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waveguide to coax adapter precision slide screw tuner 7mm to micro strip connectors maury type n 75 ohm female fixed termination 8883a test fixture mt950 tnc calibration kit 8650m vna calibration kit vna calibration kits vna waveguide calibration kit tnc calibration kit air line coaxial beadless air line coaxial 7mm sliding screw tuner bz connector gage kit slide screw tuner slide screw tuners semi rigid cable 75 ohm blind mate connector blind mate connector n 50 ohm bnc calibration kit between series adapter type n to ossm ssma waveguide to type n adapter low loss dielectric foam matching adapter 110 75 ohm n 7mm to micro strip sma right angle 18 ghz connector high power cellular repeaters dual band 300 ohm to 75 ohm adapter testing open end wrench with captive feature adapter from 116 inch to 14 inch passive microwave product maury microwave 2561b email address of maury microwave microwave semi rigid coaxial cable microwave low loss foam gold plated microwave mil c 39012 stub tuner vna waveguide calibration rectangular waveguide cryogenic termination wr112 waveguide adapter semi rigid 5 ohm semi rigid 2 ohm dut connector sma bnc adapter 2621 sma short circuit screw tuner sma hn male connector wr34 calibration kit calibration kit wr51 sma calibration kits sma calibration kit sma torque wrench 6 meters single sideband

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product index maury microwave products range in complexity from simple passive transmission components such as waveguide straight sections to the sophisticated computer-driven automated tuner systems used for fast efficient noise power and network characterization of active devices these products categorized as instruments include vector network analyzer vna calibration kits and coaxial and waveguide components the organization of this catalog generally reflects these classifications the instrument category is comprised of calibration kits for all popular vnas in rectangular waveguide covering 1.12 to 110 ghz and coaxial line all standard connector types including bnc and tnc covering dc to 50 ghz measurement instruments for noise figure and related quantities noise calibration systems and standards and automated tuner systems including accessories such as bias supplies and transistor test fixtures the coaxial component section includes metrology components such as precision air

precision measurement equipment type n vna calibration kits 8850c series equipment provided in kits 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea precision fixed termination type n female precision fixed termination type n male fixed short type n female fixed short type n male open circuit type n female open circuit type n male sliding termination converts between type n female and male configuration medium instrument case operating instructions · 7mm adapter set 8850z9 supplied with options 23 24 25 28 and 29 2 ea 2 ea adapter 7mm to type n female adapter 7mm to type n male adapter set provided when the appropriate option number is specified one of the following adapter sets is provided · 3.5mm adapter set 8850z8 supplied with options 13,14 15 18 and 19 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea test port adapter nmd3.5mm female to type n female test port adapter nmd3.5mm female to type n male adapter type n female to 3.5mm female adapter type n male to 3.5mm female adapter type n female

precision measurement equipment 7-16 trl/lrl vna calibration kits 2760b series tri-kits · · precision measurement equipment 2760b trl/lrl calibrations solt short-open-load-thru gated air line rated to 7.5 ghz usable to 8.0 ghz agilent vnas 2735a 7-16 air line set see page 152 · · · description these kits feature both female and male standards a torque wrench and an open-end wrench for precise repeatable connections and adapter sets and calibration constants on computer media the components are shown in the equipment provided in 2760b kits chart air lines come as a set 2735a in a separate wooden instrument case as shown in photo above see page 152 for air line specifications this set of air lines provides the user with the capability of performing full 2-port trl/lrl through-reflectline line-reference-line calibrations to 8.0 ghz the air line set consists of three high precision air lines of various lengths that meet nist and agilent s recommendation of 30 degrees phase margin

precision measurement equipment power characterization application software mt993a mt993c general the maury power characterization application software is designed to operate with the ats and determine the optimum load and source termination conditions for optimizing device performance if the fixture or probe station network characteristics s2p are known the measured functions are de-embedded to the device input plane the software is provided as part of an ats system specified for power characterization see page 51 separately as model mt993a or combined with the noise characterization software as model mt993c precision measurement equipment power parameters in large signal amplifier design power output is a complex function of the input power level terminating impedances and dc bias conditions an ats operating with the maury power application software can provide fast accurate measurements of power output transducer gain power gain power added efficiency and measured input and output

precision measurement equipment automated tuner controller mt986b01/02 mt986b02 general the mt986 automated tuner controllers are designed to provide computer and local control of the mt97x and mt98x series of automated tuners the controllers are fully gpib compatible and also provide for manual control by means of front panel motor selection switches and a rotary position control the mt986b01 will control a single tuner while the mt986b02 will control two tuners which can be the same or different models the mt986b01 can be upgraded to drive two tuners by the addition of the mt986m03 motor drive card set this upgrade can be done in the field for harmonic load pull a multi-tuner harmonic controller is available model mt986b24 can control two harmonic tuners and model mt986b26 can control up to four harmonic tuners specifications stepping rate 250 to 8795 steps/second position accuracy ±1 step ac power 115/230 vac ±10 48-62 hz 150 w dimensions accessories provided one each ­

