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9111_sustainable_code_agreed 7/12/06 15:38 page 2 code for sustainable homes a step-change in sustainable home building practice as the stern review highlighted there is now an overwhelming body of scientific evidence showing that climate change is a serious and urgent issue in 2004 more than a quarter of the uk’s carbon dioxide emissions – a major cause of climate change – came from the energy we use to heat light and run our homes so it’s vital to ensure that homes are built in a way that minimises the use of energy and reduces these harmful emissions construction and use of our homes has a range of other environmental impacts created for example through water use waste generation and use of polluting materials which can be significantly reduced through the integration of higher sustainability performance standards within the design of a home more sustainable homes can also provide us with improved overall wellbeing and quality of life the code for

9111_sustainable_code_agreed 7/12/06 15:38 page 5 what is the code for sustainable homes a standard which builds upon existing systems the code for sustainable homes has been developed using the building research establishment’s bre ecohomes system which has already achieved success in reducing the impact of affordable housing projects in particular within the social housing sector the code builds upon ecohomes in a number of ways for example ● the code introduces minimum standards for energy and water efficiency at every level of the code therefore requiring high levels of sustainability performance in these areas for achievement of a high code rating ● the code uses a simpler system of awarding points with more complex weightings removed ● the code includes new areas of sustainability design such as lifetime homes and inclusion of composting facilities bre will continue to maintain and operate the ecohomes scheme during the transition to the code the code

9111_sustainable_code_agreed 7/12/06 15:38 page 8 code for sustainable homes summary of code benefits benefits for the environment ● reduced greenhouse gas emissions with minimum standards for energy efficiency at each level of the code there will be a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to the environment this will enable us to reduce the threat from climate change ● better adaptation to climate change the building regulations approved document l – 2006 already limit the effects of solar gains in summer with minimum standards for water efficiency at each level of the code and other measures in the code including better management of surface water run-off our future housing stock will be better adapted to cope with the impacts of climate change which are already inevitable ● reduced impact on the environment overall inclusion of measures which for example promote the use of less polluting materials and encourage household recycling will ensure that our

9111_sustainable_code_agreed 7/12/06 15:38 page 11 code standards minimum standards continued code level category 1★ waste site waste management household waste storage minimum standard ensure there is a site waste management plan in operation which requires the monitoring of waste on site and the setting of targets to promote resource efficiency where there is adequate space for the containment of waste storage for each dwelling this should allow for the greater by volume of the following either accommodation of all external containers provided under the relevant local authority refuse collection/recycling scheme containers should not be stacked to facilitate ease of use they should also be accessible to disabled people particularly wheelchair users and those with a mobility impairment or at least 0.8m3 per dwelling for waste management as required by bs 5906 code of practice for storage and on-site treatment of solid waste from buildings

9111_sustainable_code_agreed 7/12/06 15:38 page 13 code standards category 1 – energy/co2 continued issue measurement criteria points awarded ecolabelled white goods either where fridges freezers and fridge/freezers have an a rating under eu energy efficiency labelling scheme either 1.2 and optionally where washing machines and dishwashers have an a rating and/or washer driers and tumble driers have a b rating under eu energy efficiency labelling scheme and optionally +1.2 or information is provided on purchasing and benefits of efficient white goods where such goods are not supplied with the new home or 1.2 where all space lighting is provided by dedicated energy efficient fittings taking into account the needs of people who have visual impairments 1.2 and optionally where all burglar security lighting is • a maximum of 150w • fitted with movement detecting and daylight shut-off devices where all other security lighting is provided with energy efficient fittings

9111_sustainable_code_agreed 7/12/06 15:38 page 16 code for sustainable homes category 3 – materials issue measurement criteria points awarded environmental impact of materials where the total building points achieved under the csh materials calculator is as follows • score of at least 3 points • score of at least 6 points • score of at least 9 points • score of at least 12 points • score of 15 points one of the following point scores 0.9 1.8 2.7 3.6 4.5 scores are achieved as follows for each of the specifications • a rating 3 • a rating 2 • b rating 1 • c d or e 0 scores achieved for each of the following elements are added to give the total building score • roof • external walls • internal walls incl party walls and partitions • floors – upper and ground floors • windows 16 responsible sourcing of materials – basic elements where materials used in key building elements are

9111_sustainable_code_agreed 7/12/06 15:38 page 19 code standards category 5 – waste continued issue measurement criteria points awarded construction waste either where the site waste management plan includes procedures and commitments that minimise waste generated on site in accordance with wrap/envirowise guidance either 0.9 or where the above is achieved and the plan includes procedures and commitments to sort reuse and recycle construction waste either on site or through a licensed external contractor or 1.8 where home composting facilities are provided in houses with gardens or a communal/community composting service provided in other dwelling types suitable for normal domestic non-woody garden food and other compostable household wastes account should be taken concerning the accessibility of these facilities to disabled people 0.9 composting facilities

9111_sustainable_code_agreed 7/12/06 15:38 page 21 code standards category 7 – health and well-being issue measurement criteria points awarded daylight homes must meet the following standards before points can be awarded • kitchen to achieve minimum average daylight factor of at least 2 • living rooms dining rooms and studies to achieve a minimum average daylight factor of at least 1.5 • kitchens living rooms dining rooms and studies to be designed to have a view of the sky up to 4 points for details see technical guidance manual sound insulation points are awarded for achieving higher standards of sound insulation than required by part e of the building regulations and demonstrating it by either using post-completion testing pct or robust details rd between 1 and 4 points for details see technical guidance manual private space for the provision of outside space that is at least partially private and that is accessible to disabled people 1 lifetime homes where

9111_sustainable_code_agreed 7/12/06 15:38 page 24 code for sustainable homes category 9 – ecology issue measurement criteria points awarded ecological value of the site where development land is of low ecological value as defined by either • the bre ecological value checklist 1.2 or • a report prepared by a suitably qualified ecologist or where a suitably qualified ecologist confirms that the site will remain undisturbed by the works ecological enhancement where ecological features have been designed for positive enhancement in accordance with the recommendations of a suitably qualified ecologist 1.2 protection of ecological features where all existing features of ecological value are maintained and adequately protected from damage during site preparation and construction works 1.2 change in ecological value of the site where the resulting change in ecological value is as follows calculated using the code change see technical guidance manual for details in

9111_sustainable_code_agreed 7/12/06 15:38 page 27 practical examples code level 6 – an illustrated example a home meeting any level of the code will have to meet minimum standards for certain items depending on what level is desired for level 6 this means the home will have to be completely zero carbon i.e zero net emissions of carbon dioxide co2 from all energy use in the home this could be achieved by • improving the thermal efficiency of the walls windows and roof as far as is practically possible by using more insulation or better glass for example • reducing air permeability to the minimum consistent with health requirements a certain amount of air ventilation is needed in a home for health reasons • installing a high efficiency condensing boiler or being on a district heating system • carefully designing the fabric of the home to reduce thermal bridging thermal bridging allows heat to easily escape between the inner walls and the outer walls of

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