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maury type n 75 ohm female fixed termination 8883a bz connector gage kit waveguide to coax adapter type sc female to sc female adapters type n female to sc female adapters vna calibration kit vna calibration kits 75 ohm bnc female load precision slide screw tuner 7mm to micro strip connectors vna waveguide calibration kit tnc calibration kit 50 ohm bnc calibration kit 75 ohm calibration kits stub tuner waveguide air line coaxial beadless sliding screw tuner sma male open terminator slide screw tuners slide screw tuner blind mate connector n semi rigid coaxial cable connector blind mate connector air line coaxial 7mm slide screw tuner rf f type 75 ohm splitter semi rigid cable 75 ohm 100 ohm semi rigid cable 7mm to micro strip 1 inch hex female coupling low loss dielectric foam open end wrench with captive feature stainless steel cable with a center copper conductor maury microwave 2453f maury microwave 2561b wr34 calibration kit calibration kit wr51 sma calibration kits sma calibration kit smp calibration kit manual tuners microwave microwave semi rigid coaxial cable microwave low loss foam gold plated microwave 75 ohm to 50 ohm microwave transition vna waveguide calibration wr90 waveguide cal kit wr112 waveguide adapter 7mm cal kits waveguide to type n adapter wr75 nmd sma adapter torque wrenches calibration instrument waveguide to type n adapter 75 ohm cal kit sma torque wrenches open end adapters

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precision vna calibration kits vna calibration kit finder use the chart below to find the pages in this catalog which have information about maury vna/pna calibration kits solt kits sslt kits trl/lrl kits xia l s ial oa x co a dc an de tan dut connector · 1.85mm · 2.4mm · 2.92mm k · 3.5mm · 7mm · type n 50 ohm · type n 75 ohm · tnc · aftnc · tnca · bnc 50 ohm · bnc 75 ohm · osptm · 14mm · 7-16 · rectangular waveguide · millimeter waveguide 4 8 12 16 16 20 22 5 9 13 17 20 23 26-27 ·f ixe 5 9 ·f ixe ·s ·e xp dt er m da rd ina tio c on locate the right catalog pages for the kit you need 28 30 32 29 30 32 34 35 35 37 36 38 36 40 ordering maury cal kits by model numbers ordering options to order a kit configured to match your vna model and specific application go to the pages indicated in the matrix chart above there you will find a diagram like the one below which explains how to order options by adding additional numbers and/or letters to the kit model number 1 find

precision vna calibration kits 3.5mm trl/lrl vna calibration kits 8060a tri-kits features trl/lrl calibrations solt short-open-load-thru gated air line dc to 34 ghz description these 3.5mm vector network analyzer vna calibration kits are designed for use with a range of agilent vnas the components in the kits are configured for use in making errorcorrected trl/lrl measurements of devices supplied with 3.5mm connectors from dc to 34 ghz quantity 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 description 3.5mm female to male air line 15cm 3.5mm female to male air line 5cm 3.5mm female to male air line 6cm 3.5mm female to male air line 5.3cm 3.5mm female fixed offset short 3.5mm male fixed offset short 3.5mm female open 3.5mm male open 3.5mm female fixed termination 3.5mm male fixed termination 5/16-inch double end wrenches vna software disk operating instructions manual instrument case 8060a components included in 8060a kits model 8043s15 8043s5 8043s6 8043s5.3 8046f 8047f 8048a1 8048b1 8031a5 8031b5

precision vna calibration kits bnc vna calibration kits 8550e/f/g 50 ohm fixed termination kits features precision bnc connectors dc to 10 ghz fixed load calibration multiple vna support description these bnc calibration kits provide a convenient accurate means of calibrating vector network analyzers vnas for measuring devices with bnc connectors at 50 ohm reference impedance these kits are provided with fixed terminations and are generally used at frequencies up to 10 ghz each kit in the 8550 series includes all the basic standards necessary for calibrating your vna all the included calibration standards listed at right are provided in a foam-lined wood instrument case along with the operating instructions the vna software for supported vna models are provided on 3-1/2 data disks for simplified loading into your analyzer 8550e14 components included in 8550 kits quantity 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 description bnc female fixed offset short bnc male fixed offset short bnc female open bnc male

