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Featured catalog pages of Street Furniture Brand and Product Overview 2016 sales office 0870 600 2425 corporate responsibility marshalls’ corporate responsibility policy n we manage our business with pride and integrity n we are committed to full legal compliance in all that we do “we regard corporate responsibility as a journey in the course of which we aim to align our business values purpose and strategy with the social and economic needs of our stakeholders whilst embedding responsible and ethical business policies and practices in everything we do.” water kpi limit water from mains or boreholes to 0.05m3 per tonne of production by 2015 understand the issues of water and develop systems to help reduce usage develop products and train installers to enable our customers to manage their water usage biodiversity kpi biodiversity action plan bap at all appropriate sites by 2012 develop baps to minimise our impact on the ecosystem by engaging with local communities and voluntary organisations climate change kpi concrete ✔ ✔ natural stone ✔ ✔ cast iron aluminium ✔ steel stainless steel an approved supplier to the uk rail industry marshalls is registered on link-up the uk rail industry supplier qualification scheme providing a single common registration qualification and audit process for suppliers to the uk rail industry bandstands gazebos pavilions shelters cycle parking ✔ post rail ✔ protective barriers tree protection ✔ lamp columns planters ✔ signage litter bins ✔ notice boards seating concrete bollards material marshalls street furniture street furniture the tables below provide an ‘at a glance’ overview of marshalls’ street furniture portfolio detailing the products and materials which characterise each of our individual brands helping you to source the right products to enhance your environment sales office 0870 600 2425 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ sales office 0870 600 2425 sales office 0870 600 2425 bellitalia a collection of italian street furniture in a balance between tradition and innovation bellitalia is manufactured from concrete or precious stone each piece is innovative and design led resulting in strong sculptural forms that will make an architectural statement in any landscape bellitalia has been designed to demonstrate durability functionality and style the solidity of the materials is married with innovative features such as planters with self levelling systems as well as modular street furniture which promote simplicity and beauty in any urban space in its simplest form furniture is cast using either high quality pozzolanic concrete or portland cement a high quality finish and enhanced weathering protection are created by vibration sandblasting and coating with a clear acrylic resin a selection of planters litter bins and bollards are also decorated with polished copper bands sales office 0870 600 2425 sales office 0870 600 2425 ollerton ollerton street furniture is recognised as being versatile functional and stylish modular seating systems allow configurations to be created that will maximise the functionality of public spaces the stainless steel m3 and steel festival seating systems have been specified in almost endless permutations such as circles squares and sweeping serpentine curves these retain the strength safety and vandal resistant features of the individual straight seats and benches other seating designs include the metropolitan academy and buffalo with the latter being offered in two colours to brighten school playgrounds and play areas in parks seating heights are compliant with the requirements of the disability discrimination act armrests can be specified on certain models along with a full range of other optional extras coordinating items are also available including cycle stands planters tree protection sales office 0870 600 2425 sales office 0870 600 2425 sineu graff sineu graff is an elegant and prestigious collection of french street furniture showcasing both contemporary and classic styles sineu graff facilitates the integration of designs into the most varied of settings by offering ranges in a choice of materials from cast iron steel stainless steel and timber innovation is at the forefront of design and sineu graff work in consultation with designers architects town planners and end users recognising the changing attitudes to the use of public spaces sineu graff develop ranges to meet the modern lifestyle requirements of any environment their street furniture can be used to create social meeting places areas of rest and relaxation and comfortable waiting areas fashioned to match