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m{zd financial services who are we mazda financial services is a division of santander consumer the leading consumer finance house in europe we provide nance for your mazda vehicle through your mazda dealer at competitive rates and insurance products we are one of the uk s leading `point of sale nance providers which means we enable your mazda dealer to provide you with a convenient one-stop shop when choosing your next mazda from our wide range of nance plans there s an option that s right for you whether you are thinking of a new or used mazda what you can expect from mazda financial services face-to-face service from trained plain-talking people at your local mazda dealer assistance in renewing your car we ll help you choose the right nance package to enable you to renew your mazda car as often as you like fixed interest rates the interest rate on your loan is xed for the duration of the agreement flexible terms tailored to your motoring needs as specialists in mazda vehicles we can tailor a nance package to both your budget and your motoring ownership needs please ask your sales executive for a tailor-made nance quote for your new car mazda financial services finance plans mazda conditional sale the traditional way of buying your car mazda conditional sale is exible and simple with a range of options to suit everyone the benets simple xed equal regular instalments predictable pay all your instalments and you own the car flexible you determine your repayment period at the start of your contract meaning that you have total control of your budget how it works 1 2 3 choose your mazda tell your dealer the deposit and repayment period you want from 12-60 months agree your repayments these are based on how much is left to pay plus interest where applicable drive away the moment we activate your agreement 3 1 2 mazda personal contract purchase the nance plan that helps you to change your mazda car at more regular intervals enabling shorter term nance agreements meaning a new car more often the benets you can fund your car over shorter periods so you get the chance to change more often the exibility at the end of the agreement to choose to renew retain or return your mazda you re protected against any fall in used car prices by an optional final payment ofp how it works choose any new or used mazda estimate your annual mileage we estimate the minimum amount your car will be worth once your contract nishes the ofp to work out your regular payments we add any interest charges and deduct your deposit plus the ofp from the price of your new mazda 4 drive away the moment we activate your agreement our commitment to the environment mazda makes cars that excite look stylish and appealing are fun to drive and make you want to get behind the wheel again and again but we are equally committed to the environment to the creation of a sustainable future for all this means limiting the earth s resources that we use and always considering the environmental impact in everything we do our sustainability programme is dedicated to the development of clean technologies this covers every aspect of a vehicle s impact on the environment from planning and development through to manufacturing use and eventual recycling disposal below are just three examples of how our environmental policies have led to signicant advances in `green technology plant-derived plastics our interior car plastics use carbon-neutral plant-derived biomass an industry rst reduces reliance on fossil fuels cuts co2 emissions uses sustainable raw materials requires 30 less energy to produce than petroleum based plastics is three times stronger than conventional bioplastics has 25 higher heat resistance than conventional bioplastics produces lighter stronger parts improving fuel economy semi-dry machining process conventional machining of cast metal parts uses huge amounts of water-based coolant to cool and lubricate cutting tools and remove and collect waste metal with mazda s semi-dry machining process we have substituted large volumes of coolant for tiny quantities of atomised biodegradable oil in a jet of air benets 84 reduction in the amount of coolant required reduced electricity consumption by 40 on machining lines 80 cut in waste liquids recycling mazda has made a substantial commitment to recycling we have reduced waste material in our production facillities by 55 since 1990 in 1992 we became the rst car manufacturer to recycle bumpers over 75 of our plastic parts can be recycled all of our gaskets and brake-pads are asbestos-free there are no ozone-damaging cfcs in our polyurethane products such as the foam padding in seats armrests and steering wheels many of our plants have passed the stringent iso 14001 test commonly known as the environmental iso co2 released when the bioplastic decomposes or is burned is comparable to the amount absorbed by growing plants having a negligible impact on total atmospheric co2 levels at the end of your contract when all instalments have been made the car is yours you now have two choices renew choose another mazda the car is yours you can part exchange it for another mazda and use the value as your deposit retain keep the car the car is yours once all instalments have been made at the end of your contract when all instalments have been made you now have three choices renew choose another mazda use any excess value above the ofp towards a deposit for another mazda you can trade in your car at any time or sell it privately having settled your account retain keep the car simply pay the ofp and the car is yours return your car there s nothing more to pay if the car s in good condition and within the agreed mileage 26 finance subject to status terms and conditions apply applicants must be 18 or over guarantees indemnities may be required mazda financial serives rh1 1sr santander consumer uk plc trading as mazda financial services registered ofce 3 princess way redhill surrey rh1 1sr registered in england number 2248870 27