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Catalog High-end audio products 2015/2016

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masters of perfection premium r ange not everyone can listen to music some people can only hear it but for those who are gifted with the talent of listening music is a catalyst for their own emotions inspiring stimulating and exhilarating and to help conjure all that emotional energy as faithfully as the original musical master intended marantz has pushed the boundaries of what is possible exploring new regions of audiophile pleasure and crafted truly unique reproduction solutions ludwig van beethoven 1770-1827 take the 14 series special edition for example the audiophile-­grade hi-fi system to fully embrace the new high resolution era lovingly fine-tuned and passionately optimized for studio master quality high resolution audio files the new 14 series special edition marks a next generation in music adoration and then there is the na-11s1 ‘reference standard’ usb-dac network player a truly inspiring player that wins hearts minds and souls by rendering high-resolution

12 pr emiumseries pr emiumseries premium 11 series pm-11s3 s a-11s3 this highly admired premium amplifier is now in its third generation and is quite simply better than ever that’s because it includes marantz-original high-quality high-purity copper speaker terminals best-in-class power amp and direct input in combination with the na-11s1 it’s also effortless to control via the marantz remote app ios and android this has not only made the pm-11s3 a seriously impressive amp but also ensures its success will continue for long into the future on top of that the pm-11 is packed with advanced technologies to give you the best in detail precision and emotion the shielded toroidal transformer and customised components ensure ultra-stable power output at 2x 100w into 8 ohms or 2x 200w into 4 ohms absolute signal integrity and very high signal-to-noise ratio is guaranteed via the 3-stage construction which includes a pre-amplifier and a dual stage main-amplifier as well an extra

masters of definition totally new… it’s not often that a totally new product category comes along – but that’s exactly what has happened with the marantz hd-dac1 headphone amplifier which is now accompanied by the hd-amp1 integrated amplifier both feature dac mode functionality for standard and high resolution audio playback these ultra-high-quality amplifiers create simply amazing sound for the ears that’s because they incorporate the latest technologies while the usb dac mode circuitry is similar to that developed for the high-end premium range the result is a space-saving yet high-power output stage which can either drive demanding headphones or even floor-standing loudspeakers with complete ease they also present a highly pleasing compact vision for the eyes thanks to the unique marantz look and feel in a beautiful small-format appeal now whether you prefer the spacious freedom of your living room loudspeakers or the personal intensity of

24 ster eo components ster eo components 25 stereo components pm80 05 na 80 05 this fully discrete current feedback integrated amplifier is perfect for audiophiles wanting both excellent music quality and flexible operation it offers a powerful 2x 70w into 8 ohm while the symmetrical circuits ensure perfect image balancing but to guarantee a totally unique audio experience marantz designers have shaped and optimised the power handling characteristics and redesigned the large double shielded toroidal transformer’s circuitry to optimise bandwidth power the result is a current feedback amplifier with a massive energy reserve to drive even the most demanding of speakers with absolute ease to further guarantee best sound quality the pm8005 has current feedback hdams as well as a triple-layer bottom plate to help eliminate vibration the pm8005 also provides source-direct mode for the purest audio signal and phono mm to enjoy your vinyls it’s heaven especially in combination

28 ster eo components ster eo components 29 stereo components na6 0 05 pm50 05 if you prefer direct wireless access to your digital media then look no further than the new na6005 with in-built wi-fi bluetooth and usb-a capabilities this player also connects to your computer external hard disc smartphone and tablet and if you still want more simply tune it into a radio station either one from your own country or one from across the world via internet or enjoy the high extensive music library of spotify connect with the na6005 you have effortless connection to them all that’s because it incorporates technology based on the dlna 1.5 standard for audio streaming and we went even further enabling the unit to support flac hd and dsd-audio streaming via the network to guarantee the world-renowned marantz quality we made the cabinet very rigid the power supply extra strong and we built in the famous hdam-sa2 in the audio output stage we fine-tuned the whole system with customized

