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50 ohm air lines 75 ohm type n 8 in lb 8 in lb torque wrench 8 in lb torque wrenches adapter male to male female to female adapters female to male adapter female type n connectors male to male male to male adapter male to male adapters precision fixed termination precision slide screw tuner slide screw tuner slide screw tuners sliding screw tuner tnc male type n female torque wrench 8 in lb case type n connector type n connector terminating type n connectors type n female to female type n female to female adapters vector network analyzer

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product index maury microwave products range in complexity from simple passive transmission components such as waveguide straight sections to the sophisticated computer-driven automated tuner systems used for fast efficient noise power and network characterization of active devices these products categorized as instruments include vector network analyzer vna calibration kits and coaxial and waveguide components the organization of this catalog generally reflects these classifications the instrument category is comprised of calibration kits for all popular vnas in rectangular waveguide covering 1.12 to 110 ghz and coaxial line all standard connector types including bnc and tnc covering dc to 50 ghz measurement instruments for noise figure and related quantities noise calibration systems and standards and automated tuner systems including accessories such as bias supplies and transistor test fixtures the coaxial component section includes metrology components such as precision air lines

precision measurement equipment optional software features system control option mt993f the mt993f is an option that provides for automated switching between noise power intermodulation distortion imd adjacent channel power acp dc i-v curves and s-parameter measurements from a single setup a special s-parameters noise and power snp calibration is also possible with this option using rf switches to connect the equipment for these different measurements allows a system to be set up once and then all tuner characterizations noise calibrations power calibrations and measurements can be done in-place without disturbing the setup thus all user interactions are done at the start of a procedure and time consuming measurement operations can run unattended a further advantage of this option is that the rf switching reduces system cost by allowing sharing of equipment this can save the cost of up to two rf sources a typical snp setup is shown below it can be expanded to add intermod or acp see

coaxial components precision fixed terminations 75 ohm type n connectors 8883 series 75 ohm bnc connectors 8583 series 8883a 8883b description the 8883 and 8583 series fixed terminations are precision broadband low vswr 75 ohm terminations utilizing type n and bnc connectors respectively these terminations are suited to a wide variety of general purpose and precision laboratory applications however the primary usage is for 75 ohm reference z 0 calibration of network analyzers at frequencies up to 2 ghz all maury 75 ohm components are identifiable by a black ring encircling the body of the component type n 75 ohm connectors in particular should never be mated to their 50 ohm counterparts as that could result in damage to the 50 ohm female connector and/or poor erratic electrical performance 8583a 8583b coaxial components dimensions inches cm specifications 75 ohm type n series 8883 frequency range dc to 2 ghz vswr 8883 series type n 1.01 maximum 8583 series bnc 1.02 maximum powe is not a reseller or dealer of Maury Microwave.

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