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january 2011 introduction to suds.  rain never seems too far away in the uk but as our climate changes we can expect more extreme downpours especially through warmer and wetter winter months while annual average rainfall may decrease slightly the seasonal distribution of precipitation will change significantly with winters seeing an increase in rainfall of up to 30 an increase in extreme weather events where winter storms will become more frequent has also been forecast and as we’ve seen over the last few years more intense rainfall means a higher risk of flooding under natural conditions most of the water that falls as rain soaks into the ground or gets carried away by rivers but in urban areas the built environment alters the natural drainage of water with hard surfaces increasing both the rate and amount of rainwater that turns into run-off and it has to go somewhere traditional piped ‘drains’ have a limited capacity to cope with the high levels of

january 2011 sustainable drainage systems suds sustainable drainage systems suds provide an alternative approach to piped systems whereas piped systems are characterised by a limited capacity suds solutions such as permeable paving enable water to soak away from the surface where it falls mimicking natural drainage processes by reducing runoff volumes and encouraging recharge of the natural groundwater at source they mitigate many of the adverse impacts of storm water run-off on the environment in terms of both volume and pollutants at the heart of the philosophy is the need to address three key concerns water quantity water quality and biodiversity by considering these three factors known as the ‘suds triangle’ when designing developments it becomes possible to create drainage systems that provide natural water quality treatment encourage infiltration reduce the impact of peak flows and minimise impacts on the local habitats of both communities and wildlife indeed as a

january 2011 hence everyone involved in creating our built environment bears some responsibility in implementing water management strategies to meet our changing climatic conditions as such each must play their part and work together wherever you sit in the water management process marshalls has the depth of expertise and wide choice of high performance drainage products needed to help you create more effective sustainable water management plans marshalls fully supports defra’s vision for water policy and management where by 2030 at the latest we can sustainably manage risks from flooding and if those of us responsible for the development of urban spaces are to maintain our quality of life while protecting the environment we must take action now we are happy to share our experience in designing specifying and advising on fully integrated water management systems to help drive innovation share best practice foster greater understanding and help you deliver more effective