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hiroshima spirit mazda shares a special history and spirit with hiroshima japan as the birthplace of mazda hiroshima constantly inspires us to rise above any challenge pushing us to achieve more than anyone could have imagined we have built a global company from the ground up we have developed innovations that others deemed impossible from the rotary engine to skyactiv technology and beyond most of all we have never strayed from our belief in the power of human potential giving all of ourselves using our hands to craft and create things that matter that have soul that transfer our energy to you to heighten your state of being the spirit and commitment of the craftsmen is reflected in the japanese kodoki bowl’s sublime beauty its aesthetic appeal comes through in the thousands of facets each a fingerprint of the craftsmen’s

introducing all-new mazda3 hatchback a powerful statement in design this bold hatchback creates a sense of vitality elevating motion into an art form a l l newmazda 3 h at chback every sculpted curve and every angle of the surface reflects an array of light pulling you in commanding your attention inside an alluring environment welcomes you to a refined cabin where nothing has been overlooked a completely intuitive experience awaits you with a driver centric cabin every detail is designed by the precision of human hands crafted with you in mind through the designer’s purely emotional approach a relationship of complete oneness is felt with all-new mazda3 giving way to a driving experience that’s effortless and engaging confident invigorated and energised the result of designing and engineering to a

a l l newmazda 3 s a lo o n elegance defined as refined grace exemplified in all-new mazda3 saloon’s sleek dignified profile the alluring proportions of the mazda3 4-door design dare to shed the restrictions of a traditional looking saloon that same poise is reflected within the dignified interior a space you look forward to being in emerged in a pleasing symmetrical and ergonomic experience you can’t help but feel connected and engaged to the car that’s in perfect synchronicity with

e ffortless co nnectivity your space your sanctuary your command station this is the driver-centric cabin within all-new mazda3 where every element is situated within your reach so you can stay focused on the road ahead an intuitive instrument panel places information within your line of sight to minimise distractions the center console and commander control are positioned for optimal comfort of the wrist and forearm synchronizing your mobile phone accessing internet radio or listening to your favourite music via android autoâ„¢ or apple carplayâ„¢ is now easier than ever through the mazda connect infotainment system communication between you and your vehicle becomes second

co nfidenceineverydirection avoiding an accident in the first place is always the safest route with the available i-activsense suite of safety features sophisticated safety innovations alert you to hazards and help you avoid collisions or lessen their impact features such as led headlights and blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert help improve your visibility and awareness of the road more confident driving so you can feel focused and engaged with every drive you

the art of seduction the exterior colours on all-new mazda3 is one of the first things that will catch your attention our exclusive new polymetal grey metallic paint available on hatchback models possesses an entirely new appearance a daring mixture of bright aluminum flakes and opaque pigment illuminates the beautiful characteristics of kodo design in one environment light reflects vibrancy in shade it can strike an expression of warmth design and colour work in creative harmony to express a smooth and seductive appeal machine grey metallic soul red crystal metallic polymetal grey

the art of motion the closer you examine all-new mazda3 the more intriguing our story becomes mazda’s kodo design philosophy is evident across every aspect of all-new mazda3 right down to its alloy

o u r co mmitmentto yo uand yo urmazda my mazda app finance mazda personal contract purchase customer experience designed exclusively for mazda owners it provides you with access to important as well as vehicle warranty and service plans we offer finance packages to help ensure the finance plan that helps you change your mazda at more regular intervals start your journey with mazda using the configurator on the mazda website vehicle information as well as being able to locate your nearest mazda dealer and a rewarding ownership experience mazda financial services provides a variety of personal contract purchase is similar to a conditional sale agreement but it lets you customise a digital vehicle letting you choose from a selection of engines track your vehicle service history finance products to suit the needs of both private and business customers with additional flexibility since part of the vehicle cost is deferred until the end trims exterior colours and accessories discover the