urban architectures sineu graff furniture installations can enhance any scheme whether modern traditional or rustic sineu graff offer a large collection of street sales office 0870 600 2425 sales office 0870 600 2425 mplas mplas features a range of street furniture items in plastic and recycled plastic both materials are excellent alternatives to timber metals and concrete the mplas range comprises a number of styles suitable for a range of landscapes for plastic products marshalls use medium density polyethylene or mdpe this material is robust and can be moulded into varying shapes and sizes ideal for street furniture applications it is 100 recyclable and some products are manufactured from 100 recycled material this usually depends on the colour specified but black is 100 recycled and recyclable recycled plastic is created from waste plastic materials which are broken down before being melted and extruded to create the profile for use as street furniture the use of waste material reduces amount reaching landfill or potential pollution from incineration plastic and recycled plastic is maintenance free due to its sales office 0870 600 2425 sales office 0870 600 2425 bercy bench page 175 £1800 urban solo seat rendezvous city curved bench page 176 £1800 link table rendezvous city seat page 176 £390 link single bench rendezvous city bench page 176 £1350 link extension urban trio seat page 178 £1195 2450 link 3 place urban duo seat page 178 £616 1566 link 2 place city confort round page 221 £879 classic round garden city page 221 £918 rendezvous page 223 £1077 classic square metropolis page 224 classic elliptical with rainshield rustic £840 935 ecoflor page 224 £702 rendezvous planters page 225 £678 699 optima planters planters page 178 £357 843 link low table page 187 £1562 link perch seat page 187 £295 link high table page 187 £1128 link blanket page 187 £650 victoria seat page 187 £520 victoria chair page 226 £804 929 roseraie planters page 226 £675 729 roots planters sales office 0870 600 2425 sales office 0870 600 2425 festival rolled top 40 litre festival rolled top 90 litre festival timber slatted 40 litre festival timber slatted 90 litre albion 120l standard bin albion 160l double slimline bin m3 1200Ø square tree grille m3 1400Ø square tree grille m3 flared top tree guard m3 flat top tree guard m3 a1 notice board notice boards page 206 £490 albion 90l slimline bin page 209 £450 page 206 £540 albion 130l circular bin page 210 £750 albion 120l economy bin albion 60l litter bin page 206 £600 albion 90l slimline stainless steel bin page 211 £715 buffalo 120 litre triple bin for waste segregation page 206 poa albion 40l dog waste bin page 213 £285 buffalo 40 litre page 207 £320 albion 60l dog waste bin page 213 £310 buffalo 40 litre flat base page 209 £315 albion 40l litter bin page 214 page 278 £2995 m3 a0 notice board £225 buffalo 80 litre sales office 0870 600 2425 sales office 0870 600 2425 commercial sleeve steel standard design eos seat industrial hendon igneo seating page 67 68 poa pas 68 giove planter poa page 67 68 roots planters leicester manchester manchester millennium morpeth planters page 115 rendezvous planters hexham poa optima planters page 116 £110 page 93 poa newcastle roseraie planters page 93 £100 oldham page 93 £90 page 93 £100 slough redbridge page 93 £210 stockport page 93 £90 sunderland low bollards page 250 poa ashton page 91 poa page 255 bury page 91 poa belinda barnstaple £130 page 245 £105 camden page 91 page 14 poa billy £350 cannon large page 91 page 14 £350 cannon small page 91 sunderland bristol borough £145 £130 page 93 poa page 91 £125 £110 page 94 cardiff capital page 93 £135 £110 wolverhampton waterside page 94 page 93 £110 waterside ii seat page 94 £85 waterside seat sales office 0870 600 2425 sales office 0870 600 2425 court 5 regent 2 regent 1 regent 3 regent 4 regent 5 heritage 58 series 59 series 60 series 61 series tree protection page 349 £95 130 page 349 £95 130 islington motorcycle stand £95 130 page 349 red route motorcycle stand page 349 £95 130 cardiff page 349 £95-130 manchester page 349 £95 130 sheffield page 229 £675 page 275 64 series 63 series £375 950 65 series page 275 £425 500 66 series page 275 £425 625 notice boards page 359 £407 suffolk page 359 £196 page 359 £361 page 359 £361 msf 101 standard cannon bollard waterside ii page 360 £119 msf 102 manchester 3 ring top bollard page 276 £500 625 a0 single sided page 276 £625 700 a1 single sided page 276 £500 650 £201 msf 103 bollard page 104 £130 msf 123 page 360 £159 msf 105 half cannon bollard page 104 £185 msf 128 page 360 £150 msf 108

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