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12 ethical trading initiative eti sales office 08704 112266 leading the industry marshalls is very conscious of its corporate ethical responsibilities in trading with developing nations such as china and india we continuously conduct rigorous screening to ensure that all our imported natural stone is manufactured and supplied to the highest ethical standards marshalls is a member of the ethical trading initiative eti and the un global compact marshalls only uses independent auditors recommended by the eti to audit both our chinese granite suppliers and our indian sandstone supplier for their compliance with the eti base code the audits that we have undertaken using these independent experts have clearly shown that all our granite suppliers in china and our natural stone supplier in india have achieved full compliance eti base code nnnnnnnnn employment is freely chosen freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected working

20 textured yorkstone n a unique textured finish n excellent against traditional or modern architecture n enhanced slip resistance properties greenmoor rustic rustic finish varies from blue grey to buff ochre tones yorkstone riven riven finish predominantly buff with occasional brown flags sales office 08704

solid radius steps caerphilly granite inserts into yorkstone steps leeds circular step inserts leeds radial feature

44 granite swatches sales office 08704 112266 it should be noted that colour variations and markings are characteristic of natural stone inherent variations cannot be controlled nor the precise shade of stone guaranteed gra917 polished gra921 flamed fine picked gra906 polished flamed fine picked fine picked polished flamed fine picked flamed fine picked flamed fine picked gra918 flamed fine picked gra908 polished flamed gra907 gra920 polished polished polished gra914 flamed fine picked

bench royal armouries leeds dual finished seat sunderland double visibility strip leeds solid benches blyth visibility strips cabot circus shot blast and painted

infinite possibilities think beyond ‘the normal’ stonespar allows more creative laying patterns to be considered blends can also be subtly altered to highlight usage of specific areas or banding could be introduced in either harmonious or contrasting colours designs could be bolder using colours to contrast against each other in a striking herringbone pattern or perhaps keep it simple by using one of our a pre-designed blends in a more traditional stretcher bond the choice of pattern and the blend of colours is completely yours as stonespar allows you to think beyond ‘the normal third bond stitch bond elongated stitch bond herringbone double herringbone triple herringbone erratic

landscape house premier way lowfields business park elland hx5 9ht a subsidiary of marshalls plc ©marshalls 2013 dmd_32943 registered office marshalls plc birkby grange birkby hall road birkby huddersfield hd2