Permeable Paving vs Tarmac Mythbusting 2016 by Marshalls

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for more information about adoption installation costs marshalls priora permeable paving and suds in general download our completely free design guide from permeable paving design guide nagement 32727 permeable paving everyone would install permeable paving instead of asphalt if they could… design guide.indd 1 13/02/2013 10:08 marshalls free support services cpd’s samples 70 of customers prefer the look of cbp to asphalt more than half of all new housebuyers would be willing to pay up to £3,500 extra for a home with greener features cbp can be reinstated time after time without losing its aesthetic appeal design to find out about the various ways we can help you to include permeable paving within your project please call 0870 241 4725 …but permeable cbp is more expensive to dmd_32905 © marshalls 2013 permeable paving avoids planning issues with surface water runoff by significantly reducing discharge rates

permeable paving the facts is permeable paving expensive to install no compared to alternative surfacing eg - asphalt plus an associated drainage system marshalls can demonstrate that the combined catchment storage and drainage facilities of a priora permeable system costs virtually the same – and in many examples is actually less expensive in conjunction with our new rationalised sub-base designs this can also result in a smaller carbon footprint and less time spent on your job residential driveway vs 3 saving is permeable paving difficult to maintain no independent tests have demonstrated that over a 10 year period even with zero maintenance a permeable pavement will still be porous enough to cope with any rainfall event that’s likely to occur in the uk a simple annual process of agitating or hoovering the jointing aggregate is in most situations all that’s required to maintain a priora system at the peak of its efficiency compare this to rodding