precision measurement equipment cryogenic termination accessories helium pressurizing system mt152a maury cryogenic terminations must be supplied with helium gas at about 2 psi to purge contaminants air carbon dioxide etc from the coaxial or waveguide transmission line connecting the cooled termination to the output connector before the dewar is filled with liquid nitrogen the mt152a regulates the helium supply by use of a two-stage pressure regulator preset to provide 2 to 3 psi output pressure and a safety pressure relief valve set to 4 psi these are included with an 8 foot hose and the fittings needed to connect your helium supply to the termination mt152a power adapter mt154a the mt154a power adapter is used to convert 50/60 hz power at 230 vac for use by devices requiring 115 vac typical application is to provide power for the 115 vac heater circuit used in the maury cryogenic terminations when the main supply is 220/240 vac the power adapter is rated at 200 va output mt154a

coaxial components precision adapters 2.4mm q between-series adapters 7922a 7922b 7923a 7923d introduction maury precision 2.4mm 1 adapters utilize a precision 50 ghz interface described in maury data sheet 5e-064 these adapters feature low vswr and coaxial components insertion loss through the maximum frequency range of the adapted connector model adapts from to insertion length inches cm 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 frequency range vswr maximum 7922a 7922b 7923a 7923b 7923c 7923d 7926a 7926b 7926c 7926d 7927a 7927b 7927c 7927d phase matched 2.4mm female 2.4mm male 2.4mm female 2.4mm female 2.4mm male 2.4mm male 2.4mm female 2.4mm female 2.4mm male 2.4mm male 2.4mm female 2.4mm female 2.4mm male 2.4mm male 7mm 7mm type n female type n male type n female type n male 2.92mm k female 2.92mm k male 2.92mm k female 2.92mm k male 3.5mm female 3.5mm male 3.5mm female 3.5mm male 1.28 1.28 1.22 1.58 1.20 1.56 0.65 0.65 0.65 0.65 0.65 0.65 0.65 0.65 3.25 3.25 3.10 4.02 3.05 3.96

coaxial components precision mismatches general precision standard mismatches are fixed coaxial terminations which are used to introduce a known vswr into a 50 ohm transmission system these mismatches are extremely useful in a wide variety of applications and are quick and easy to use they can be used to calibrate swept reflectometers verify network analyzer calibration establish impedance references in tdr measurements etc maury standard mismatches are quality constructed using thin film resistors and a unique grounding method that ensures stable operation for ease of identification the vswr value of the mismatch is engraved on the end cap calibration data is provided for all units at 1 ghz intervals from 2 ghz to the applicable upper frequency limit the standard units shown in this section are fitted with 7mm 14mm type n tnc 3.5mm 2.92mm and 2.4mm connectors we also produce mismatches in other connector series such as sma please consult with our sales staff for application

coaxial components tuners slide screw tuners ­ wide matching range · slab-line transmission structure · dual probes improve matching · lcd readout for carriage position 8045n description the tuners in this series are similar to those described on the previous page however the mechanical characteristics are optimized for increased matching ranges these tuners also utilize the slab-line transmission structure for broad frequency range the probes are designed to be very close to one-quarter wavelength in the linear dimension at the mid-band of each range since each tuner has two probes this results in improved matching characteristics for each unit an additional feature of this series of tuners is the use of a lcd position readout of the carriage position on those units operating below 18 ghz higher frequency tuners utilize a micrometer carriage drive these are noted in the model chart below frequency range ghz matching range 1 type n 2 connector ­ model 7mm 3 3.5mm 4 2.4mm 5 0.8

waveguide components waveguide to coaxial adapters right angle launch description maury right angle launch adapters feature low vswr and insertion loss except where noted flanges are in accordance with the listing on page 163 most of the adapters shown incorporate precision index holes in the flange for precise mating alignment and connection repeatability please consult the factory for detailed flange interface information specifications frequency range 1.7 to 50 ghz in waveguide bands vswr 1.25 maximum 1.15 typical flanges cover type see page 173 type n c213d2 vswr options improved vswr is provided on adapters with a model suffix e.g x200a2 the vswr suffixes are shown below model suffix vswr maximum 7mm x209d2 waveguide components 178 2 8 1 6 3 7 1.05 1.07 1.10 1.15 1.20 1.25 sma p211d many units can be provided with improved vswr over the full or partial waveguide bands please consult our sales department for applications assistance additional information on specific models

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