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VNA Calibration Kits, Microwave Components & Adapters Catalog by Maury Microwave

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Catalogue: Maury Microwave VNA Calibration Kits, Microwave Components & Adapters Catalog
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2 inch open end wrench 75 ohm type n 8 in lb female to female adapters female to male adapter female to male an adapter female to male thread adapters 1 female type n connectors male to male adapter maury type n 75 ohm female fixed termination 8883a need to order a catalog precision fixed termination precision slide screw tuner sma female to n male adapter sma female to tnc male adapter tnc male type n female torque wrench 8 in lb case type n connector type n connector adapter type n connectors type n female to female type n female to female adapters vector network analyzer vna calibration kit vna calibration kits

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precision vna calibration kits 7-16 vna calibration kits 2750b fixed termination kits features precision 7-16 connectors rated dc to 7.5 ghz usable to 8 ghz fixed load calibration low torque coupling description the 2750 series calibration kits operate up to 7.5 ghz for making error-corrected measurements of devices with 7-16 connectors the 2750b kits consist of the male and female 7-16 fixed load calibration standards needed to calibrate supported vector network analyzers vnas and the vna software on 3-1/2 data disk supplied with the operating instructions manual in a foam-lined wood instrument case 2750b10 connector description the 7-16 connectors found on the components in these kits are rugged calibration grade connectors that exceed the requirements for iec169-4 reference grade and bsen122190 grade 0 specifications they feature a thicker dielectric bead to eliminate deflection retracted threads on the female connector to eliminate the need to apply excessive torque during calibr

coaxial waveguide adapters coaxial to coaxial waveguide to coaxial adapter finder the chart below shows the pages in this catalog which describe maury s coaxial to coaxial and waveguide to coaxial adapters coaxial-to-coaxial connectors b side side a nmd1.85mm 1.85mm nmd2.4mm 2.4mm nmd2.92mm k 2.92mm k nmd3.5mm 3.5mm qt3.5mmtm 3.5mm panel mount sma 7mm type n 50 ohm type n 75 ohm lcp/osptm tnc tnca aftnc bnc 50 ohm hn sc c 14mm gr 900 7-16 eia 7/8 mou nt k hm 75 o hm lc p/os ptm tn c 0 oh m hn sc ,c 14m m g r 90 0 7-1 6 mm mm pane l d2.4 m 5mm d3.5 m d1.8 5 d2.9 2 3.5m 50 o m k m mtm tn ca af tnc 2mm en en mm bn c 5 mm mm a m nm nm nm nm 1.8 2.4 qt 3.5 sm 3.5 typ 98 98 98 98 98 98 98 99 98 99 102 102 98 98 99 102 103 98 99 102 110 103 98 98 102 102 103 103 107 107 99 102 103 105 105 99 102 103 105 106 108 108 110 112 99 102 103 110 108 109 110 112 108 108 117 110 110 112 112 113 116 113 113 113 121 11 is not a reseller or dealer of Maury Microwave.

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