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every new idea begins with a challenge unlock extra content throughout this brochure you can hold your smartphone or tablet over the qr codes using a qr code reader app to download and unlock extra content including images videos and other information scan the above qr code to access the mazda community here you will discover videos images and additional content related to the mazda rebels like-minded individuals who represent mazda’s vision of defying convention 4 introduction 6 8 kodo design exterior 12 14 interior karakuri seating the challenger spirit runs deep at mazda we are not afraid to take risks and to challenge conventional wisdom to make things better we do this to 16 16 connectivity infotainment 18 22 24 skyactiv technology advanced safety technology range and specifications fulfil one simple goal create cars that are fun to drive if you’ve driven a mazda you already know if not get ready for the experience 32 34 colour and trim commitment 3