microwave components precision fixed terminations general information fixed terminations ­ a precision fixed termination or load consists of an immovable fixed termination which when mated to the end of a transmission line or cable absorbs nearly all of the signal energy traveling toward it an ideal matched condition exists when a termination with an impedance value of z0 is connected to the end of a transmission line or cable that also has a characteristic impedance of z0 such an ideal matched condition one with no mismatch between the termination and its mated line or cable is critical if a voltage standing wave ratio vswr of 1.0:1 is to be achieved in a system with a 50 or 75 ohm impedance value simply put the more closely the 1.0:1 ratio is approached the more accurate the measurements that can be made from a system maury precision fixed terminations are designed to exacting specifications and are as close to the ideal impedance as it is mechanically possible to make them the

microwave components 2.4mm precision fixed offset shorts models 7946a female and 7946b male description these fixed offset shorts are used to establish the reference plane of calibration for vector network analyzers with 2.4mm test port connectors including the agilent pna series they are sold as part of maury s 7950 and 7960 series vna calibration kits or may be purchased separately as replacement parts or spares specifications frequency range dc to 50.0 ghz minimum reflection coefficient 0.98 nominal impedance 50 ohm phase accuracy ± 2.0° 7946a 7946b reference dimensions available models model 7946a 7946b sex female male a dimension inches cm 0.830 2.1082 0.797 2.0244 offset length inches cm 0.2 0.508 0.2 0.508 7946a 7946b 2.92mm precision fixed shorts model series 8771 female and 8772 male description these fixed offset shorts mate with the 2.92mm k test port connectors on

microwave components type n beadless air lines model series 2553 features dc to 18.0 ghz virtually reflectionless beadless type n connectors description the 2553t series reference air lines utilize beadless type n connectors which are integral to the air lines thereby producing extremely low reflection transmission lines the complete air lines inner and outer conductor are fabricated from gold-plated low-loss copper alloys model connectors 2553t30 type n female to male 2 2553t15 type n female to male 2 2553t10 type n female to male 2 2553t7.5 type n female to male 2 2553t6 2553t5 type n female to male 2 type n female to male 2 available models electrical length cm 29.969 14.983 9.988 7.493 5.993 4.994 3.816 3.123 2.9969 odd 1/4-wavelength frequency ghz 2n 1 2n 1 2n 1 2n 1 2n 1 2n 1 2n 1 2n 1 2n 1 0.25 0.50 0.75 1.00 1.25 1.50 1.96 2.40 2.50 specifications frequency range dc to 18.0 ghz vswr <1.02 0.002 ghz electrical length

coaxial waveguide adapters models 7826a/b/c/d models 7827a/b/c/d 7826a 7827a 7826b 7827b 7826c 7827c 7826d 7827d maury microwave corporation 101 vna calibration kits microwave components

coaxial waveguide adapters type n adapters 75 ohm ­ phase matched 8882 series description the 8882 type n 75 ohm adapters are manufactured with a precision version of the maury type n interface to help prevent the inadvertent mating of these 75 ohm adapters to 50 ohm type n connectors a black band is incised into these adapters on the male coupling nut or just behind the female coupling threads 75 ohm n center conductors are smaller than 50 ohm versions so mating a 50 ohm male to a 75 ohm female will destroy the female contact mating a 75 ohm male to a 50 ohm female will result in a poor electrical connection these adapters are phase matched having the same electrical insertion length within their series so they may be readily interchanged in network analyzer measurement applications and for accurate measurement of non-insertable devices 8882e1 8882e2 8882g12 8882g22 interface dimensions contact pin location connector description maury type n 75 ohm connectors are a precision

coaxial waveguide adapters test port cable and adapter kits coaxial-to-coaxial and waveguide-to-coaxial test port adapters features · for vna applications · ruggedized test port connectors · for use with 2.4mm 2.92mm 3.5mm and 7mm test ports · coaxial test port to waveguide adapters available description maury 8944 8946 and 8948 series test port cable and adapter kits replace multiple cables in various connector types with a versitile and cost effective alternative the cable assemblies extend the test ports of network analyzers and have a rugged female and male test port connector at each end they come in standard lengths of 25 or 38 inches and are extremely flexible while maintaining excellent phase and amplitude stability the adapters also have a rugged test port connector on one side with a precision 2.4mm 2.92mm 3.5mm 7mm n tnc or waveguide connector eia wr229 to wr28 on the other side some options include nmd to nmd adapters each kit includes up to three user-specified

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