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january 2011 sustainable drainage systems suds sustainable drainage systems suds provide an alternative approach to piped systems whereas piped systems are characterised by a limited capacity suds solutions such as permeable paving enable water to soak away from the surface where it falls mimicking natural drainage processes by reducing runoff volumes and encouraging recharge of the natural groundwater at source they mitigate many of the adverse impacts of storm water run-off on the environment in terms of both volume and pollutants at the heart of the philosophy is the need to address three key concerns water quantity water quality and biodiversity by considering these three factors known as the ‘suds triangle’ when designing developments it becomes possible to create drainage systems that provide natural water quality treatment encourage infiltration reduce the impact of peak flows and minimise impacts on the local habitats of both communities and wildlife indeed as a major legislatory step towards improving both flood risk management and the way we manage our water resources the flood and water management act 2010 seeks to define clearer roles responsibilities and standards for the creation of sustainable drainage systems in line with proposed flood risk management strategies whilst the act places responsibility for managing suds on local authorities’ suds advisory boards responsibility for the specification design implementation and maintenance of suds schemes remains shared between local government drainage planners and hydraulic engineers town planners and civil engineers land-owners developers and even homeowners with so many stakeholders involved decisions about new developments and increasingly essential water management systems cannot be taken without a complete understanding of surface water risks or the most effective solutions suds solutions such as permeable paving enable water to soak away from the surface.