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4 a renaissance in school design the delivery of education in the uk is currently undergoing a major renaissance the likes of which has never before been seen and for the first time a more holistic approach is being adopted for many years it has been recognised that well maintained grounds have a profound influence on the ethos of a school and more recent research also demonstrates a clear link between the quality of a school’s design and the quality of education delivered all this implies that the long term success of this wave of new schools and colleges is contingent upon excellence in every aspect of their design and construction the particular demands imposed by school life require that both the buildings and the spaces between are fit for purpose and built to last but more than this a school’s surroundings should be attractive and welcoming to all who use them and ideally engender a sense of pride and belonging that will be reflected throughout every aspect of the

6 designing for inclusion for a school’s facilities to be used fully and effectively the entire environment must be accessible to every user dda issues need to be fully considered from the very start of a project and products specified accordingly to ensure inclusivity for all a legible landscape is also critical to everyday mobility within a school for the benefit of regular staff or students and occasional visitors a clear wayfinding strategy will ensure that signage is interpreted quickly and appropriately so that movement around the grounds is as intuitive as possible much more than signage orientation systems might take many forms including subtle indicators built into the landscape balancing safety and security concerns the safety of anyone visiting a school is paramount and a duty of care exists to ensure that every user feels and indeed is safe and secure where sufficient space is available tiered circulation arrangements will ensure that pedestrians are segregated and

7 while there are no rigid guidelines for the creation of such facilities there are practical considerations that need to be addressed in order for these areas to be fully utilised shelter is probably the main requirement – from summer sun and rain at any time of the year seating will also enable outdoor lessons to be conducted in comfort – this doesn’t mean regimented rows of seats but perhaps simply an area of well drained grass beyond the basics there is huge scope for the creation of specific curriculum gardens where provision may be made for individual study areas the following core study areas offer opportunities for stimulating gardens that may be planned with key learning outcomes in mind • • • • • science/technology communications maths and it humanities art harrop fold high school

8 maximising the health benefits of outdoor learning the issue of students’ health is a critical one that encompasses many aspects in the day to day life of a school there is widespread recognition that natural environments are beneficial for emotional as well as physical health and being more in touch with the changing seasons also encourages spiritual development simply spending time outdoors in touch with a natural environment relieves anxiety and can have a positive impact on specific issues such as seasonal affective disorder access to fresh air and natural light breeds positivity and happy children that have had fun during breaks outside will be more settled and eager to learn during lessons by adopting a more holistic approach to health schools can support the government’s healthy schools programme in a number of diverse ways some of which follow healthy eating the inclusion of a vegetable garden provides an opportunity to educate students about the sources of

9 play play is an essential element of every child’s life and integral to their health and development stimulating play provides opportunities to explore the world enjoy healthy physical emotional and cognitive growth solve problems test abilities and develop social skills in fun and unstructured ways school grounds are for many young people the only safe outdoor environment to which they have regular access while safety is an important consideration young people also need opportunities to challenge and stretch themselves in order to learn from their mistakes the overriding aim must be to create exciting landscapes where risks have been considered and managed but not entirely removed there is currently a very welcome move away from restrictive and overly designed equipped play areas towards more natural and ecologically based designs that provide unique physical and mental challenges these areas provide spontaneous opportunities for play through simple investigation and

10 encouraging social interaction the manner in which a school or college integrates into the community that surrounds it is key to its ultimate success a thriving school that fits cohesively into its surroundings will become a social hub and a valuable community resource for local people as with any development first impressions count but another important aspect of the design of school grounds is that they are distinctive and reflect the local identity thoughtful planning will instil a clear sense of place which in turn imparts a feeling of belonging in those who use the school another important facet of the design is the reflection of cultural diversity both within the school and in its neighbouring community wherever feasible students’ involvement in the planning building and caring of school grounds can bolster their confidence and demonstrates techniques for taking charge and bringing about change important lessons may be learned about ownership citizenship and community

12 skilled designers recognise the multi-faceted resource that is available to them and now have the perfect opportunity to provide stimulating outdoor learning environments that will have a positive impact both inside and outside the classroom suds transitional areas bear the greatest demands and a section of hardstanding may serve many functions at different times of the day including car and coach parking delivery access informal recreation and organised sport ilding’ ‘sports bu bus drop off point ’ ance area ‘perform suds suds ‘main carpark’ social areas paving and outdoor furniture main entrance elters cycle sh functional space permeable block paved car parks cycle stands and entrance canopies k ry carpar temporagrassguard ‘overspill’ suds intimate spaces and shelters offer the opportunity to seek out seclusion and a retreat from everyday pressures and have an important role to play outdoor eating seating paving recycling bins

13 iting sports wa area meeting r all weathe tch sports pi g area’ ‘watchin ’ g area’ ‘watchin g area’ ‘watchin bringing these design values to life a thoughtfully planned and constructed landscape offers countless opportunities for learning fun achievement exercise visual interest and play walkway covered g area’ ‘watchin lds playing fie the inclusion of allotment gardens provides an opportunity to educate students about the sources of many everyday foods learning to nurture fruit and vegetable plants through simple everyday activities also teaches important lessons about caring for the natural environment n ‘relaxatio zone’ pond ilding’ ‘main bu ation ‘conserv ’ zone ses greenhou dining ‘outdoorea’ ar teaching ‘outdoor ea’ ar ts alotmen ts alotmen school gardens raised planter kits picnic tables paving and

14 why choose marshalls for educational landscaping contracts how the specialist businesses work as britain’s leading manufacturer of hard landscaping we have long recognised the needs of specifiers to deliver ‘the finished article,’ on time on budget and fit for purpose specialist businesses marshalls offer a fully integrated service from specialist businesses within the marshalls group these specialists provide a menu of services that include paving block paving walling water management kerb traffic management sectional buildings greenhouses outdoor furniture and structures how the support network works greenhouses sectional buildings dedicated project consultants not salespersons are assigned to help advise and manage whichever products are specified and to co-ordinate the contributions from the chosen marshalls specialists free technical advice and guidance is always readily available the objective is to refine the specification and realise savings in cost and

15 marshalls believe in freeing up the client to project manage the bigger picture safe in the knowledge that they have a supplier in place able to provide all of the landscape product services required for comprehensive information on marshalls educational landscapes products visit support network design team technical engineers • office based design engineers • regionally based technical engineers • state of the art drainage design software • site support • onsite designs • permeable and linear pavement design • onsite take offs • structural pavement design • cpd’s • product take off design dependant • contract management • 3d component design • structural and hydraulic calculations • layout sketches to aid site installation • easy to order from schedules with item codes design dependant • paving layouts • installation guidance and advice •

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