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intelligence lies within all-new mazda mx-5 embodies mazda s legendary fun to drive dna featuring the complete range of awardwinning skyactiv technologies it delivers performance and efficiency combined for a responsive agile sporty driving experience skyactiv technology skyactiv technology is all about fuel economy low emissions and making driving more fun embracing all the technologies — engines transmissions chassis and body — it s an approach that completely reimagines the car from the ground up coupled with rear wheel drive 50:50 weight distribution and a lower centre of gravity skyactiv technology enables all-new mazda mx-5 to deliver its thrilling driving experience balanced with outstanding environmental and safety performance new benchmarks for performance more power to your wheels mx-5 offers two specially tuned versions of mazda’s 13:1 compression ratio skyactiv-g petrol engine mounted longitudinally for improved driving dynamics they are designed exclusively for the mx-5’s rear-wheel drive layout with a short shift and light feel the skyactiv-mt six-speed manual gearshift is made for all-new mazda mx-5 not only is it crisp and responsive but mazda’s advances in weight reduction and friction loss result in reduced fuel consumption too precise and comfortable handling when body meets soul the skyactiv-chassis delivers exceptional handling and stability coupled with double-wishbone suspension at the front and a multi-link arrangement at the rear our chassis design enhances ride comfort while allowing for nimble steering and a fluid powerful driving sensation skyactiv-body offers you protection comfort and fuel efficiency using high-tensile steel to be more rigid and yet lighter than the previous mazda mx-5 the body improves driving comfort and fuel economy while offering a sporty driving experience 20 21