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natural stone natural stone hawks view liverpoool lime street tumbled scoutmoor boston market greenmoor rustic manchester moselden hemel hempstead natural stone scoutmoor royal courts of justice 110 cromwell olympic village scoutmoor covent garden solid radius steps caerphilly moselden york

natural stone case study natural stone case study the transformation of trafalgar square forms part of the ‘world squares for all’ project undertaken by transport for london tfl with a mission ‘to transform london’s key heritage sites into truly ‘world class’ spaces to be enjoyed by londoners and visitors alike’ the key objectives of the project were the pedestrianisation of the north side of the square to provide direct access to the national gallery the creation of a new central staircase from the north terrace to the square and renewed paving to provide aesthetic appeal to the whole area marshalls involvement with trafalgar square began at the earliest stages with initial pre-tender discussions with project managers schal architects foster and partners and tfl marshalls was also consulted about preferred contractors and recommended fitzpatrick based on highly successful previous project partnerships from the commencement of work on site

natural stone scoutmoor linear 150mm wide 200-600 200mm wide 250-700 300mm wide 350-900 50mm thick a28254 a28256 a28251 63mm thick a28255 a28257 a28252 75mm thick a28250 a28258 a28253 natural stone scoutmoor linear scoutmoor linear scoutmoor linear example yorkstone paving scoutmoor capital finish scoutmoor diamond sawn scoutmoor crested finish q25 310 q25 320 scoutmoor linear example q25 330 q10 120 kg co2 per m2 for the latest carbon value visit scoutmoor linear is a new plank paving range made from our most popular yorkstone available in diamond sawn capital finish rustic finish or crested finish it is capable of carrying a range of different loadings depending on thickness scoutmoor linear comes in three set widths and random lengths which immediately gives it a unique aesthetic appeal scoutmoor rustic finish natural stone scoutmoor linear

natural stone cromwell 300mm wide x random lengths 450mm wide x random lengths 50mm thick a00335 a00330 63mm thick a00310 a00305 cromwell paving setts kerbs tactile specials • • ☎ • limited cromwell devonshire square cromwell leeds yorkstone paving cromwell diamond sawn q25 310 q25 320 q25 330 q10 120 kg co2 per m2 for the latest carbon value visit a mainly plain light buff stone with very occasional dark banding cromwell is a very exclusive and desirable yorkstone which is highly sought after for the most prestigious projects first used in the 1800’s it has a proven history of performance from kensington high street to the london olympic park very high performance characteristics coupled with a slip resistance in the excellent category make this an ideal choice for any setting cromwell olympic village natural stone cromwell cromwell capital finish natural stone

natural stone westmoor crest natural stone westmoor crest yorkstone paving westmoor crest manchester natural stone westmoor crest westmoor crest textured yorkstone 300mm wide x random lengths 450mm wide x random lengths 600mm wide x random lengths 50mm thick a28247 a28248 a28249 63mm thick a20591 a20592 a19085 75mm thick a20593 a20594 a20595 westmoor crest paving setts • • kerbs tactile westmoor crest is a textured yorkstone paving which subtly varies from light blue grey to brown it gives exceptional performance where a high slip or skid resistance may be required and is exceptionally strong giving high load carrying performance this new texture has been used at st peters square in manchester for both paving and roadways to give a harmonised landscape feel specials limted q25 310 q25 320 q25 330 q10 120 kg co2 per m2 for the latest carbon value visit westmoor crest

natural stone hawks view natural stone hawks view natural stone hawks view cambrian sandstone hawks view liverpool lime street hawks view 450mm wide x random lengths 600mm wide x random lengths 50mm thick a03113 a00474 63mm thick a00475 a00114 hawks view hawks view is a grey brown mixed colour sandstone paving which contains some very subdued banding and has a lightly textured finish it is part of marshalls ethically accredited fairstone range paving setts kerbs tactile specials • • • • limited extremely strong it is an ideal choice for mixed use areas as it is capable of carrying quite high loads the all round general high performance of this stone make it a very good choice for any landscape as demonstrated at lime street station and mount pleasant liverpool q25 310 q25 320 q25 330 q10 120 kg co2 per m2 for the latest carbon value visit by hawks view

natural stone stonespar natural stone stonespar vasanta blend stonespar example natural stone 124 stonespar cambrian sandstone stonespar is a one size blended sandstone paving range extremely strong it is capable of carrying a market place loading and comes in 6 predesigned blends which are inspired by the four seasons supplied with a top surface which has a blasted and brushed finish to enhance both slip and colour it comes pre-blended in the crates to speed up installation and reduce space on site it is marshalls ethical commercial stone range and carries the fairstone logo q25 310 kg co2 per m2 for the latest carbon value visit by vasanta blend grishma blend sharad blend hemant blend nisha blend dava blend jayrum light chaler beige ranya brown aruva red holkar black salva grey stonespar mixes grishma item code vasanta item code sharad item code hemant item code dava item code nisha item

granite swatches granite swatches galatea fine picked galatea flamed thalassa rosalind neso neso galatea blasted polished neso telesto fine picked fine picked honed larissa tarvos thalassa rosalind umbriel flamed honed fine picked blasted perdita perdita portia portia honed flamed prospero despina fransico larissa pan rosalind mimas kari pan miranda phoebe phoebe pallene pallene cyllene kari mimas cressida prospero namaka trinculo tritanial deimos fine picked fine picked flamed fine picked blasted flamed flamed polished flamed clear blast polished flamed fine picked fine picked flamed natural stone 126 polished janus flamed clear blast flamed clear blast janus polished polished proteus fine picked flamed clear blast namaka fine picked it should be noted that colour variations and markings are characteristic of natural stone inherent variations cannot be controlled nor the precise shade of stone guaranteed polished flamed fine picked

natural stone granite natural stone granite imperial bristol callisto birmingham natural stone mixed granite leicester callisto st barts london 128 prospero gra910 eastleigh tritanial flamed nottingham mixed granite liverpool mixed granite somerset

natural stone granite paving natural stone granite paving callisto granite birmingham natural stone granite paving callisto flamed 130 larissa flamed cyllene flamed granite paving is available in all stone types in either picked/blasted or flame textured finishes it is sawn all sides with a textured top for a non slip surface granite is a tough durable material which can be fashioned into a wide range of landscape products and provides a very modern aesthetic marshalls supply a comprehensive range of granites in different finishes from standard silver grey through to more exotic colours see full range of granite swatches page 126-127 q25 310 mixed granite leicester prospero flamed namaka flamed tritanial

natural stone granite extensions natural stone granite extensions granite kerb granite kerbs are available in most stone types and are either picked/blasted or flame textured to the top and front face radius kerbs may also be avaialbale by agreement granite kerb w x h available in all granites 125 x 250 150 x 300 300 x 150 200 x 300 300 x 200 yes yes yes yes yes granite tactile silver grey blister and hazard warning corduroy paving in 400x400mm are stocked items all profiles can be made in all granites from our range contact us for more information granite tactile profiles available in most granites blister hazard lozenge platform cycleway yes yes yes yes yes granite masonry granite kerb selby bespoke masonry to your individual design can be produced in a wide range of granites and a few examples are shown on the surrounding pages marshalls can provide technical and design assistance for your scheme and early engagement with our advisors is recommended gra914 flamed callisto flamed