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what can we do about flooding unless we take action the flash floods that devastated communities all over the uk this june are set to become more frequent why is flooding on the increase increased urban development drives increasing volumes of water runoff into overburdened sewers poor planning diverts water courses from their natural route creating bottlenecks climate change means that rainstorms are becoming more frequent and higher in intensity charlestown hebden bridge 22nd june 2012 what can we do about it “sustainable urban drainage” or suds is an approach which mimics natural drainage systems allowing water to permeate naturally into the ground at source by managing the deluge from a heavy storm into a controlled flow of clean water we can minimise the damage and distress caused by flooding find out why marshalls priora permeable block paving is a perfect suds

marshalls priora permeable paving “extreme weather incidents are becoming the norm rather than the exception we can’t stop it from raining but we can plan for these events making permeable paving the first choice for any hard standing requirement is the very least local authorities planners architects and homeowners can do to help to alleviate this growing problem” mary dhonau obe mda community flood consultants chair of the flood protection association just like standard block paving marshalls’ market leading priora permeable paving system provides an attractive and durable hard standing surface suitable for any loading requirement unlike a standard pavement priora eradicates surface water by allowing runoff to infiltrate immediately beneath the blocks where it is safely stored in a specially designed sub-base before being released into the ground at source or into an appropriate water course at a controlled rate in addition marshalls is the only uk hard