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full-led adaptive matrix headlights beyond just offering distinctive style to the appearance of the levante the newly available full-led adaptive matrix headlights deliver additional safety and convenience for the driver and other road users with 15 leds operating at full beam these headlights offer a 200 greater field of vision than traditional halogen lights the ingenious system which includes an adaptive driving beam cleverly turns corners before you do and instantly responds to other road users to avoid dazzling them rather than simply dipping the headlights automatically the glare-free high beam function allows the full beam to continue shining without any danger of affecting oncoming vehicles it achieves this feat by creating a ‘light tunnel’ which directs the light away from other vehicles the system is capable of creating up to four light tunnels simultaneously with each one being as large as an oncoming vehicle tyre pressure monitoring system the system standard on all levante versions continuously monitors tyre pressure using a sensor integrated with the valve the pressure can be read on the dashboard display in the case of a puncture or a change in tyre pressure the system notifies the driver with visual and acoustic warnings six air bags the maserati levante comes equipped with six air bags two front air bags both dual-stage shield the driver and front passenger in the event of a collision while their torsos and hips are further protected by two side bags located in the front seats there are also two window air bags fitted in the roof lining next to the central pillar that cushion the heads of the front and rear passengers if the car is struck from the side 69