc internship through the selection process will be allowed in this course students will spend a minimum of 15 hours per week or 225 hours per semester in an unpaid internship in a facility that provides addictions treatment and utilizes the 12 core functions of a substance abuse counselor it is expected that the student will continue at this facility in the next semester of their internship the facility must be approved by the darc program coordinator during the internship they will be under the joint supervision of the college and a site supervisor also approved by the darc program coordinator as students develop increased competence in the 12 core functions they will progress from active observers to cocounselors and then to counselors to enhance the field experience students will meet once a week in the classroom with the other interns for a class seminar and discuss various aspects of their field placements class 2 hours per week plus 15 hours per week at their field placement site prerequisites dar 101 dar 111 dar 112 dar 158 and dar 213 with a grade of c or better fa 6 credits ece 206 administration and supervision of early childhood programs formerly ed 210 this course will focus on administering early childhood education programs it will examine the program’s framework operation and implementation for both center-based and family home child care settings class 3 hours per week o 3 credits 2008-09 catalog  2008-09 catalog •• 127