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protected by technology prevention is better than cure mazda5 s safety technology can help prevent an accident and minimise the consequences if one is unavoidable for example the emergency stop signal system ess warns following drivers of a sudden braking manoeuvre so they have more time to stop the tyre pressure monitoring system warns if any of your tyres drop below optimum pressure levels in the event of a collision mazda5 s occupant safety cell and supplementary restraint system srs combine to offer excellent protection for those inside while an energy-absorbing structure in the bonnet and front bumper helps reduce the potential for pedestrian injury dynamic stability control dsc dsc enhances stability in critical driving situations regardless of the road surface the car is driven on the system working in conjunction with abs reduces engine power when necessary and carefully regulates braking pressure on the individual wheel ensuring that the car can get round corners or obstacles without oversteering or understeering whilst still maintaining maximum traction and stability dsc works in conjunction with the traction control system tcs making sure the wheels do not spin on loose surfaces by regulating the torque of the engine dsc effect oversteer control dsc effect understeer control anti-lock braking system abs abs works with electronic brake-force distribution ebd and emergency brake assist eba to optimise braking performance helping you to maintain steering control in wet or snowy conditions emergency brake assist eba eba monitors how hard and how quickly you step on the brake pedal to determine when you are in an emergency braking situation in these critical instances eba automatically applies the maximum braking force to every wheel to reduce stopping distances high-tensile steel bodyshell in addition to providing a strong occupant safety cell the use of high-tensile steel in the bodyshell saves weight and provides the solid base on to which we attach the chassis and steering that make mazda5 so rewarding to drive airbags mazda5 features dual front airbags front-row side airbags and curtain airbags for all three rows isofix system the isofix system provides secure anchorage points for child seats you can quickly attach an isofix seat to isofix anchorages with a simple push-tting these anchorages and seat ttings are in a standard location so any isofix seat can be tted to any car with the isofix system rear parking sensors and reversing camera making it easier to park in the tightest of parking spaces 16 image shows mazda5 1.6 venture diesel with optional metallic paint 17