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armed and ready with new product as the leading innovator of landscaping solutions for the commercial construction sector marshalls has continued to create inspire and develop during the recent economic downturn it has been a difficult few years for our industry but now that the green shoots of recovery are making an appearance we are poised to bring to market a distinctive range of new products guaranteed to enhance landscape construction marshalls innovations combine clever engineering and technology with imaginative ways to save time and costs across all disciplines from water management to the very latest in creative street furniture ideas our company and our people are equipped and more than ready to make the most of emerging commercial opportunities marshalls landscaping expertise has no parallel in the industry demonstrated by our thoughtful and comprehensive range of product solutions for landscaping

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f errocast tougher sleeker easier ® ferrocast better all round ferrocast ferrocast polyurethane is the material for the modern environment with all the benefits of cast iron – and none of the problems an engineering grade polymer cast around a tough steel core ferrocast is both structurally strong and incredibly resistant • doesn’t rust the flexibility of the material means it can be cast into almost any shape and be supplied in any ral colour low cost tooling makes bespoke designs affordable and customised detailing such as crests and logos can be added quickly and easily so now you can create better designs exactly how you want them • high chip resistance • doesn’t corrode • lighter than cast iron • quicker to install and cheaper to deliver • low maintenance • uk

s i m p ly stone simply stone cubes the simply stone cubes come in beautiful harmonising colourways available polished or with a fine picked detail to provide a striking contrast polishing enhances the natural beauty of stone providing an elegant finish fine picked yields a textured finish • c  an be matched against other marshalls stonespar products • v  ictorian gold sandstone colour is unique to marshalls • design banding option available • choice of two sizes granite gra 921 black granite gra 903 mid grey victorian gold sandstone product 600 x 600 x 450 mm 1800 x 600 x 450 mm granite gra 903 mid grey £275 £870 granite gra 921 black £299 £993 victorian gold sandstone £310

c o d a contemporary elegant

e xhibitionroad thero ya lborough the riba award winning £28m redevelopment of exhibition road has transformed one of london’s most visited streets into one of the most accessible cultural destinations in the world it is one of london’s most high profile streets being home to leading cultural and academic institutions but over time had become inefficient being dominated by traffic with narrow crowded pavements and street clutter a complete redesign was needed the royal borough of kensington chelsea decided to run a design competition for the space which was won by architects dixon jones the winning design’s vision was a complete overhaul of the street creating ‘shared space’ this means that pedestrians and vehicles co-exist without one being the dominant force and is created by the removal of kerbs pavements and other obstructions this encourages motorists to slow down creating a safer and more secure environment for all marshalls was approached

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