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a dva nced sa f et ytechno lo gy windscreen projected colour mazda radar cruise control advanced smart city brake blind spot monitoring bsm active driving display mrcc support scbs warns you of a vehicle entering a the colour active driving display mrcc is an adaptive cruise control designed to help avoid or minimise detection zone situated up to 50 metres projects essential driver information system to activate the driver sets a the effects of collisions at speeds up to behind by activating a door-mirror including speed turn-by-turn navigation maximum speed just as with cruise approximately 50mph the forward mounted warning light on the relevant and traffic signs onto the windscreen control and size of the gap to maintain facing camera and laser-based system side of the vehicle if you then indicate closer to the drivers field of vision the radar watches for traffic ahead and continually monitors the gap and closing prior to turning in that direction the meaning you can safely focus on the once the system senses a vehicle in front speed of the vehicle in front and applies warning light flashes and an audible alert road ahead the car will slow down and speed up the brake if a collision is likely the sounds working at speeds as low as automatically maintaining the drivers pedestrian autonomous emergency 20mph the system can prevent drivers preset distance braking aeb system monitors the from moving into the path of a following surroundings and aids the driver if the vehicle colour active driving display standard across the range stop go system detects a potential collision automatic models also have the involving pedestrians making city driving blind spot monitoring standard across additional feature of ‘stop go’ safer the range meaning the vehicle will automatically accelerate and brake in start stop advanced smart city brake support traffic with minimal input from the standard across the range driver mazda radar cruise control standard across the range.