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design services sales office 08704 112266 marshalls design team marshalls natural stone has led design and innovation in the stone landscaping industry constantly updating and increasing the services we can offer to our customers if involved at an early stage we are confident that we can add value by offering sound design advice which could reduce costs and potential construction problems and also help design in durability and longevity to any scheme with stone specialists in all areas of the country marshalls will be delighted to visit and discuss your scheme requirements at any time our multi-talented design team can also help with drainage designs and other solutions for your hard landscaped areas we are leaders in suds designs with a range of solutions and products which are second to none our designers can also produce structural designs based on the strengths of our stone and the loading criteria we can also help with layouts designs and

design services hebden bridge these elegant wave-like yorkstone steps were designed by the client to enhance a local riverside area providing access to the river and also a seating area for the many river-based public events the symmetrical design allowed a repetition of the pieces required which speeded up production by allowing the batching of shapes on our profiling saws the shape was first broken down into the individual step requirements and then single component drawings which made allowance for joints and construction method landscape design which not only looks great but was also relatively easy to produce elegance and simplicity achieved through good design sales office 08704

ethical trading initiative eti 3 3 sales office 0870 600

ethical initiative eti designtrading services pier head liverpool a unique scheme made up of 32 individually designed irregular shaped walls and staircases forming an amphitheatre and also seating areas in one of britain’s largest and most recognisable public squares incorporating the leeds liverpool canal extension through to the albert dock this remarkable space boasts canal walls with a specially selected hand tooled finish specialist designed and profiled copings and clever wraparound curved bridge parapet cladding generally with just plan and level drawings marshalls designed detailed and scheduled the components on one of the most intricate landscape schemes ever undertaken in the uk all to the approval of the architect and engineer and all shipped in order of construction sequence for the contractor the designs had to incorporate embossed anti-skate details and flush fit lighting features with solid pieces turning seamlessly into cladding and coping pieces seats

design services sales office 08704 112266 manchester arndale the compact and curved nature of the new ramped entrance to the arndale centre extension in manchester posed some difficult design issues these were caused by the variation in height at all points of both the top of the wall and the ground level coupled with the outer curved wall being made up of three separate interlocking radii marshalls design team modelled the whole of the ramp structure in 3-d so that an assessment of the shape could be made this modelling allowed marshalls to assess not only the individual shapes required but also the quantity of stone which was actually seen so that the minimum of yorkstone cladding could be manufactured this assessment not only saved the client money by enabling the use of cheaper materials below ground but also speeded up the construction time as the number of difficult pieces required was reduced to a minimum the order was therefore quicker to

design services sales office 08704 112266 chepstow the historic town of chepstow wanted to create a focal point for their square which had to accommodate large changes in topography across the area the resulting design was this stunning interlocking sequence of circular turrets and redoubts which also cleverly allows the flow of movement through the centre of the structure ornately carved to reflect the various trades which had and do bring prosperity to the area this beautiful structure is both stunning and unique marshalls modelled the structure in 3-d to assess the more general requirements and to be able to produce individual component drawings for the production of this completely bespoke structure the results are truly