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e extraordinary

ghibli gran sport sport takes centre

choices,two endless possibilities a core offering of all maserati vehicles is the ability to cover long distances at dynamic yet refined high speed with the ghibli the power that delivers this comes from a choice of two v6 petrol engines and a v6 diesel the ghibli offers the inspirational high-capacity power expected of a maserati supercar it’s also a luxury executive saloon so it’s highly efficient and low on co2 emissions nothing can match the maserati engine note however and with the ghibli a lightweight exhaust system with bypass valves ensures that it’s delivered to maximum effect with sport mode active – which also sharpens the vehicle’s handling parameters – the valves open providing the shortest highest-energy route for the exhaust gases the result is optimised performance and that unmistakably resonant spine-tingling sound 350 cv v6 twin turbo the v6 engine in the ghibli delivers 350 cv at 5,500 rpm and 500 nm of torque at 4,500 in

masterful dynamics the long road ahead with its twists turns and occasional surprises is there for the taking in the maserati ghibli thanks to a host of intelligent systems q4 intelligent all-wheel drive system the ghibli s q4 is a perfect choice for drivers seeking the dynamic rewards of rear-wheel drive with the back-up of four-by-four traction each version features the same compact and lightweight q4 intelligent all-wheel drive system in normal conditions the q4 system sends all torque to the rear wheels for perfectly balanced maserati driving dynamics and optimal fuel consumption if traction is lost due to sudden acceleration of very low grip at the rear axle q4 can alter the torque split from 100 per cent rear-wheel drive to 50-50 between the front and rear wheels it all happens in an imperceptible 150 milliseconds – or less than the blink of an eye skyhook suspension the ghibli gransport features skyhook suspension as standard with shock absorbers delivering continuous

full-led adaptive matrix headlights with anti-glare high-beam assist the granlusso and gransport are fitted with full-led adaptive matrix headlights that even further sharpen the striking maserati look significantly improve visibility and lower energy usage they also offer remarkably long bulb life with 15 leds operating at full beam these headlights offer a 200 greater field of vision than traditional halogen lights road illumination extends by 55 metres and bulb longevity is roughly twice as long its glare-free technology enables drivers to gain the full benefits of their headlights without affecting oncoming vehicles this uses a digital camera behind the rear-view mirror to detect approaching vehicles it then directs the light away from the other vehicles leaving them untroubled by glare the surrounding areas meanwhile remain safely and effectively lit with near-daylight quality illumination adaptive driving beam adb this automatically adjusts the width and depth of the headlight

become a master of driving master maserati driving courses master on track all maserati cars embody the principles of granturismo race-bred performance combines with hand-crafted comfort to turn every journey into an unforgettable experience our master maserati driving courses are designed to help you unleash the full potential at your fingertips – whatever your ability or experience whatever the terrain practice make your first decisive move imagine a formula 1 practice session now put yourself in the driving seat this is where your journey begins with this course you’ll learn the fundamentals of track driving while safely exploring the performance limits of the full maserati range – quattroporte ghibli levante granturismo and grancabrio the half-day programme on the varano circuit includes theoretical and dynamic sessions with our expert drivers on completion you’ll be perfectly prepared for our full-day qualifying course master maserati driving courses