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marshalls manifesto for homescapes in his address to parliament the housing minister stated the urgent need to build more homes in the uk not only because the demographic imperative demands it but also that the house building industry can significantly contribute to a sustainable economic recovery marshalls is supporting the campaign to encourage more house building within the uk and believes good design is fundamental to achieving high-quality attractive places that are socially economically and environmentally sustainable to boost local economies and attract inward investment marshalls pledge to • to use our knowledge and expertise to provide house builders with the tools and integrated product solutions they need to create better landscapes • to support and champion the campaign to increase housebuilding within the uk to boost local economies and attract inward investment • to encourage social interaction within communities through thoughtful design and engagement

marshalls has enhanced the housing landscape across the uk with barratt homes taylor wimpey persimmon homes bellway homes berkeley group galliford try mccarthy stone crest nicholson lovell partnership gladedale miller homes bloor homes redrow homes bovis homes willmot dixon fairview homes countryside properties cala homes telford homes kier partnership stewart milne galliard homes morris homes weston homes cruden homes watkin jones keepmoat homes croudace homes places for people william davis tulloch homes octagon homes antler homes mcinerney homes millgate homes and many other leading house building companies for the full list and more information on our home offer please visit marshalls is a member of the home builders federation hbf is the voice of the home building industry in england and wales they represent member interests on a national and regional level to create the best possible climate in which they can deliver the homes this country needs for

contents introduction 5 better homes better living 6 13 code for sustainable homes 14 15 what is homescapes 16 17 why choose marshalls 18 19 homescapes case studies 20 33 homescape sectors 34 35 walling cladding internal flooring 36 53 paving 54 77 kerb 78 83 water and traffic management 84 99 street furniture 100 111 urban structures 112 117 driveways and patios 118 127 the code for sustainable homes marshalls product grid 128 -131 the code for sustainable homes process chart 132 133 please note marshalls is committed to innovative product development and manufacture the evolution of new product design is continuous and information is subject to change without notice customers should check with the supplier to ensure if they have the latest details products are best seen in action and wherever practical images are of actual installations where this has not been possible we have used realistic photo composition to show product in suitable locations wherever this is done

5 introduction we are delighted that stewart baseley has agreed to contribute a thoughtful introduction to this home landscapes book finding solutions to these problems rests with a coalition government now fully aware of the scale of the challenges it faces the building blocks of the new system will be contained in the localism bill that is currently progressing through parliament to be supported by a much simplified and pro-growth set of national planning policy guidance the system relies on the authorities to want to see more homes built in their areas stewart baseley has been on the board of hbf since 2002 and has served as its executive chairman since 2005 under his tenure he has positioned hbf as a highly respected and influential representative body and on planning regulation and sustainability issues which reflect house builders’ concerns in addition to his duties for hbf stewart is a board member of the nhbc banner homes h+h in denmark and habitat for humanity

6 better homes better living humanity in landscaping craigmillar estate edinburgh a fundamental shift has taken place in the way we think about and design our streets and residential areas here we take an experts view on how good design is fundamental to achieving high-quality attractive places that are socially economically and environmentally sustainable the benefits of good design are all about how easily people are able to use given facilities and the contribution these facilities make to improving their lives marshalls is committed to the values that promote humanity in landscaping as well as the integration of both pedestrian and transport infrastructure which when combined creates a successful and sustainable environment for all our streets have obvious community functions including place and movement the need to allow for access provision of parking and accommodation of drainage utilities and street lighting they should be designed pragmatically to meet the needs of

7 here we discuss the key considerations when designing for urban landscapes marshalls subscribes to the department of transport’s manual for streets publication which asserts that good design is fundamental to social economic and environmental sustainability the elements of good design fall naturally out of these in the discussion marshalls draws on the expertise of architect sheena braeburn using an award winning housing development wauchope square craigmillar edinburgh as an example of best practice sheena raeburn cmli mli mdes bdes sheena is an award winning landscape architect and co–owner of ian white associates ltd stirling an expert in landscape masterplanning and implementing schemes for public realm historic sites schools and housing she is committed to improving the environments where people live and work through rigorous planning and keen practicality character and identity the positive features of a place and its people contribute to its special character

