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ghibli technology and safety maserati made passive safety a top priority when designing the ghibli to provide the best possible protection for its occupants and help it achieve its aim of a five-star safety rating by euro ncap and us ncap it features the latestgeneration airbag system and a special front-end crumple structure airbags the maserati ghibli comes equipped with seven airbags two front airbags both dual-stage shield the driver and front passenger in the event of collision while their torsos and hips are further protected by two side airbags located in the front seats there are also two window airbags fitted in the roof next to the central pillar that cushion the heads of the front and rear passengers if the car is 46 struck from the side a seventh airbag protects the driver’s legs seatbelt pretensioners nd active headrests the front seatbelts are fitted with electronically-controlled pyrotechnic pretensioners and the latest-generation load limiters the system communicates with a sensor to determine the seriousness of a collision and then activates with precisely the right amount of force to reel in the optimum length of belt if the car is hit from behind the active headrests of the two front seats automatically move in closer to the occupants’ heads to reduce the risk of whiplash injury both side seats at the rear are fitted with isofix fasteners for child seats properly protecting young passengers.