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front cover gasket o-ring seal engine rotary part number 8527-10-641 n326-10-502a n386-10-502 n3a1-10-502 n231-10-174 0820-10-605 n3a1-10-507 4352-10-616 4352-10-617 3997-10-602 1757-14-611 code ssssssscccs req 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 gasket front cover gasket front cover turbo thru 6/90 only gasket front cover turbo 7/90 on gasket front cover o-ring front cover seal front cover main seal front cover main blind plate dry sump system right side gasket sump system blind plate dry right side blind plate metering oil pump right side gasket blind plate right side description model engine type 12a 13b 13b all 13b t 13b tt 12a 13b 12a 13b 13b tt 12a 13b 12a 13b 12a 13b 12a 13b year 1971-88 1989-91 1990-91 1993-95 all 1971-91 1993-95 all all all all engines operating with high oil pressure should use a gasket use a thin layer of silicone sealant and an o-ring part #n231-10-174 0813-10-174 can be used as a thicker o-ring if necessary dry sump systems a dry sump oil system is essential in all full race engines a dry sump system allows the engine to be mounted lower in the chassis helps improve engine cooling by reducing oil foaming and increases the amount of oil available to the engine when the car is under high g-load conditions we offer two 2 different dry sump systems for rotary applications the raceproven factory front cover system and an alternative belt-driven peterson system dry sump front cover part number 4352-10-600 0000-01-931 2 code c req 1 1 description dry sump front cover dry sump front cover model engine type 12a 13b 20b cosmo 12a 13b year all notes mazda factory system see note below all improved front cover design copies the factory dry sump but improves oil flow by 30-40 uses all same fitment pieces listed below new competition part nt non-turbo t turbo t t twin-turbo 93-95 rx7 note fitment of factory dry sump front cover system requires use of the following components drive gear part #4352-11-521 pressure regulator part #4801-14-250 suction pipe-left part #4352-14-410 suction pipe-right part #4352-14-420 o-rings part #4801-14-433 qty 2 fittings parts #zr03-11-r96 and #zr03-11-r98 oil strainer part #4801-14-713 qty 2 and dry sump plate tech tips dry sump tech tips see page tt-21 in the engine technical tips section of this catalog e-29