8 thriving places are distinctive and memorable with all the elements of the built environment working together to create a character that reflects the identity of the place and its

9 encouraging continuity and enclosures buildings can define open spaces by enclosing them the activities inside buildings can bring life and activity to the edges of public spaces and buildings can secure private open spaces by closing them off and overlooking them streets squares parks and other spaces can be defined by appropriately scaled buildings and trees the height of buildings should relate to the width and importance of the space including streets which they enclose the massing and height of a building should also have regard to the degree to which it will overlook and overshadow other buildings creating a place where public and private spaces are clearly distinguished involves the successful relationship between the buildings and the street public spaces are clearly defined by both their locations at key points or junctions in the street buildings which follow a continuous building line around a street block and contain the private space within back yards or courtyards are

10 quality of the public realm anyone who is designing a building or any other structure is helping to shape the public realm how attractive a public space is and how well people treat it will partly depend on the arrangements made for its management and on how easy it is to maintain the success of the public realm depends on the arrangement of its paving planting lighting orientation shelter signage and street furniture designed to accommodate all users including the disabled elderly and providing a safe place to meet and socialise in pleasant surroundings open and green spaces which respect existing natural features and encourage biodiversity along with quality landscaping products durable and aesthetically pleasing street furniture and adequate lighting around a public realm space will encourage community interaction and increase feelings of happiness and security for residents woodberry grove finsbury park creating a space where humans rather than vehicles are a priority actively

11 ease of movement a place should always be easy for everyone who uses it to navigate around whether they are on foot or by bicycle car or public transport pedestrians in particular should be able to get around safely and conveniently making a place more walkable and accessible will help reduce car use and in turn reduce congestion and air pollution and improve public health the convenience safety and comfort with which people go to and pass through buildings places and spaces play a large part in determining how successful a place will be well-designed streets encourage people to use them and make going outside a safe and pleasant experience streets are more than just traffic channels for vehicles and should offer a safe and attractive environment for all new broughton salford a well-designed urban structure has a network of connected spaces and routes for pedestrians cyclists and vehicles at wauchope square the masterplan for the scheme established key routes which linked into the

12 using landmark buildings such as town halls community centres churches or schools are all useful ways to encourage local distinctiveness incorporating a sense of legibility into the design we intuitively use all sorts of clues to navigate the size and type of buildings tell us whether we are on an important route or a side street buildings landscape or public art can stand out from the everyday fabric of a place making its location more memorable this is important for people who are visiting for the first time and want to feel confident and relaxed in order to enjoy a place and all its attractions and not anxious about getting lost but it is also very important for people with learning disabilities who do not necessarily find ordinary signage helpful a place that has a clear image and is easy to understand helps people to navigate their way around in clear visible and precise ways it is a crucial element in creating residential and public realm spaces which are frequently used and

13 creating a place which can change easily as we are living in an ever-changing world the places where we live and work need to be adaptable and resilient to withstand times of economic uncertainty changing weather patterns and cultural shifts in the population the most successful places are the places where redevelopment is sensitive to the outward forces around it the demand for housing changes in workforce patterns and ageing buildings and infrastructure should all be considered when designing residential and public realm spaces which are easily adaptable to changes taking place around it homescapes which are flexible in nature and which allow for well-designed public space can be easily adapted to allow for different uses such as events festivals and markets as can developments which encourage flexible use of space for a variety of uses the layout of the infrastructure servicing the development should also take into account foreseeable changes in demand and future weather

14 code for sustainable homes the code for sustainable homes is the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes it is a standard for energy efficiency and sustainability that represents important developments towards limiting the environmental impact of housing the code is not a set of regulations the code goes further than the current building regulations but is entirely voluntary and is intended to help promote even higher standards of sustainable design the code measures the sustainability of a new home against nine categories of sustainable design rating the ‘whole home’ as a complete package 3 energy and co2 emissions operational energy and resulting emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere both of which have minimum standards that must be met at each level of the code 3 water h2o the consumption of potable water from the public supply systems or other ground water resources minimum standards to be met at entry level 3 materials