masters of sensation av separ ates wolfgang amadeus mozart 1756-1791 this year’s collection of av separates seizes all the latest opportunities in av for example the new and supreme av8802a ‘reference quality’ and the new av7702mkii sets both have the latest decoding technology dolby atmos and dts:x ready for breath-taking surround sound as well as 3d sound possibilities there is even an optional upgrade available to add auro-3d by auro-technologies they both have bluetooth and wi-fi capabilities built-in and they both give you multizone functionality including hdmi video both separates have been expertly crafted to give you the spectacular music and home theatre surround sound sensation but because the av8802a has been lavished with a no-compromise components copper-plated chassis stronger power supply and different audio boards – as well as three-layered top cover for ultra-rigidity its audio quality is in a class of its own pure ‘reference

masters of delight av receivers blu-r ay players there’s never been a better time to choose an av receiver and enjoy many years’ of high-quality entertainment all of this year’s collections have built-in wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity so it is easier than ever to network your devices and enjoy your digital media without having to cable-connect them all 7 channel models are dts:x-ready and will receive a free firmware update via the internet dts:x is able to offer the same realistic surround sound pretty much no matter how the room is set up this essentially means you can put speakers wherever you want within reason and it will still deliver cinema-like professional audio in addition all our av receivers include the hdcp2.2 and latest hdmi standards including high dynamic range and bt.2020 extended colour space to ensure uhd 4k 3840x2160 video transmission which offer four times the resolution of today’s hd 1920x1080 so you will be all set for the future

44 av receivers b l u rayplayers av receivers b l u rayplayers 45 av receivers blu-ray players sr5010 n r16 0 6 the latest current feedback topology and marantz own hdams are also central to the new seven-channel sr5010 these technologies guarantee both power and detail in your surround sound experience it includes the very latest decoding technology dolby atmos which moves sound around you in 3d space the sr5010 is also dts:x-ready this is a new technology that offers the same realistic surround sound pretty much no matter how the room is set up bluetooth and wi-fi are built-in in addition it provides network audio streaming internet radio spotify connect and airplay importantly it also supports hdcp2.2 copy protection and is therefore ready for future 4k uhd on all of its 8 hdmi inputs and 2 outputs it easily handles the most demanding of scenes in action films as well as offering excellent-quality music playback thanks to the latest marantz audio technologies and 180w from

t echnical dat atechnical dat a features channels current feedback topology phono eq standard current feedback constant current feedback hdam version power transformer toroidal el high grade audio components customised components symmetric pcb layout aluminium extrusion heat sink copper plated chassis balance bass treble loudness 2 4 3 5 6 7 2 • • 2 • • 2 • • sa3 sa2 •/• • • • separate • •/•/• sa3 sa2 •/• • • • separate •/•/• sa3 sa2 •/• • • • separate •/•/• other linear drive power supply liniear volume control bi-amp and multichannel option shottky diodes input buffer amp all inputs cd only system block shielding copper metal none double layer bottom plate low noise lcd display 9 source direct 11 power amp direct 5mm aluminium top plate • • • • •/•

56 technical dat atechnical dat a features multichannel surround dts hd master dts:x dts neo:x dts neural:x dolby truehd dolby atmos dolby prologic il dolby surround auro-3d audyssey dsx multichannel stereo max number of processing preamp channels sound enhancements current feedback topology hyper dynamic amplifier modules hdam pure direct high grade audio components gold plated rca terminals clock jitter reducer audyssey audyssey dynamic eq dynamic volume audyssey lfc compressed audio enhancer mdax2 rc024sr network dlna certified lossy formats mp3 wma aac lossless formats flac hd 192/24 wav 192/24 alac 96/24 dsd audio streaming gapless playback flac wav aiff alac dsd airplay audio streaming windows playto windows8 certified internet radio vtuner spotify compatible with remote app for smart phones wifi bluetooth hdmi hdmi inputs back front hdcp2.2 support hdmi outputs main zone analogue to hdmi scaling hdmi to hdmi scaling hdmi 3d 4k cec arc hdmi pass-though in

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