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the safest place on the road mazda3 contains an array of intelligent safety technologies that are designed to help you relax and enjoy the drive this is thanks to i-activsense technologies an intelligent collection of safety features that use sensors and cameras to monitor your surroundings and provide protection and convenience advanced safety technology the i-activsense system operates across the mazda3 to provide you with generous levels of safety and comfort technologies that are specially designed to aid you when driving on overly populated streets or the open road helping to avoid collisions or reduce their severity adaptive led headlights use an array of powerful led s which greatly improves night-time visibility by adapting the car s lighting to match the road and traffic conditions combined with the rigid body and both side and curtain airbags each technology of the i-activsense system ensures you remain safe without reducing comfort or mazda s fun-to-drive experience traffic sign recognition prevents traffic signs being missed for safer driving a forward-facing camera monitors the road ahead and the system’s recognition software automatically detects speed signs during driving you will be notified of the current speed limit via the colour active driving display and with a visual and audible warning if this limit is exceeded blind spot monitoring system rear cross traffic alert adaptive led headlights glare-free high beam adaptive led headlights highway mode warns you of a vehicle entering a detection zone situated up to 50 metres behind by activating a door-mirror mounted warning light on the relevant side of the vehicle if you then indicate prior to turning in that direction the warning light flashes and an audible alert sounds working at speeds as low as 20mph this system can prevent drivers from moving into the path of a following vehicle specifically designed for when you are reversing the system alerts you of any vehicles or obstacles approaching from either side of the rear of the car a warning light begins flashing in the door mirror and an audible alert sounds the alarm stops once the area is clear allowing you to continue reversing safely the system automatically analyses vehicles ahead or those approaching in the opposite direction and automatically switches between high and low beams by switching individual led bulbs on and off as necessary this makes it possible to drive with the high beam on at all times significantly improving visibility when driving at night without dazzling drivers of other vehicles when driving on motorways the angle of the low beams is raised to maximise long distance visibility at night lane-keep assist system with driver attention alert daa advanced smart city brake support adaptive headlights wide range low beam take the stress out of city driving with advanced smart city brake support designed to help avoid or minimise the effects of collisions at speeds up to approximately 31mph the forward-facing camera and laser-based system continually monitors the gap and closing speed of the vehicle in front and applies the brake if a collision is likely not available on se models at slow speeds the system will extend the illumination range of the low beams on both sides of the vehicle where traditional headlights can t reach this makes it easier to see pedestrians and other obstacles at night by expanding the area this is illuminated designed to prevent your vehicle from straying from its lane a frontview camera monitors the road ahead and calculates the car s position relative to the lane markings if the system detects the vehicle is moving out of its lane unintentionally the steering wheel will vibrate and an audible alert sounds the system will take corrective action through assisted steering the daa system learns your driving style for 20 minutes and alerts you to take a break if it detects driver fatigue 24 part of the optional safety pack available on sport nav models in combination with black or light stone leather interior at additional cost not available on mazda3 fastback or 105ps diesel models 25