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the shared expertise of specialists sharing marshalls expertise in landscaping the success of the marshalls group has been built upon understanding specifiers’ aspirations and objectives with over 100 years’ experience of enhancing the landscape environment it has generated a wealth of knowledge and become an authoritative voice within the industry it is a business committed to working in partnership with designers and contractors creating sustainable partnerships and relationships that exist to deliver a single minded goal the creation of better landscapes these partnerships require an ongoing knowledge transfer this is why marshalls has invested considerable effort in its cpd continuous professional development programme which facilitates a structured sharing of knowledge cpd is both a professional and a personal matter enhancing individual skills and knowledge to maintain competence in continuously developing professions enclosed is a comprehensive roster of the cpd

booking cpd seminars marshalls cpds are designed to offer flexibility specific to your individual or company development needs as well as booking individual cpd seminars there are other ways to maximise your learning needs booking a coordinated cpd package working with your local project consultant marshalls can coordinate a structured annual cpd programme to help address the specific learning needs of your practice the advantage of this is that it is not only a bespoke cpd programme but one that you and your colleagues can build upon throughout the year a proactive approach that helps to maximise learning outcomes whilst minimising

cpd seminars an introduction to the design and detailing of modular pavements new 45mins whether a landscape design is being led from an aesthetical or structural perspective the fundamental key to any successful project is to first attain a comprehensive understanding of the available options to hand so an informative and educated decision may then be engaged this seminar is principally designed to provide an enlightening introduction to modular pavements discussing the various surfacing solutions and how to successfully design install and maintain such products drawing on experience to highlight cases of best practice structural design detailing of block paved surfaces 40mins the correct design detailing and installation of modular paved surfaces is what can turn a good landscape into a great landscape this seminar covers the basic elements of structural design with reference to the appropriate design and installation codes of practice and highlights how good detailing can benefit

designing for mobility part 1 tactile paving surfaces updated 40mins when designing hard landscape solutions consideration must be given to enable free and safe movement for all persons around the built environment successful landscapes are also inclusive spaces that require a functional solution as well as maintaining aesthetics this seminar discusses the background and legislative requirements for the correct use of tactile paving elements the tactile units currently available and their correct application and installation the wider issues of ramp and step access when designing for inclusive mobility are also covered designing for mobility part 2 street furniture and lighting new 40mins during the design or specification of landscape elements for the urban realm consideration must be given to the needs of all those who might use the space successful landscapes are both accessible and inclusive and encourage use by all no matter what their individual needs this seminar discusses the

introduction to linear drainage 40mins linear drainage offers designers a suitable alternative to traditional point drainage options range from discreet slot drainage to high capacity systems to cope with excessive run-off this introductory seminar looks at the design implications of different linear systems and uses marshalls’ products to give clear examples of their use to assist in the hydraulic design a worked example of the simple-run off method is included linear drainage design detailing 45mins naturally following on from our introduction to linear drainage this seminar looks in more depth at the considerations for the design and detailing of linear drainage systems focus is given on how to appropriately select the correct system for your scheme with a worked example of hydraulic design marshalls’ products are used throughout to illustrate design and performance characteristics of each type of system the hydraulic design of linear drainage systems 45mins there

cpd seminars natural stone for landscapes – ethics and the environment 40mins ethical procedures and environmental practice are important issues to all users of natural stone from local authorities and specifiers through to engineers and contractors these issues have become a fundamental driver in the procurement process the key question that practitioners face is how can you be sure that the natural stone product you specify and procure is ethically and sustainably sourced this seminar discusses what ethical and sustainable procurement means highlights industry best practice and discusses carbon footprinting and the ethical trade policies that currently exist within the marketplace the resulting knowledge being a base level understanding which will allow clients to make more informed purchasing decisions an overview of natural stone 40mins this seminar provides clients with a rounded understanding of the marshalls natural stone offer for commercial applications talking as an

cpd seminars lighting the landscape part 1 the options avaialble new 40mins this ‘entry level’ seminar offers an introductory insight into the considerations for a specifier to bear in mind when initiating a lighting strategy for their project content includes the options currently available for lighting the urban landscape at every level from major roads to intimate pedestrian spaces – and touches upon legislative requirements the vast range of effects that may be achieved are illustrated by case study examples the cpd is delivered by woodhouse a marshalls specialist business lighting the landscape part 2 a technical insight new 40mins lighting plays an important role within a landscape whether it is illuminating for safety and direction or used for highlighting landscape features this seminar extends the learning outcomes from part 1 and covers detailed technical information relating to light and vision lamps and light sources and an introduction to lighting

cpd seminars coming soon railscapes enhancing the passenger experience new 40mins investment in the uk transport network is essential in order to help sustain the uk’s productivity competitiveness and to support economic growth rail transport can play a huge part in this by reducing road congestion it is a greener and more sustainable form of transport to make this shift the passenger experience needs to be the best it can be designers have a real opportunity to give stations a sense of place and use them as catalysts for town and city regeneration this seminar explores how considered design can enhance users’ feelings towards an environment and create a sense of wellbeing and pride coming soon homescapes creating spaces for better communities new 40mins our homes are the essential building blocks of our communities and are critical to britain’s future good quality affordable housing is key to social environmental and economic wellbeing enabling stable and secure

marshalls’ factory visit 3 hrs improved interaction between specifiers local authorities and contractors will provide a greater knowledge base from which to create better landscapes the marshalls’ factory visit cpd can be tailored to suit your own training agenda by including any module from the available list alongside a factory tour to understand how products are made our manufacturing capabilities and bespoke product possibilities covering the full spectrum of processes from aggregate deliveries to the manufacturing of product and secondary processing right through to packaging and dispatch the half day can also incorporate a q&a session an overview of the technical and design services available and provide an insight into the in-house laboratory testing employed to ensure the output of high quality product street cpd – exhibition road new 1.5 hrs book your place now on marshalls unique street cpd a tactile and live learning experience which aims to give you a

the offer bim models digital 3d models with the relevant product attributes can be produced for a range of marshalls landscape products upon request building information modelling linear drainage design permeable paving design our design team can ensure that the most suitable and cost effective linear drainage system is selected detailed scheduled and installed to meet your projects hydraulic and loading needs with traditional draining infrastructure close to capacity the demand for suds solutions is increasing each design is based on a number of variable local conditions and we can assist with the structural and hydraulic requirements along with the specification of materials layout design standard detailing structural concrete natural stone paving design product selection and design detailing together form the identity of a landscape detailed plan layouts can be produced by our team of experts to help clients visualise detailing and bespoke features fit for purpose pavement

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